Hawkers with History: 6 Street Food Vendors That Have Been With Bangkok for Generations

Hawkers with History: 6 Street Food Vendors That Have Been With Bangkok for Generations

Deciding to get yourself a delightful meal doesn’t always mean finding yourself in a fancy restaurant or up in a 5-star hotel. In a city like Bangkok, mouthwatering grubs are up for grabs all around town. No matter where you walk, you can be sure to find hundreds of street stalls and holes in the walls all lined up with various types of cuisines ranging from basic pork skewers to a full-blown steak dinner.

The beauty of it is that some of these said vendors have been serving Bangkokians in the same spot for over a decade and, sometimes, even near a century. Finger-licking recipes have been passed down from generation to generation, keeping the family business going and growing. It’s not always about the fancy decors or Michelin stars, sometimes it’s just the love and care that makes food taste so wonderful. Here are 6 street food vendors that have been serving Bangkokians with their best dishes for generations listed in no particular order.


Khun Noi Ban Mor Khanom Khok

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This vendor is one that still opts for the traditional method of using charcoal-fueled ceramic pots to make these bite-sized coconut cream treats. They have been at the same spot near See Kok Praya Sri Intersection for over 48 years now, so there is no need to doubt the taste or quality at all. With the owner, Khun Noi, hand-selecting fresh coconuts from farms and overlooking the cooking process every day, it’s worth a little drive into the old town just to grab a box home.

Recommended: All fillings and toppings

  • Location:

    Ban Mo Road (In front of Amorn Electronics)

  • Opening Hours:


  • Contact Details:

    Call 084-222-6200


Yowarat Toasted Bread

© Siam2nite

If you have been living in Bangkok for some time, there’s a chance you might’ve heard about the long lines of locals and tourists forming along the roads of Yaowarat. While it’s not unusual to see people teeming that street for delicious bites, this one is quite an eye-opener. At this toast shop, you can choose to fill those crispy buns with up to 9 fillings ranging from chocolate syrup to strawberry jams. If you don’t to get in line and get your face toasted while standing near the grill, you can now use Line Man to go queue up for you.

Recommended: Butter and Condensed Milk Toast, Pandan Custard Bun, and Chocolate Bun

  • Location:

    Yaowarat Road (In front of Government Savings Bank)

  • Opening Hours:


  • Contact Details:

    Call 081-398-8111


BBQ Pork Rice See Morakot

© Siam2nite

It’s been over 70 years of succulent BBQ pork for this joint and there is no sign of stopping. With modest beginning as a traveling hawker, they now have a physical address in Sukon 1 Alley. You can find the 3rd generation owner taking care of the shop now. The secret lies within the reddish-brown sweet sauce for the BBQ Pork that has a unique taste like no other. Also, their meats and Chinese sausages are all charcoal grilled, giving them the aroma you cannot find by frying.

Recommended: Rice with BBQ Pork and Crispy Pork with Eggs

  • Location:

    Sukon 1 Alley (Near Wat Trai Mit)

  • Opening Hours:

    Everyday 11.00-19.00

  • Contact Details:

    Call 081-816-9774


Joke Gao Mhor Banglumpu

© Siam2nite

You can conveniently find this vendor right in the tourist area of Khaosan. For over 20 years, they have been cooking their porridge on 9 pots over their stoves, hence the name “Gao Mhor” meaning 9 Pots. The rice is perfectly boiled to create a smooth, sticky texture that is not too thick or watery and the pork balls are sweet and succulent. You barely have to season the dish anymore, but feel free to sprinkle some ginger and scallions on top as you please.

Recommended: Pork Porridge with Egg, Pork Porridge with Century Egg

  • Location:

    Rambuttri Alley (Beside Swensen’s)

  • Opening Hours:

    (Closed Wednesday)

  • Contact Details:

    Call 081-835-0734


Praeng Phuthon Noodle

If you want to try some traditional egg noodles, look no further than the famous Praeng Phuthon Noodle. They have been vending in the foodie heaven of Sam Phraeng for over 70 years now. The Cantonese-style noodle here features handmade soft thin noodles and dumpling skins that is part of the secret recipe passed down for generations.

Recommended: Egg Noodles with Dumplings

  • Location:

    Praeng Phuthon Road

  • Opening Hours:

    Monday - Saturday

  • Contact Details:

    Call 02-221-9475


Lim Lao Ngow Fish Ball Noodle

© Siam2nite

This noodle stand may be the oldest vendor of the entire list. Some say you can’t complete the Bangkok street food journey if you haven’t had some fish ball noodles, and this is the place to grab it. The fish balls are made in-house from real fish meat, resulting in a bouncy texture and great taste. You can taste the natural sweetness in the broth and smell the delightful aroma from meters away. Presently the brand has opened up in many shopping malls all over town, but if you want the original experience (and some delicious fresh orange juice from the vendor beside) be sure to drop by this location.

Recommended: Fish Ball Noodle Soup

  • Location:

    Song Sawat Road (In Front of Jia Tai Co., Ltd.)

  • Opening Hours:

    Tuesday - Sunday

  • Contact Details:

    Call 02-115-1435


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