Unicorn Cafe: The Pink Magical Kingdom You Cannot Miss

As you step into the Unicorn Cafe for the first time you will feel the burst of sweet energy that surrounds the place. Unlike many other typically earth-tone cafes in the neighborhood, the decor in the Unicorn Cafe is covered in pink paint and adorned with rainbows that unicorns have seemingly "left” in their path. It is almost as if you stepped into an episode of the cartoon My Little Pony and you are part of the unicorns’ world - only this time, it is very real.


The Unicorn Cafe is located on the first floor of an old townhouse right along Sathorn Soi 8 near Chongnonsri BTS station. The theme of the cafe is pretty clear - unicorns, unicorns, and more unicorns. It is truly a fantasy come to life and brings many visitors back to their childhood dreams. If you wanted to connect with your inner youth again, this is the place to be.

Making the cafe itself look and feel a certain way is actually the easy part. Ensuring that the food and drinks served also retain the unicorn theme, is the real challenge - one that the Unicorn Cafe manages to do almost perfectly. Whether its the dessert, the drinks, or the food that the serve it all screams UNICORN! The dessert of choice for many who come here will have to be the brightly colored Rainbow Waffle served with, you guessed it, rainbow ice cream and freshly cut fruit. For those who enjoy the sweetness of honey, you can also choose to pour that over your whole plate to make it a plate of sweet goodness. Beware, the portion is very generous - we recommend at least 4 people to enjoy all the goodies together!


To ensure that the rainbow does not go anywhere, we recommend you also get the Rainbow Milkshake which is served in a cute star shaped cup. The beauty of it is that you can choose to add a variety of toppings including your very own stick of cotton candy. You would expect something that looks this colorful to hit you with an unbearable sweetness, but the mild tasty flavors that hit you of the milkshake is a welcomed surprise that will make you feel like rainbows inside.


Overall, the Unicorn Cafe is a must-see for anyone who enjoys and appreciates a setting that allows you to relax with your friends while taking a million photos. It is encouraged that you play along and come fully dressed in theme when you arrive, but fret not - the cafe has unicorn costumes to rent (THB 100) for taking photos. Talk about knowing your clientele.

But be prepared. The cafe only has eight tables and is generally packed every day. There are customers lining up all day including both locals and tourists who have all come to see where the rainbow takes them. If you are coming on the weekends or holidays, try to go before noon, or you risk not getting some of the best tables in the house. May the rainbow be with you!

How to get there: Walk 5 minutes from Chongnonsri BTS station (Sathorn Soi 8)

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