4 Snack Spots in Bangkok That Everyone Just Can’t Get Enough Of

When was the last time you had to stand in line for something? In the era where almost everything is “instant”, we only have to spend this kind of time and effort for things that mean a lot to us such as a meet and greet with our favorite movie star or a thrilling ride at an amusement park. But when it comes to snacks, how long are you willing to wait for some of the city’s most popular tasty treats?

Today we’re presenting to you 4 popular snack spots in Bangkok that will have you queuing up for up to hours! Other than the heavenly taste you’ll get to experience from the freshly made treats, you can also be sure that all of them are crafted with care from the best ingredients available. The list includes both spots that have been around for generations and brand-new spots that'd just opened. If you plan to visit one of these places, make sure you’re there since the opening hours, or else you might have to endure long lines or even go home empty-handed!

(Listed in no particular order)

Brown Café ブラウン

Welcoming one of the newest cafes in town all the way from up north in Chiang Mai, Brown Cafe brings Bangkok another quality option for bubble tea, snacks, and sweets. This location in Siam Square One is more of a takeaway booth, but you might want to grab any seats available due to the waiting time that can last up to an hour.

One of the most notable features of this cafe is their packaging, especially for the boba milk tea. You can choose from cups that are uniquely styled with a curved bottom, or premium take-home bottles that looks exactly like the original ones from Taiwan.

Their milk tea is awesome, but their boba or “tapioca balls” takes things to a whole different level. Brown Cafe’s original boba comes mixed with brown sugar syrup, giving both a sweet taste and chewy texture. We recommend getting the Fresh Milk (60 THB for glass | 65 THB for a bottle) and the Milk Tea (65 THB for glass | 70 THB for a bottle).

If you’re one that likes to try new things, you can opt for different kinds boba like sweet potato, strawberry, matcha, and many more. Other interesting menus include the Brown Signature (129 THB), a Taiwanese-style shaved ice that comes with toppings like grass jelly, coffee jelly, taro, and mochi, and Taiwan with Bubble Toast (59 THB).

Siam Square Soi 4
(Closest BTS: Siam)

Opening Hours:
10.00 - 22.00

Contact Details:
Call 099-269-6924

Ama Bakery

For over 50 years, Ama Bakery has been baking some of the most mouth-watering pastries for the people of Silom district to enjoy. Now in its 3rd generation of owners, you’ll still find their storefront packed almost every morning with office workers and food delivery services.

Best known for their bread buns, you’ll find all sorts of fillings like ham & cheese, sausage, and shredded pork, and sweet BBQ pork. The signature filling, however, is the Pandan Custard that is highly touted for its smooth texture, thickness, and lightly sweet flavor. Every bun comes with a generous amount of filling, so your can be sure to break through to all the goodness since the first bite.

All the buns are made fresh every day (as the slogan says) from quality ingredient only. For example, the coconut milk used for the Pandan cream are freshly squeezed and involves no additives or preservatives, giving it that natural taste we all love. One piece goes for only around 10-15 THB in a box of 5 or 10, so there’s a high chance of missing out on your favorite filling for the day if you decide to visit later after lunch hours.

Silom Road
(Closest BTS: Surasak)

Opening Hours:
09:00 - 16:00
Saturday 09:00 - 15:00
Closed on Sundays

Contact Details:
Call 02-635-2278

Coffeelism Stand

This minimal coffee bar is neatly tucked right in the office district of Soi Sathorn 8, making it one of the most crowded places in the area during the morning minutes and lunch hours.

The shop may be small, but the quality you get from every reasonably priced cup (40-55 THB) is what keeps drawing the crowd back the wait in line every day. The signature item is the Black Cacao Latte (55 THB) made from fresh milk heavily dressed with rich and naturally bitter cocoa powder, an item that had got cocoa-lovers all hooked.

On the coffee side, Coffeelism’s unique coffee blend is perfect for not just one, but a Double-shot Cappucino. But whether it's an Iced Latte or Drip Coffee that you like, the quality of coffee that you find here will surely give you that smooth caffeine hit that’ll get you through the rest of your working day.

Soi Sathorn 8
(Closest BTS: Chong Nonsi)

Opening Hours:
07:30 - 15:00
Saturday 09:00 - 15:00
Closed on Sundays

Contact Details:
Call 095-682-690

KINU Donut


Even though they’ve only been in business for less than a year, KINU Donut has become one of the most popular sweet spots within Soi Ari. The donuts made here are an adapted version of a Japanese recipe that’s slightly less sweet. The icing sugar comes separated in every box so you can add them yourself to your taste. Recently, the shop just added a cinnamon icing to its menu for those of us who fancy a little bit of aroma on their donuts.

The secret behind their fame is no different from all the shops we listed above, quality ingredients and attention to detail in every cooking process. The butter is imported all the way from France, all the cooking oils are never kept overnight, and only donuts that are fluffy to a standard are packed into boxes of 8 (100 THB). We recommend enjoying them while they’re still hot.

Due to its popularity and high demand, you might find them completely sold out as early is an hour before closing time. Make sure you visit them before evening so you don’t miss out!

Phahonyothin Alley 7
(Closest BTS: Ari)

Opening Hours:
10:00 - 17:00
Closed on Sundays

Contact Details:
Call 087-462-6666

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