15 Apps to Order Anything Online to Your Home (in Bangkok)

Here are the shopping apps for food, goods, and other household supplies. Why go out for groceries when you can order online?

15 Apps to Order Anything Online to Your Home (in Bangkok)
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In this ‘4.0’ digital age, more and more people are shopping online via websites or apps instead of going to the mall. Food delivery apps have also become increasingly popular with any signs of slowing down.

Look around. You’ll find that instead of queueing up at restaurants, many are choosing to enjoy their favorite meals in their home sweet home.

In this list are 15 applications you can use to order food and goods online, grouped according to the products they offer. Whatever you’re hungry for, whichever products you’re looking for, you’ll find them all right here.

So say goodbye to waiting in a long line in front of the store. You’ll never have to worry about the place running out of supplies or how to carry what you’ve bought again. With these apps, everything you need is only a fingertip away. Just a few clicks and you can wait for your order to arrive at your doorstep.

Meals & Takeaways



We’ll kick off our list with some food delivery applications. First up is Foodpanda – the bright pink app chock full of options from restaurants and food vendors.

You’ll find a little bit of everything from upscale restaurants to street food legends, and they’re all available at your fingertips. Currently, Foodpanda offers deliveries in the Bangkok metropolitan area and several major provinces in Thailand.

The app often has special deals and promotions for new and existing customers, so you can save up every time you order. In one marketing campaign, Foodpanda has brought on Boy Pakorn, a Thai actor/celebrity, as a presenter to attract his fans and younger customers.




A newcomer that’s soaring through the ranks, GET is an app that offers motorbike taxi service as well as food delivery. There are plenty of options for delicious goodies from famous restaurants, renowned chains, and signature street food. Be sure you’re ready for munchies galore.

Plus, using GET means you’ll get to enjoy amazing on-top promotions for customers both new and existing. Some restaurants even have their own exclusive deals. As for the brand presenter, GET chooses Nont Thanont, a well-known singer, in hopes of attracting his numerous followers.



At this point, it’s hard to find any foodie who hasn’t heard of Grab. Although it started out as a taxi service app, Grab became an instant hit after taking up food delivery. Now, it has one of the largest user bases among the apps of this kind.

Just as you’d expect, the app offers a wide range of places to order from. Enjoy meals from famous chains or satisfy your cravings with legendary street food from everywhere in Bangkok – the choice is yours!

Grab is best known for its incredible promotions. You can find 50% off and ‘Buy 1 Get 1’ deals as well as free deliveries and credit card/partnership deals almost for every meal. These offers will make sure you can enjoy a full feast at a reasonable price.



Another service that branched off LINE application, LINE MAN takes a large portion of the everyday hassle out of your life. The app combines taxi service, postal service, messenger, shopping, and food delivery, but the highlight here is this very last part.

LINE MAN lists over 100,000 vendors on the app – everything from upscale establishments to famous street food to be savored and enjoyed in the comfort of your home. You’ll also find many incredible deals and promotions.

The app is super convenient to use as it accepts many modes of payment, including Rabbit LINE Pay and credit cards.



7-Eleven TH

A convenience store franchise that’s been in Thailand for generations, 7-Eleven enters the app era with new services that let its customers shop online.

With this, you can choose your favorite items on the app without having to hunt for it at actual stores. After you’ve picked out what you want, just select the closest 7-Eleven to go pick up your order.

7-Eleven app offers many great deals and promotions that’ll help you save those pretty pennies. The included All Member point system also lets you collect points and enjoy extra members-only discounts.


Big C

As one of Thailand’s top superstores, Big C offers virtually all kinds of products: food, consumer goods, clothes, and many more. Let’s just say; If you’re running short on supplies, go to Big C.

Or don’t, actually. Now, you can open up the app and browse through the entire catalog with a few flicks and clicks. It’s also packed with amazing deals and promotions.

After you’ve picked out the items, you can go on and pick up your order at any Big C’s near you. Alternatively, the app’s newest service, the Express Delivery, can get the goods to you in less than an hour. (Note that this service comes at an additional cost.)


CP Freshmart

If you love to cook, then this app will be perfect for you. CP Freshmart offers a wide range of fresh ingredients and produce. Pork, chicken, seafood, vegetables, eggs, frozen food, or ready-made meals, you name it. It’s impossible to list them all here, but we promise that these are items any home cook will love.

Other than these products, CP Freshmart also offers special deals and promotions for all shoppers to enjoy. Plus, the shop has a fast and efficient delivery service. You’ll get everything you need in a jiffy without taking a step out of your home.


Happy Fresh

Happy Fresh sets itself apart in the online delivery segment by offering its customers a personal shopper. The staff will pick out products from stores that are partners with Happy Fresh such as Gourmet Market, Tesco Lotus, and Big C.

If your selected items are out of stock, your shopper can contact you to check if you’d like to replace them with something else. Happy Fresh’s shoppers are all professionally trained, so you can trust they’ll provide top-notch service,

Plus, the app often has daily deals and discounted products so you can enjoy online shopping to the fullest. After that, simply pay for your order with your credit/debit card and wait for it to arrive.



Makro has long been the go-to superstore for ma-and-pop shops and small businesses who often need to buy in bulk. The store offers food, consumer goods, and other products at wholesale prices. Even if you’re shopping just for your household, you’ll find amazing deals here.

In this age, Makro is moving towards online delivery to cater to a new generation of consumers. Shopping for your supplies takes as little as a few minutes on the app. After that, just wait for Makro to deliver your order to your shop and/or home; no need to go queue up at the store.


Tesco Lotus

In Thailand, we’re lucky to have many choices for supermarkets and stores. Among them is Tesco Lotus, one of the staple household brands with thousands of locations throughout Thailand.

Along with tons of deals and promotions, you’ll have plenty of options for food and consumer goods. Tesco Lotus is an all-in-one kind of business.

Though you can find Tesco Lotus in most areas of Thailand, the chain provides an online shopping service for its customers all the same. Browse for products on the website and application, and keep an eye out of exclusive online-only deals, too.

Tesco Lotus’ delivery service is guaranteed to be efficient and fast. Plus, there’s also the benefit of being able to select a delivery time that fits your schedule.



A supermarket chain from Central, Tops offers a great variety of products ranging from fresh food, pantry items, vegetables, fruits, drinks, to household goods.

Shopping at Tops, you can trust that you’re getting the best in terms of quality. The chain also offers special deals and promotions for The 1 Card members. And if you’re not a member yet, you can join for free.

As for the app, the range of items and categories are about the same as the actual store. Not feeling like going out to one of Tops’ many locations? You don’t have to; do your grocery shopping online.

It’s super convenient, too, as the store delivers your order right to your home. Place your order by 13.00, and Tops even guarantees same-day delivery.

Toiletries and Beauty Products



As one of the longest established store chains for toiletries and beauty products in Thailand, Watsons has over 500 locations in the country. It sells all sorts of consumer goods but is mostly known for its hygiene/beauty product selections.

Watsons has been trusted as one of the leading brands for the tenth consecutive year, and that should be enough to guarantee the quality of its services.

There’s hardly any shopaholic that hasn’t heard of Watsons’ ‘Buy another for 1 THB’ promotion. The good news is that the deal now extends to online shopping, so you’ll get the best prices regardless of where you shop.

Plus, the delivery is efficient and fast; you’ll never be left without your beauty supplies. But if it suits better, there’s also an option to pick up your order at Watsons stores.

Consumer Goods and Electronics



Central, one of Thailand’s top mall chains, is introducing a new level of convenience by bringing the entire store to your home. Well, your mobile devices actually.

In this online shopping app, you’ll find everything Central has on offer, including many of the top brands, at your fingertips. Explore and shop for clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, electronics, and more, as well as exclusive items available only on the app.

What’s more, Central often combines product deals with various ‘on top’ promotions. So rest assured, you’ll still get that sweet, sweet discount. Central promises fast delivery, and if you place your order before 12.00, you can get it within the same day. (For orders 3,000 THB and up only.)


King Power

Thailand’s No.1 duty-free store finally makes it move into the online market. As always, King Power offers a wide range of products: health & beauty, fashion, electronic, home décor, sports equipment, food, souvenirs, and more.

With all these high-quality items from renowned brands, using the app feels a bit like having the entire mall installed on your phone.

And then, there are the exclusive promotions on offer that shoppers will love. So let these great deals and discounts help you save some extra money. After you’ve placed your order, just sit tight and wait; King Power delivers to anywhere in Thailand.

Sports Equipment



Let’s end the list with something for the sports fan! Supersports, a popular store chain from Central, is the place to go for all things sports-related. Whether you’re looking for sneakers from world-class brands, or gears for running, golf, tennis, badminton, or swimming, Supersports can sort that out for you.

Supersports offer a wide range of health-promoting products; fitness equipment and food supplements are only some of the available items.

Plus, enjoy shopping online with all sorts of online-exclusive deals and promotions from the store and its partners. And with free delivery, you won’t have to deal with any hassle of going out to shop. (Terms and conditions apply.)


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