5 Smart Air-Conditioning Apps That Will Make Your Life Better

If you’ve ever lost your air conditioner’s remote control, have it run out of battery, or breakdown all of a sudden, we know how you feel. Let’s take a look at 5 gadgets that can make your lives just a bit simpler.

5 Smart Air-Conditioning Apps That Will Make Your Life Better
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Did you know? We've just passed some of the hottest times in the history of mankind as recently as 2019 (the second-hottest year) and 2016 (the hottest year on record at 1.2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels).

Being one of the nations with proximity to the equator gives Thailand a tropical climate that is generally very hot. With the heat getting worse every year and the scorching sun waiting to set us on fire as soon as we set foot out the door, leaving the house during the day can be considered a tall order by many.

Just like many of us who live in hotter climates, air conditioning has become a major part of our daily lives, especially at home. While there’s nothing particularly exciting about turning on your air conditioning, occasionally the remote control will get lost, run out of battery power, or you might find your AC all broken down without any warning. How nice would it be if you can turn your AC on a few minutes before you get back home or use your smartphone to control your AC without the hassle of finding that lost remote?

As you might’ve guessed, we’ve put together a list of 5 applications and accessories that will keep you connected to your AC and make your life much simpler in this tropical weather. Let’s go check them out together!

(Sorted in alphabetical order!)

AirPatrol Wi-Fi

We believe that most of us spend the majority of the day outside and face several stressful situations at school or work as well as the unforgiving hot weather. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you can go back to a nice, cooling home at the end of the day?

AirPatrol Wi-Fi will help you get home to your favorite temperature every day with the AirPatrol smartphone application and the WiFi controller that will connect with your A/C and home WiFi. You can then remotely access and command your A/C through the application from anywhere, including turning the A/C on before you get home.

Furthermore, if you happen to forget to turn off your A/C when you leave home, you can turn it off through the AirPatrol app and both save energy and money. Lastly, you can also use your smartphone in the entire place of the A/C remote, including temperature adjustments and all. The AirPatrol package retails for 199 EUR or about 7,200 THB and ships for free globally. Order yours today at airpatrol.eu

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Ambi Climate

Ambi Climate, created by the Hong Kong-based start-up, Ambi Lab, which specializes in IoT technology, was a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign that was extremely well-received and raised over 1.2 million HKD, nearly 5 times its original goal.

One of the main features of the Ambi Climate is to help maintain the desired room temperature. You may wonder why putting you're A/C at the same temperature every time makes you feel too cold or too hot sometimes. This can be attributed to many factors such as the temperature outside. This is where Ambi Climate will utilize its AI sensors to collect indoors temperature data and outdoors temperature from online data sources to help minimize overcooling and overheating, creating a comfortable environment and saving you up to 30% on energy.

The smartphone application also allows for remote control from outside and multi-user geolocation. With a simple plug and play installation, all you need is the app, WiFi, a power outlet, and some space to place the Ambi Climate within range and you can start rolling in less than 5 minutes. The Ambi Climate retails for $129 or about 4,200 THB (Shipping fee starts at $7 or about 230 THB) and can be found at ambiclimate.com

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Melissa Climate

Melissa Climate comes with the basic feature we've already presented with the two other gadgets above, which is climate control through a smartphone application. But what makes Melissa Climate unique among others is the ability to learn about you. It will keep a record of your favorite temperature during the day and the difference between your daytime and nighttime usage, creating a profile unique to your preferences.

Furthermore, Melissa Climate can keep tabs of the usage hours and frequency of you’re A/C, as well as calculating and presenting to you in percentage much you were able to reduce your A/C’s energy consumption.

In terms of maintenance, Melissa Climate will also alert you when the air filter requires cleaning and allows you to book an air conditioner cleaning service for your home at the same time. All this convenience can be yours for only 49 EUR or about 1,800 THB. Grab yours today at seemelissa.com

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Sensibo is another device that'll make your daily life much easier. The basic features of Sensibo are enabling you to control your air conditioners through one smartphone application and tiny receivers. With easy installation, you can turn your basic air conditioner into a smart climate control system in just minutes.

The basic features of Sensibo include temperature control, cooling mode, and remote access from outside your home. What's even more special about Sensibo is its ability to automatically turn the AC on before you arrive and off when everybody leaves according to the GPS location of your smartphone with the Sensibo app. The trigger distance can be set from 500 meters up to 8 kilometers. This will not only help you save energy, but also enjoy peace of mind.

For example, you can set for Sensibo to automatically turn off the A/C once you’re 1 km away from the house and turn on once you’re within an 8 km radius of the house. All of this can be yours starting at $119 or about 3,900 THB and can be ordered at sensibo.com

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To round off the list is tado, a brand from Germany that offers solutions and services that will help you intelligently control the climate as well as conserve the energy usage of your home. Controlling the temperature throughout the day can get tricky as things can get too hot during the daytime and too cold when in the early morning hours. That’s where tado comes in to balance things out for you the way you’d like.

tado deploys an infrared detection system to observe the daily behavior of members in the household. If you, for example, forgot to close the window, the tado will detect the rise in temperature coming from outside and send a notification to your phone where you’ll also be asked if you’d like to turn off the A/C system to save energy. If the system detects no movement in the house over a while but the A/C left on, you’ll be alerted and asked if you want to turn off the A/C.

You can also control your A/C from outside through the tado smartphone application, so you can be sure to come back to a cooling home with a touch of a finger. The tado Smart AC Control (V2 model) retails at 111 EUR or about 4,000 THB. Check it out through tado.com or landashop.com

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