10 Best Kaprow Places that Deliver to Anywhere in Bangkok

Enjoy the ultimate Thai comfort food at your home by ordering from these Kaprow masters.

10 Best Kaprow Places that Deliver to Anywhere in Bangkok
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As one of the most iconic dishes in Thai cuisine and the ultimate comfort food, Pad Kaprow is known and loved by foodies around the world. Don’t know what to order for lunch? Get Pad Kaprow!

After such a long reign as the go-to menu, some restaurants are starting to tweak the classic recipe to keep things interesting for Pad Kaprow lovers. Examples include fresh premium ingredients as well as unusual choices that you might not have imagined being so good with holy basil.

That said, there are always options of classics like pork, chicken, and beef, along with some good Thai-style fried eggs.

So here are our top picks of the best Pad Kaprow places in Bangkok, where you can order this delicious dish and enjoy it at home. We’ve included options all across Bangkok from downtown, suburbs, to Thonburi.

Wherever you’re ordering from, go grab your phone, punch in your Pad Kaprow order, and get ready to enjoy!

(In Thai alphabetical order.)


Kaprow Khun Phor (กะเพราคุณพ่อ)

Let’s start with a favorite among office workers of Asoke and Silom. Kaprow Khun Phor is famous for its delicious homemade taste, like something your dad might have cooked, the love included.

Kaprow Khun Phor prepares its menus using fresh, high-quality ingredients. This care and attention to detail fit the restaurant’s motto perfectly; “to make a truly delicious Pad Krapow, you have to put in the love too.”

As for the menu, you’ll find many creative options to spice up this classic dish. Some of the top choices include Kurobuta, sliced Wagyu beef, Northern Thai-style Sausage, salmon, duck breast, and many more.

Other than Pad Kaprow, there are also many different menus to add some variety to your meal.

  • Opening Hours:

    Monday - Friday. 10.00 - 20.00.

  • Contact Details:

    Call 065-509-9693
    Contact on Line


Kaprow Neua Bangpo (Thai Basil Beef)

A can’t-miss for beef lovers, Kaprow Neua Bangpo is famous for using top-quality beef cuts as well as fresh ingredients delivered to the kitchen every week.

For the signature beef Pad Kaprow, there are three options: diced, minced, and sliced beef, each one offering delicious tastes and textures.

Kaprow Neua Bangpo uses exclusive Australian Beef, where the cows are imported from Australia and fattened up in Thailand for another three months. Then, they’re fed with a special mix of food to give the meat rich flavors and deep red color.

The process makes the beef tender and aromatic; that’s how Kaprow Neua Bangpo can serve one of the most delicious beef Pad Kaprow.

Other than the signature Pad Kaprow, the place also serves steaks for those who crave the pure, buttery, beefy taste. After all, there are very few things more satisfying than biting into a juicy chunk of meat.

But even if you don’t eat beef, Kaprow Neua Bangpo still serves pork and shrimp Pad Kaprow as well as garlic stir-fry and Thai-style omelet.

  • Opening Hours:

    Monday - Friday.
    11.00 - 14.00 & 16.00 - 20.00.
    Saturday - Sunday.
    11.00 - 20.00.
    (Closed on Wednesday.)

  • Contact Details:

    Call 094-045-4662
    Contact on Line


Kaprow Puu Nai Wichai (กะเพราปูนายวิชัย)

For folks in Ladprao and nearby areas, Kaprow Puu Nai Wichai is well-known for its seafood Pad Kaprow that sends seafood lovers into a frenzy.

The best-selling menu? Crab Pad Kaprow, of course! Big, chunky crab meat stir-fried with some holy basil and chilies makes for a hot & spicy combo.

Another highlight is the mantis shrimp Pad Kaprow, where they use only fresh mantis shrimps to cook up delicious meals. You’ll also have options of shrimps, squids, and scallops to make your seafood feast even grander.

Craving for something else altogether? Kaprow Puu Nai Wichai also offers Chinese broccoli stir-fry with deep-fried pork, crab & chilies stir-fry, razor shell Pad Cha, and many more.

  • Opening Hours:

    Every day.
    12.00 - 21.00.

  • Contact Details:

    Call 086-343-1638
    Contact on Line


Ratchabar (กะเพราผัดรัชบาร์)

A favorite spot among hipsters of Soi Paholyothin 48, Ratchabar features an unusually chic style for a Pad Kaprow restaurant. That, combined with quality ingredients, allows Ratchabar to provide the most delicious meals for its customers as it intended.

Ratchabar currently has three best-selling items. The ‘Kho Khlang Kaprow’ is a mix of beef shank and minced beef Pad Kaprow, spiced up with hot chilies and topped with a fluffy omelet. True to its name, this one is insanely delicious.

The ‘Saeb Dak Kaprow’ is made up of two parts: sun-dried pork Pad Kaprow and rice tossed with pork crackling & chilies for that extra kick. And last but not least is ‘Pork Jowl Kaprow’ – smoky grilled pork jowls that go so perfectly with the intense flavors of Pad Kaprow.

You can check out Ratchabar’s full menu for many other options as well.

  • Opening Hours:

    Every day.
    11.00 - 21.00.

  • Contact Details:

    Call 064-490-8005
    Contact on Line


Yakyaijaidee (กะเพรายักษ์ใหญ่ใจดี)

Let’s move over to the Thonburi side. Located on Phutthamonthon Sai 2 Road, Yakyaijaidee offers gigantic portions on a tiny budget. The place also pays it forward further by providing free meals for those in need. And that’s really heartwarming to see.

Although its menu is simple enough, Yakyaijaidee uses top-quality ingredients. Take the classic minced pork Pad Kaprow, for example. The restaurant uses a mix of jasmine and riceberry rice as well as coconut oil instead of the standard vegetable oil; it even cleans its vegetables and meat with ozonic washers.

And you should know that Yakyaijaidee doesn’t use Monosodium glutamate in any of its menus, which are packed full of flavors. All of these quality treats come at an incredibly low price of 20 THB.

Other than minced pork Pad Kaprow, Yakyaijaidee also offers a mushroom version for vegetarian folks as well as many other sweet and savory options.

These days, it’s nearly impossible to find delicious meals at this price. And seeing that Yakyaijaidee is helping out its community, it feels good to support the restaurant. You get to enjoy good food while making sure others do too.

For people over on the Thonburi side, you’ll be happy to know that Yakyaijaidee has opened up its second branch in the Sam Yot area.

  • Opening Hours:

    Every day.
    07.00 - 16.00.

  • Contact Details:

    Call 062-007-1991


Khiang by Tummour (เขียง บาย ตำมั่ว)

Khiang by Tummour serves meals that are “spicy, savory, and satisfying”, as its motto stated. The word khiang is Thai for “cutting board” – an essential utensil used in every kitchen. This choice reflects the chain’s goal to serve masterfully prepared and delicious meals to its patrons.

One of the top recommendations here is Pad Kaprow. Boasting a wide variety of fresh ingredients, Khiang elevates this comfort food to something exceptional.

To start with, there are four must-try dishes; Dip Thuean Kaprow uses top-quality Kho Khun beef, while Super Chicken Kaprow lets you enjoy the famous Benja chicken.

Khot Jao Samut Kaprow includes a variety of fresh seafood. And then there’s Thep Kaprow, with Chinese sausage, Vietnamese sausage, and minced pork.

Another point worth mentioning is the rice itself; Khiang sources its jasmine rice from Thung Kula Ronghai in Roi Et Province, which is extra fragrant and fluffy. Other than Pad Kaprow & rice, the place also offers snacks such as chicken Pad Kaprow baos.

Every menu is made with quality ingredients to make sure you’re getting the tastiest dishes. Plus, Khiang has branches all over the city, so you’re never too far away from a delivery service.

  • Opening Hours:

    Every Day.
    11.00 - 20.00.

  • Contact Details:

    Call 1376


Kod Kra Pao (โคตรกะเพรา)

Located in A One Ari as well as on Thanon Jan Road, Kod Kra Pao is a Thai restaurant dedicated to lovers of Pad Kaprow. Its menu is full of creative spins on the classic dish, boasting authentic and fiery flavors that’ll satisfy your palate. Every dish is freshly prepared from quality ingredients for the best results.

You’ll have choices of tender pork, tender chicken, pork liver, seafood, squids, oysters mushrooms, and many more. Every item comes with options of spiciness level.

Whether you love pork, chicken, seafood, or healthy food, order whatever you like and wait for a hot and delightful meal at home.

  • Opening Hours:

    Monday - Friday.
    10.00 - 20.00.
    10.00 - 18.00.
    (Closed on Sunday.)

  • Contact Details:

    Call 085-922-9511
    Contact on Line


Daek Pa (แดกปะ)

For something on the bigger side, you’ll want to try Daek Pa’s Pad Kaprow. There are currently three locations of Daek Pa in Rama IX Soi 7 Market, Ramindra 14 Yaek 11, and Don Muang. It’s known for traditional flavors, with aromatic herbs as well as fresh, high-quality holy basil and meat.

Daek Pa is most famous for its ‘tray’ Pad Kaprow; the huge portion will absolutely fill you up. As for the Pad Kaprow variations, choose from minced pork, crispy pork belly, Kho Khun beef, shrimp & squid, all-star, and “Khot Mua” (random), or whatever you feel like. Every dish comes with free fried eggs, so that’s quite the deal.

  • Opening Hours:

    Every day.
    07.00 - 22.00.

  • Contact Details:

    Call 096-978-4218


Pop Pop Kaprow Jab Kang (กะเพราจับกัง)

Pop Pop Kaprow Jab Kang caters directly to diners with large appetites with its huge portions that’ll satisfy even the hungriest Pad Kaprow lover. There are currently three locations of the restaurants: Soi Prachasongkhro 27, Chandrakasem Rajabhat University, and Prachachuen Road.

The top recommendation is, naturally, everyone’s favorite comfort food, Pad Kaprow.

Although Pop Pop is best known for the generous portion, you can still expect the best quality in each dish. The restaurant also selects the best ingredients and prepares them with great care, serving flavorsome dishes loved by diners all around Bangkok.

Looking at Pad Kaprow alone, you’ll have plenty of options to enjoy. Examples include chicken tendons, gyoza, scallops, grilled river prawns, prawn claws, squid eggs, and many more.

  • Opening Hours:

    All day, every day. (24 Hrs.)

  • Contact Details:

    Call 062-416-0977


Moomgapao (มุมกะเพราจานด่วน)

Last but not least is Moomgapao – a modern Pad Kaprow chain restaurant with venues all across downtown and suburban Bangkok. It’s trying to reignite a spark of creativity for the menu that’s, as classic as it is, often seen as uninspired.

Moomgapao aims to bring this everyday menu to another level with fresh, high-quality ingredients as well as fast & efficient service. It serves food that’s good for both your soul and body.

At Moomgapao, every dish is prepared with your health in mind. No monosodium glutamate, less saltiness, less oil, but all 100% high-quality ingredients and authentic tastes. This is how, despite Pad Kaprow being typically a fast food, Moomgapao manages to deliver meals that feel homemade.

With the chain’s signature Pad Kaprow, you’ll have options of chicken, minced Kho Khun beef, sun-dried pork, stewed duck, chicken tendon naem, Chinese sausage, and many more. Every menu comes with a choice of lava duck/chicken egg topping.

Most notably, Moomgapao’s to-go version is served in a cup you can take anywhere. Simply ingenious!

  • Opening Hours:

    Every day.
    10.00 - 20.00.

  • Contact Details:

    Call 081-549-9919


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