Keep Track of Your Money With This Cute and Easy-To-Use ‘Household Account Book’

Coming up a bit short at the end of the month? We’ve all been there before, some of us more than others (if not every month!). If we were to ask you, where do you think all your money might’ve gone to, then most of us wouldn't be able to come up with a definite answer.

When we fail to keep track of our expenses, that’s when we also fail to maintain absolute control over our money. That’s why some of us tend to keep an account book close to hand so that they can maintain a healthy financial balance every month.

Once you’re able to log in your monthly income and expense precisely, you’ll be able to segment your expenses, maintain a healthy balance sheet, minimize unnecessary spending, and even expand on your savings!


Problem is, most of us tend to think that keeping an account book calls for a good amount of effort and requires an excessive amount of details. While it can be the case, there’s also quite a number of tools that can help us get the job done with minimal effort. Account book applications nowadays are easy-to-use, simple, and even have attractive designs that make us want to use them more often.

There is currently a great deal of account book applications that you can choose to download. The one we want to recommend to you today features the adorable slap-happy rabbit, Usagi, and his honest bird friend, Piske by renowned-illustrator Kanahei. In collaboration with Japanese Application Development company “United”, they’ve released an extremely lovable application called “Household Account Book”.


Once you start up the application, you’ll see the two iconic characters, Piske and Usagi, pop up everywhere. You will find that every function has been broken down into simple steps and is very easy to get a grip on.

On the ‘Input” page, you can choose whether the amount of money you’re about to input is an expense (“paid”) or income. Then, you’ll be able to label the input according to its categories such as Salary, Food, Cosmetics, Travel, and Transport.


If you feel like the default categories don’t include one that you prefer, you can edit one to make it your own, plus, you can pick one of Kanehei’s adorable illustration as the icon for your custom category as well!


Other than your daily account records, you can also view your monthly history. The data will be presented as a pie chart, breaking down your spending by category in different colors and allowing you to identify what you’ve been spending your money on most in that month.


One aspect that sets this application aside from other account books is the storybook titled “What Piske Wants”. You can follow the little birdie’s story only if you complete your account logs for a certain amount of days. For example, when you complete 9 days of account logs, you will be able to access Story No. 5 and so on.


These little details might not be the main reason that will get you to start saving up or keep a detailed record of your expenses, but the cute stories of Piske can at least serve as motivation for you to start giving it a thought. It’s like having a buddy that wants to save money along with you!

Household Account Book supports up to 3 languages including English, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese. We know that many of you have given financial planning a bit of thought, so why not start with something simple like keeping a daily tab on your expenses.

Gain control over your spending simply by downloading this account book application for free!

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