Train Station Stroll: What To Do Around BTS On Nut Station?

Train Station Stroll: What To Do Around BTS On Nut Station?

Do you remember when On Nut Station was once a terminal station for Bangkok’s BTS Sukhumvit Line? It was a time when the On Nut area was filled with people, either getting off at the station to wait for a bus to their next stop, shopping for groceries at nearby hypermarkets and fresh local markets, or just stuck in traffic around the area.

Many chose to live near On Nut station due to the relatively lower rent than other sections along the Sukhumvit Road and being within walking distance of a street-food heaven of On Nut Road.

Fast forward to today, Sukhumvit Line now extends all the way to Samrong with a lot more coming up in a few years to come. On Nut is no longer the busiest terminal station it once was, but that doesn’t mean On Nut has become empty.

In fact, condos are spouting up more than ever because a lot of people still love to stay in the area, due to the lower rent and the convenient location.

Other than the BTS, On Nut is also closely connected to main roads like Sukhumvit, Pattanakarn, and Srinakarin, making driving to many places very convenient.

When there’s a lot of people that often means a good amount of shops and restaurants in the area as well, other than hypermarket chains like Tesco Lotus and BigC, small cafes and restaurants as well as street food stalls remains one of the charms On Nut area has kept over the years.

Almost all of it is within walking distance from the BTS station. Today, Siam2nite would like to take you on a food journey with us around BTS On Nut station to find some of the best bites this part of town has to offer.

On Nut Station


For those of you who may not be very proficient with Skytrain traveling, On Nut Station is on the Sukhumvit Line just 3 stations away from the popular nightlife destination of Thonglor.

As you walk down from the platform, you will be greeted by a map like the one above that will tell you where each exit leads to:

Exit 1: Soi Sukhumvit 79
Exit 2: Skywalk into Tesco Lotus
Exit 3: Century The Movie Plaza
Exit 4: Phra Khanong District Office and Soi Sukhumvit 52

Exit 4 leads you to Tesco Lotus just like Exit 2, and there is not much beyond except residential buildings, so we’ll focus on the other three exits for our recommendations.

Exit 1: The Way to On Nut Road


Nanase Ramen

On the way to On Nut Road from the station, this ramen shop is one of the first restaurants you’ll catch sight of in front of Soi Sukhumvit 79.

Nanase Ramen is well known for its chicken-based broth recipe that originated all the way from the town of Shiba in Minato, Tokyo. The flavorful broth that takes over 9 hours to make is filled with natural collagen from chicken parts which is very good for your skin.

The interior and decor is easy on the eye and is a perfect blend of Japanese and Thai culture. Ramen here starts from just 80 Baht a bowl so be sure to drop by and give it a try!

  • Location:

    Soi Sukhumvit 79

  • Opening Hours:

    Thursday - Monday 11:00 - 23:30
    Tuesday 16:00 - 23:30
    Closed on Wednesday

  • Contact Details:

    Call 061-651-6885


Racha Fishball Noodles “Din Dai”

© Siam2nite

Walking over a bit, you’ll see a noodle shop filled with people in Soi Sukhumvit 77/1. This place is called “Racha Fishball Noodle” and they’ve been serving up some of the best noodles in the area for over 5 years.

The soup made from pork bones is very aromatic and compliments the tender noodles and fresh fish balls all too well.

With such friendly pricing, clean amenities, and fast service, you can see why the seats are almost filled at all times.

  • Location:

    Soi Sukhumvit 77/1 Alley

  • Opening Hours:

    10:30 - 22:00


Stewed Pork Leg on Rice

Just before reaching BigC Supercenter in On Nut Road, you’ll see this pig’s trotter rice shop that has been around for over 40 years. In front, there’s a gigantic pot filled with pig’s trotters, innards, and eggs on a slightly thick black broth.

Order a plate of rice topped with each one of these ingredients, and you’re in for some tender pork meat that’ll melt in your mouth. The sweet and salty broth pairs perfectly with the steaming hot rice.

Add some pickled veggies, and you’ll find yourself coming back for more in no time.

  • Location:

    Soi Sukhumvit 77

  • Opening Hours:

    10:00 - 22:00


Trica Hostel Cafe & Bar

Trica is one of the newer hostels in On Nut area run by a Japanese owner that fell in love with Thailand. There’s a hint of Japanese styling everywhere you walk within the complex.

The petite cafe serves up fresh bakery and a variety of beverages for you to choose from while working in their co-working space or hanging out with your buddies. By nightfall, there’s also some cocktails up for grabs starting at just 120 baht per glass.

For those who would like to stay here for a night or two, accommodation starts at only around 450 baht per night.

  • Location:

    Sukhumvit Soi 77

  • Opening Hours:

    24 hours

  • Contact Details:

    Call 02-044-2119

Exit 2: Bypassing Tesco Lotus Into Soi Sukhumvit 50 and Beyond


Smitr Cafe

Smitr was born from the minds of 3 close friends that want to open a cozy and stylish cafe in On Nut.

The name “Smitr” comes from the Thai word “มิตร” (Mitr) that means friends. By day they serve up refreshing beverages and creative toasts menus like the “Tom Yum Goong Toast” that perfectly blends Asian and Western tastes together.

By night this dark blue themed cafe turns into a local hangout spot with ice-cold beers, creative cocktails, pub bites, and awesome live music.

  • Location:

    Sukhumvit Soi 50

  • Opening Hours:

    Monday - Friday 16:00 - 00:15
    Saturday - Sunday 11:00 - 00:15

  • Contact Details:

    Call 092-424-9691


Oh La La Cafe

This place serves all-day breakfast inside a cozy atmosphere where you can choose to have your meal either indoors with the A/C or outdoor with the natural breeze.

They’re popular for their sandwiches where you can choose from a baguette, white, whole wheat, or croissant bread, full American-style breakfast, or even opt for an Asian-style rice meal.

Before you leave be sure to grab hold of some irresistible freshly baked sweets like the cheesecakes and cinnamon rolls.

  • Location:

    Sukhumvit Soi 50

  • Opening Hours:

    07:30 - 18:00

  • Contact Details:

    Call 02-742-9255


Best Beef

If you’re starving and would like to fill up with some good beef, then Best Beef is the place for you.

Conveniently located just a few minutes walk from the BTS station, you can chow down on some top quality “Koh-Kun” beef, sliced pork, bacon, marinated chicken, fresh seafood items along with 3 different dipping sauces made in-house.

Choose whether you want to cook your meal hotpot style or by grilling and if you’re very hungry you can opt for a buffet option with prices ranging from 269 up to 439 baht.

  • Location:

    Sukhumvit Road (Onnut)

  • Opening Hours:

    16:00 - 24:00

  • Contact Details:

    Call 02-742-9416

Exit 3: Shopping Mall

In an area with numerous residential condos like On Nut, it’s quite puzzling why leisure options before were often limited to food and grocery shopping around Tesco Lotus and Big C or having a meal in nearby restaurants.

Now enter Century The Movie Plaza in late 2017, a type shopping mall that undoubtedly adds diversity to the entertainment and leisure mix of the On Nut area. With top-notch cinemas and many other entertainment services, this is what On Nut has been missing all along.


Century The Movie Plaza

Other than being a go-to place for movies now, there also a long list of popular chain restaurants like Starbucks, KOI Thé, Ootoya, Shakariki 432, Mos Burger, O-li-no, Yoshinoya, and many more that are focused on the Japanese side of things.

There’s also a beauty products store like Matsumoto Kiyoshi and many other beauty and health service providers inside the mall as well.

Whether you want to drop by from the BTS after work or hang out with your family and friends during the weekends, this mall has everything that you need.

  • Location:

    BTS On Nut Exit 3

  • Opening Hours:

    11:00 - 22:00

  • Contact Details:

    Call 02-023-2222

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