IKEA Recreates 3 Iconic TV Series-inspired Living Rooms

IKEA recreates iconic living rooms seen in Stranger Things, The Simpsons, and Friends with its furniture collection.

IKEA Recreates 3 Iconic TV Series-inspired Living Rooms
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IKEA Real Life is the Swedish brand’s new ad campaign and the brainchild of its team in the UAE. For this ad, the team meticulously picks out items from IKEA catalog and recreates the iconic living rooms from three beloved series: (in the order of their first release dates) The Simpsons, Friends, and Stranger Things.

The Simpsons’ cartoonish living room

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IKEA’s team works with the agency Publicis Spain on the ad’s design and logistics. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the latter proves to be quite the challenge. The time-consuming process involves browsing the brand’s entire catalog to find items that most closely resemble the ones that appeared on-screen.

The result is utterly mind-blowing. The campaign quickly becomes the talk of the town, or rather, the world. Even though IKEA’s website doesn’t tell which collection represents which series, fans know the settings from their favorite show by heart.

‘Room for mates’ inspired by Friends

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The images show almost perfect replicas of the shows’ iconic living rooms, down to the tones, moods, and color palettes. However, IKEA still sticks with its ad signature. Details such as names and prices appear in the brand’s distinctive font.

Eerie replica of the room from Stranger Things

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3 all-time iconic series

The Simpsons is a sit-com cartoon series that has been a mainstay of US television shows. First aired in 1989, the long-running series now has over 30 hilarious seasons. The episodes are mostly gags that poke fun at the American middle-class through a family of bright yellow cartoon cast.


First released in 1994, Friends revolves around six roommates living in an apartment in Manhattan. The gang has to handle the many, many messes life threw at them; things like love, friendship, and laughter. With its relatable story, Friends is loved by audiences around the world. In the end, it ran for over a decade with ten complete seasons.


Finally, we have a set from the current hit series, Stranger Things. The supernatural thriller begins with a boy’s unsolved disappearance. Later, his mother discovers that his vanishing involves a secret government experiment. The show’s third and latest season is set to air on July 4 on Netflix.

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Die-hard fans of these series shouldn’t miss the chance to turn their home into a scene from shows they love. Keep checking IKEA Thailand’s stock at www.ikea.co.th; as soon as these items hit Thai stores, you’d want to be the first to dash to IKEA Bangna and Bangyai!


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