Siam2nite In The Mix: Pun - Itsadet (Uncon Inc.)

In each episode of the 'In The Mix’ series, we put the spotlight on tastemakers with an interview and an exclusive mix.

Siam2nite In The Mix: Pun - Itsadet (Uncon Inc.)
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In our brand-new ‘Siam2nite In The Mix’ editorial series, we’ll be sharing stories from tastemakers of the music industry such as Thai and international DJs and producers.

In each episode, we will be showcasing their creativity and skills through an exclusive mix created for Siam2nite. The mix of this episode was commissioned by the founder of Unconventional Inc., or Uncon Inc., Itsadet “Pun” Sutthapat and executed by DJ Thanawisut “Sunny” Yotmek a.k.a. DJ Sunnyburns.

Since early 2019, you may have seen (or joined) parties with cool, unusual vibes and exciting shows from local DJs. Printed on the posters of these events is often the logo of Uncon Inc.

Such happenings include Midnight Madness at Susie Q, Soultrash Party Vol.4 at Playground, Uncon Radio at BEAM, and even the Khao Yai music festival, The Green World - Safari Campfire.

So what is Uncon Inc./Uncon Radio?

© unconventional inc.

Pun defines it as a culture - a group that combines all his passions: music, art, and fashion.

“I started with Uncon Inc. I was going to make it a fashion brand at first, but I wanted to integrate music, artwork, and culture from my other passions as well.

I also have a lot of friends who are DJs. From what I saw on the international media, there’s a lot of groups like this. So I decided to found the group to create a platform where my DJ friends can showcase their work.

Even though it’s small, this platform opens up opportunities for fans to discover local talents. Thailand has actually got a lot of great DJs, but there aren’t many channels or media to promote them.

Uncon Radio is a mix channel on Soundcloud. It’s kind of a podcast that keeps you up to date with new tracks. I usually tell the DJs in the team to create mixtapes in any style and selection they want. And not just my crew, too. I invite friends as guest DJs and let them release mixes on Uncon Radio as well.”

As we’ve mentioned, Uncon Inc. isn’t strictly just about music. They’ve also got other merch such as apparel items, film camera straps, and more. What’s more, the team is planning to release their first complete fashion collection soon.

© unconventional inc.

Other creative pursuits include artworks, photobooks, and zines. The team is also working on a music label ‘Uncon Records’ - a project that’s born from Pun’s and the co-founder’s, Kittipat “Pat” Srikot, knack and passion for art.

© unconventional inc.
Kittipat “Pat” Srikot

“I’ve been planning this project for a while. I love film photography, compact film cameras, all that jazz. I always carry a camera and take pictures when I’m at events or encounter something interesting. It’s like seeing what happened in your life at a certain point in time.

I’m hoping to release a photobook or zine by the end of this year, but I’m not too serious about making a profit.”

© Siam2nite
Itsadet “Pun” Sutthapat

As for what inspired Pun to create Uncon Inc., he answers decisively that he got the idea from three groups of people; all directly involved with street culture and music.

“It started with me loving music ever since I was young. I was influenced by the grown-ups in my family. The genres changed as time went on. I listen to everything from Mor Lam to death metal; my taste is diverse. People that I know are mostly DJs and artists, so I’ve always felt drawn to the scene.

The groups that have inspired me are Tokyovitamin, Yeti Out, and Soulection. I was lucky; I had the chance to get to know people that I like personally. They come here often, and they inspire me because their group is very supportive of each other.

I feel like in other countries [artists] tend to group together and help local DJs get their work out there. This has a huge impact. I think in Thailand, we already have a lot of great potential talents, but we don’t have enough space for them to show their work.

When I go to concerts in other countries, everybody is so into it, no matter the genre. They’re open to new kinds of music, very supportive and lively. I want to see that kind of vibes here in Thailand too.”

© unconventional inc.

As for Pun, even though he loves music and DJing, he sees himself not as a DJ who entertain the crowd, but rather the coach for Uncon Inc.

“I’ve actually always hoped to take to the stage as a DJ. And sure, people were excited about my performance. But truth be told, I enjoy being a listener more than a full-fledged music producer.

If I were to put it in soccer terms, I would be the coach. When there’s an event, I’ll plan the lineup, see which DJ fit best in which slot, or what kind of selection would work best.

When I talk to the DJs, I’ll recommend new tracks for them. I listen to a lot of music, so I know which verse or beat is good. It’s like giving them homework; I think it helps them grow and allows them to create more diverse sets.”

© unconventional inc.

“I don’t just find them gigs; I take care of everything from taking pictures to creating their profiles, merch, artwork, and styling. I want them to look cool. Even if they’re not officially on our team, I still insist on creating a profile for them. They can add that to their portfolio to show that they’ve worked with us.”

Earlier this year, one of the music projects released by Uncon Radio is Uncon Radio Vol.1: Mixtape Series, where they invite 10 guest DJs to create mixes in various styles and publish them on weekly episodes.

The series features ARB, DJ.Wong, Unfrnd, #RRRRRR, JWP, DJ Sunny, Unfrnd b2b Wong, MYP, Kori Mafi, and Mae Happyair.

© unconventional inc.

For June 2019, there’s the new Uncon Radio Vol.2, which we think is the highlight of this month.

“I want Vol.2 to be a collaboration. When brands collaborate, most people would think of merch or clothing collections. I want this to be more than that.

Uncon Radio has a unique perspective of music, so we’re reaching out to brands and offer to create an exclusive mix based on the brand’s identity. These playlists can introduce the brand to a larger audience.

People usually get only a visual recognition of the brand through objects and artwork; they get a feel of what a particular brand looks like. But I want to give them an audio experience so that they can better understand the brand’s taste and base.”

For this project, the crew is working with 12 brands from various sectors such as fashion for men and women, multi-brand store, streetwear, party organizer, and even online media to create exclusive mixes. The list includes Takara Wong, Sneakavilla, Parlour Store, Blueboyz Sportclub, Unfound Projects, Blaqlyte, City Boy, SSAP, 15F, Knowwherestudio, Textures., Laugh, and yours truly, Siam2nite.

Starting from July, Uncon Radio will release new mixes in their weekly episode; each one corresponding to each brand.

© unconventional inc.

“I’m the one who chooses which DJ’s selection goes with which brand. I’ll give them homework and let them talk to the brand. It’s like introducing a friend to them. In the end, I think we’ll all get to know new friends and build great friendships.

I think the upside of the project is that there are no downsides or financial risks. It’s more of a “locals supporting locals” kind of thing.”

The Uncon Radio x Siam2nite mix is the work of DJ Thanawisut “Sunny” Yotmek a.k.a. DJ Sunnyburns. It’s a mix of hip-hop, future beat, and last but not least, baile funk which is a genre not yet widely known in Thailand, but according to Pun well-worth having a listen to.

“I think Siam2nite always bringing updates and news about music to their readers and followers. This [baile funk] is a new thing, so it felt natural to showcase this new music genre in a mix for Siam2nite.”

So here it is, mixed by DJ Sunny, bringing us hip-hop, future beat and that baile funk, in the very first episode of Siam2nite In The Mix:

Follow DJ Sunny

For the remainder 2019, other than Uncon Radio Vol.2, there are also many Uncon projects to follow throughout the year, including a Malaysia event in July (stay tuned for more details), and the team is also planning a mini-festival for everyone to enjoy.

If you’re looking for a fun party to join, Uncon Radio is a resident event promoter at BEAM, which hosts parties featuring new, interesting genres every month.

© unconventional inc.

Before saying goodbye, Pun would like to leave a word of thanks.

“I’d like to thank everyone involved, especially the folks of Suburb Sound, Non Non Non and Bass Head Temple, who’ve been so supportive. Our group is still very new and young. We had a rough start and quite a few trials and errors. Right now, we’re trying to organize and work out a system.

Even though it began with me and Pat’s passion, it’s no longer just about that. There’s a lot of people involved, including our followers. We need to pay more attention to the details of our work.”

© Siam2nite
Itsadet “Pun” Sutthapat

What Uncon Inc. is working on is only the beginning of driving the music scene forward. By supporting local DJ talents, the crew is giving them a platform to put their work out there without constraints. What we're most excited about is Pun and his team’s impact on the local scene.

Don’t forget to check out UnconRadio x Siam2nite exclusive mix one more time. (Or, even better, ten more times) For updates and news on other projects of Uncon Inc., follow their social media down below!

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