Goodbye, Lonely Nights: 6 Best Dating Apps for 2020

It's 2020! Why not be your own Cupid? Here's where you might find your match at the touch of your fingertips.

Goodbye, Lonely Nights: 6 Best Dating Apps for 2020
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2019 came and went; just like some people in your life, we’re sure. Whether you were ‘the one who got away’ or got left behind, you’ll have to move on eventually. (Though for a lot of people, it keeps going round and round in a circle.) After all, you’re not the only single person on this planet.

But it’s not always easy for singles to meet up, especially if you’re at an age when your career takes priority. There’s barely time for anything, let alone finding romance. Before you know it, you’ve become the family spinster.

In the digital age, dating apps have replaced the figurative Cupid’s arrow when it comes to bringing couples together. Now, you can search for your dream partner with just a few flicks of the fingertips, which makes meeting up a lot simpler.

Plus, pursuing a romance is no longer an arduous task, despite your love being in different time zones or even hemispheres. Many might not believe you can find meaningful connections from this kind of dating, but stories of people meeting their spouses online aren’t uncommon these days. As the sayings go, you can’t be sure unless you try.

And because we don’t want to see anyone spending a lonely evening by themselves, here are six dating apps to help you meet up with other lonely hearts. Whether you’re into European hotties or Korean heartthrob, you’re guaranteed to have your pick!



These days, virtually everyone is on Tinder. US’ top dating app offers services in over 190 countries worldwide. It’s where young singles of the world can meet up in three simple steps: Match, Chat, Date. Swipe right to let them know you approve; swipe left to pass; or swipe up for the Super Like to show you’re super into them!

If the other party swipe right on you too, then you’ll get a Match! After that, you can chat or take it further and meet up on a date. As for the chance of developing into something long-term, the app is, unfortunately, not very good for that.

Don’t be surprised if you come across racy profiles looking for a one night stand or similar arrangement; those are quite normal finds on Tinder.



For girls looking for non-local guys, this app is a must-try. Bumble comes right after Tinder in popularity and is even developed by a part of the same team.

In their quest to create something new, Bumble’s team still managed to bring over the simple and effective function of swiping left and right to say whether you like what you see.

The main difference is when you match on Bumble, not anyone can send a message. In this app, girls have to make the first move within 24 hours. During that time, if nothing happens, or if there’s no reply, the chat will disappear.

That said, guys can ‘extend’ the chat room for another 24 hours to give their potential date another shot in case she didn’t reach out within the time limit.

As for chances of finding something long-term, we’d say the odds are looking slightly better here than on Tinder. Still, you’ll find the occasional non-committal type here and there, as is with all dating apps.



If you’re looking for something serious, we’d recommend OkCupid. As the app was developed by a bonafide online dating service from the US, the matching process is considerably more professional compared to other apps in the market.

Before you can get swiping and finding your match, you’ll need to answer psychological quizzes designed to match you with people who share similar lifestyles and attitudes. You’ll also have to specify the gender, age, distance, and type of relationships you’re looking for.

Then, the OkCupid app will show you profiles with the highest match percentage.

But you don’t have to be matched before you start messaging. If you’ve found someone you’re really into, you can go ahead and message them. However, a response isn’t guaranteed. If their status appears to be online, but you didn’t receive any message, well, it’s back to the drawing board.

OkCupid users come from all around the world; you can find people from Asia, Europe, America, Africa, and the Middle East. If you want to date non-locals, you might want to try the app out. As for whether somethin


Coffee Meets Bagel

“Taking it slow” is how Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB) positions itself as a dating app. After you’ve filled out your profile, with details on your lifestyle and preferences, the app will suggest a few people for you to check out at noon every day. You’ll have the choice of whether to ‘like’ them or pass on them.

These suggestions aren’t random; the app will try to show you people who share your lifestyle. After getting matched, the chat room will only last seven days before expiring. You’ll have a chance to extend the date once; after that, you’ll have to take it off CMB to LINE, Facebook, or other social channels.

Considering the process from getting matched to messaging takes quite a bit of time, CMB isn’t exactly speed dating. The app claims that by focusing more on the quality rather than the quantity, it can up the chance of you finding true love!

You can find quite a variety of people on Coffee Meets Bagel, both Thai and foreigners, with impressive looks, education, and career profiles. Suffice to say, we don’t think this app will let you down. The only catch, as we’ve mentioned, is that you’ll need to be patient.



Sometimes, your soulmate is just around the corner. That’s what the app Happn is betting on. Taking an entirely different approach, Happn matches you with people who might have actually passed you by (within 250 meters radius).

Using real-time geolocation, the app will alert you as soon as you’re near another user and show you their profile. (However, from what we’ve seen while trying out the app, the app sometimes suggested people who weren’t even remotely close.)

After you’ve seen each other’s profile, there are three options. Press X to reject them; press the Heart to ‘like’ them, which won’t be shown unless they ‘liked’ you too, or press the Yellow Star to say hi. After all, there’s little point in beating around the bush if you like someone. If the other party agrees and replies, you two will be able to chat!


Facebook Dating

We’re ending this list with the latest online romance feature from Facebook. First launched in 2018, Facebook Dating is designed to bring single people together based on shared interests and activities, such as the events or groups they had joined.

Your dating profile is completely separated from your regular profile on Facebook, so you won’t run the risk of your friends or family finding out you’re on the platform. It’s visible only to those in your suggestion list, and you in theirs. Plus, Facebook won’t suggest your current friends or those you’ve blocked in the past.

And if you happen to see an acquaintance on your recommended list, you’ll have the option of hiding your dating profile from them immediately. You can also block all other profiles that you didn’t want to see at any time.

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