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808 Festival 2016

Electro House, Progressive House, Future House, Big Room, Bass Music, Trap

808 Festival 2016 will be the 4th installment of Thailand's leading EDM festival. The 2-day festival will take place on December 10-11. For the first time, the festival will take place in Pattaya, at Nong Nooch Pattaya Garden & Resort. The confirmed artists are Borgore, Carnage, Dillon Francis, H...

Nong Nooch Pattaya ·

Magazine Spotlight

808 Festival 2016: 5 Reasons Why You Need To Make The Trip!

Every year, there are a few constants in life for those of us who live in Thailand. Songkran is always on April 13th, Loy Krathong takes place on the 12th full-moon of the traditional Thai lunar calendar, and 808 Festival ALWAYS hits us hard with a DJ line-up that gets our mouths watering in the second week of December. And just like clockwork, ...

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808 Festival 2016: 5 Reasons Why You Need To Make The Trip!

Every year, there are a few constants in life for those of us who live in Thailand. Songkran is always on April 13th, Loy Krathong takes place on the 12th full-moon of the traditional Thai lunar calendar, and 808 Festival ALWAYS hits us hard with a DJ line-up that gets our mouths watering in the second week of December. And just like clockwork, ...

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5 Boat Parties in Thailand You Need to Know

It's The Ship, Holy Ship, Shipsomnia, Mad Decent Boat Party and Ultra Europe Boat Party - we have seen their after movies, and it seems the only thing that can possibly be better than partying, is partying on a boat. While Thailand does not have its own cruise festival (yet), there are some noteworthy boat party series that blaze a trail. We ha...

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[Recap] It’s The Ship 2016: 4 days + 3 nights of FUN, FUN, FUN!

Tickets for the 2016 iteration of It’s The Ship went on sale as early as March 2016. For an event that happened between 4-7 November, 2016 it felt like a really long time to plan ahead! But for those who went to “Asia’s largest festival at sea” this year, you would have all known that in order to have an optimal level of fun over the 4 days and ...

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Hip Hop in Bangkok: The Top 10 Hip Hop Venues/Nights in Bangkok

Sometimes, when you get "Tipsy" and it gets "Hot In Here", you just want to "Drop It Like It’s Hot", and when "It’s Goin’ Down" "In Da Club", you need to "Lean Back" and "Crank Dat". From J-Kwon to Nelly, Pharrell to 50 Cent, if this introduction brought back some iconic moments in your life, then you know you are a hip-hop head. Whether you we...

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5 Reasons Why ATMOS Thonglor Should Be Your New Hang-Out Spot

Imagine yourself being surrounded by only your best friends while you munch away at some awesome food and sip an array of very creative cocktails. Add to that mix an angelic voice singing to you live and later a DJ that can make you dance your night away and you may have to remind yourself you did not just fall asleep and woke up in hangout heaven.

Nightlife ·

5 Reasons Why 722 Craft Experience Should Be Your New Chill-Out Spot

Have you ever wondered what it was like to drive fast cars, chase down some bad guys, then return home to hang out with your friends and family in your awesome backyard just like in the Fast and Furious movie franchise? Although we may not be able to supply the fast cars or the bad guys, word on the street is that the awesome backyard experience...

Nightlife ·

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UO Smart Beam Laser: The World's Smallest HD Laser Projector

Imagine limitless possibilities! Watch your favorite movies in bed projected to the bedroom ceiling, make a spontaneous presentation for a customer, watch movies projected on your tent, when camping outdoors. You name it!

Lifestyle ·

H2O Ninja: The Full-Face Mask That Revolutionizes Snorkeling

Thailand has stunning coral reefs and marine life to discover, and a great way to do so is snorkeling. However, so far snorkeling implied a necessary share of mouthfuls of salt water and struggling with fogging glasses.

Lifestyle ·

Cozmo: The Adorable Robot that Everyone is Going Crazy for right now

Iconic movie robots like R2D2 (Star Wars), Number 5 (Short Circuit), Wall-E and Marvin (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) have fired the imagination of generations. Wouldn't such a robotic side-kick be awesome? If you agree, then we got good news ...

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ZUS Kevlar: an indestructible phone charging cable with lifetime warranty

We have all been there: annoyed about splintering phone charging cables that only lasted a few months. The California-based company Nonda has accepted the challenge to save us all the headaches and has created an indestructible cable.

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#BeastMode | 7 Inspiring Fitness Girls You Should Follow On Instagram

Lose fat, build muscle, gain strength, develop stamina and improve flexibility, are common goals sought by most of us. But to be successful with any fitness routine, you need to stay focused, motivated and inspired. Below, we have compiled a list...

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10 Bangkok Staycations: Getaway from Bangkok - in Bangkok

Whether it's for your birthday or for a long weekend, or just because you need a break from your routine and your holiday quota is already used up, a Staycation (a holiday where you live) is always a great idea. Especially in Bangkok, where we are...

Lifestyle ·

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10 Unique Coffee Shops around Asoke and Phrom Pong

The area around Asoke and Phrom Pong, in the heart of Bangkok’s Central Business District, is known for many things: the constantly jammed Asok junction, the red-light district Soi Cowboy and the lifestyle shopping malls Terminal 21, The Emporium ...

Food ·

The 6 Best Kebab in Bangkok

Kebab is a food delight popular all around the world. The Middle Eastern treat, made of grilled meat, has become a common dish in contemporary food culture far beyond the borders of the Middle East. In case you feel a craving for Kebab, and wonde...

Food ·

Food Delivery in Bangkok: 5 services that bring tasty food to your doorstep

Be it because you need to skip your lunch break to finish a project, because you are too hungover to leave the house, and just because you spend your day off on the couch and aren't in the mood to cook - food delivery services will save you from s...

Food ·

Pablo, the Most Famous Cheese Tart from Japan: Finally in Bangkok!

Foodies across the world agree, that Japanese baked cheese tarts equal pure awesomeness. Made popular by bakeries in Japan, they have since expanded across Asia, sparking long queues in each city they take on.

Food ·

How to cook delicious Roti Gluay Hom – a step-by-step guide

Roti Gluay Hom is one of the most popular Thai street food desserts. It is a pan-fried pastry-style bread, stuffed with whisked eggs and banana slices, and topped with sweetened condensed milk, and at times chocolate sauce. If you fancy some, you ...

Food ·

The Top 100 Best Beers in the World – and Where to Get Them in Bangkok is a leading beer rating & review website, listing hundreds of thousands of beers from all over the world. Each year, since 2002, they choose “The Top Beers In The World” – an illustrious Top 100 list of the best beers from all around...

Food ·

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10 Thai Beauty Bloggers to Follow for Inspiration and Advice

Women across the world share have at least one one thing in common: a passion for beauty. When looking for inspiration and helpful advice, beauty blogs have become the first port of call for most women these days. In Thailand, with many great Tha...

Fashion ·

The Best Sneakers 2016 according to ComplexCon

Recently the annual ComplexCon lifestyle convention/festival - by the iconic pop culture magazine Complex - took place at Long Beach, California. At the event, a panel of six renowned sneaker experts debated about the best sneaker drop of 2016....

Fashion ·

adidas Skateboarding 'L.A. Stories' by Snoop Dogg & Mark Gonzales

"L.A. Stories" is an exciting collaboration between the iconic rapper Snoop Dogg, legendary skater Mark "Gonz" Gonzales and Adidas Skateboarding. After announcing the project in October with an animated video, featuring both Snoop and Gonz, the hi...

Fashion ·

6 Creepy Halloween Makeup Looks You Can Do Yourself

Halloween is right around the corner. It's that one night of the year that people for once don’t try to impress through good looks, but instead try to show their most dreadful side. If you are well prepared for it and have it all figured out alrea...

Fashion ·

Rainy Season in Bangkok: A Style Guide For Gentlemen

It's raining cats and dogs, and even the manliest of men are being challenged by the weather conditions. You know that you can run, but you can't hide. True to the proverb "Offense is the best defense", brace yourself!

Fashion ·

5 Gorgeous Makeup Looks That Will Set You On Fire For The Next Party

Whether it’s a date night or a girl squad night-out, it all comes down to one thing: you got to look your best and your makeup game needs to be on point!

Fashion ·

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5 Dance Tutorial Videos That Will Help You to Master the Shuffle Dance

Having its origin in the late 1980s in Australia, the Shuffle dance style has had its place in Dance, Trance and House over the years. However, in recent times, with the help of social media, the dance style has gained remarkable popularity in pop...

Music ·

Exclusive Interview with Jenil

Jenil is one of the leading figures in the EDM scene of his home country The Philippines. The up-and-coming Open Format DJ and music producer has played all over South East Asia, and holds a residency at Illuzion, Phuket.

Music ·

Exclusive Interview with Hucci

Hucci is a 20-years old Brighton-based Trap and Bass music DJ and Producer, best known for his track "Ball So Hard" which gained over 10 Million views on YouTube. Complex Magazine has added him to their list of "10 Best EDM Producers under 21".

Music ·

Exclusive Interview with DJ Yukie

DJ Yukie is a seasoned DJ and one of Thailand’s few female turntablists. She combines great looks, with exceptional talent, both as DJ and entertainer, and has represented renowned brands such as Audio-Technica and Pioneer. She can spin any genre,...

Music ·

30 Mixes 'Made In Thailand' You Should Be Listening Right Now

Be it to focus on your studies, to find motivation for the gym, to relax when you're stressed out, or to kick your road trip into high gear - music is the answer! We have curated a list of 30 mixes we came across the past weeks. Each mix was crea...

Music ·

5 Awesome Dance Music Videos That Were Shot in Thailand

Thailand is one of the largest film production hubs in South-East Asia. Many Hollywood films have been shot here, for example, parts of “Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith” were shot in Krabi. It is also well-known that a variety of cha...

Music ·

Pictures Spotlight

Have You Heard? pres. Blood Orange at Voice Space

Voice Space ·

Paris x Simo at ONYX


Crush Wednesdays presents Cookin' Soul at CE LA VI


Siam2nite TV


Breezer presents Hot Pants Party at DEMO Thonglor

Chang Music Connection presents Whitehaus Concert at GMM Live House

The Grandslam Live: Bodyslam with The Orchestra at CentralWorld

New VOGUE Lounge Highlight Vol. 5 at Vogue Lounge Bangkok

Jam Night by Jameson #3 at Parking Toys Ekamai

Locations Spotlight


Clubs · RCA


Clubs · Khaosan Road

DND Club

Clubs · Ekkamai - Thonglor

Latest Locations

MAD Club

MAD CLUB is a brand-new nightclub on Ratchada Soi 14, located inside the Mansion 7 building. The music policy is Hip Hop, EDM, House and Drum & Bass. The two-storey venue features a cutting-edge sound & lighting system, a full bar, a full menu of ...

Clubs · Ratchada

Vertigo Too

VERTIGO TOO is a brand-new cosmopolitan cocktail bar on the 60th floor of Banyan Tree, with stunning views of Bangkok's cityscape and the Chao Phraya River. The intimate and low-lit venue offers sophisticated cocktails and fusion food, as well as ...

Bars · Silom - Sathorn

Bon Bon

BON BON is a brand-new venue at Seenspace, on Thonglor Soi 13, kept in a unique steampunk design. The unique "adult playground" concept venue features inside and outside seating, a suspended birdcage, three custom-made glass Ping Pong tables, a -1...

Bars · Ekkamai - Thonglor


LEAPFROG is a rooftop bar and restaurant, located on top of the urban 4-star boutique hotel Galleria 10, on Sukhumvit Soi 10. The 90-seat venue features an indoor dining area and an outdoor open-air dining & lounge area with saltwater swimming poo...

Bars · Sukhumvit

Wishbeer Home Bar

WISHBEER started out as an online beer shop that delivers specialty beers throughout Thailand - with over 500 beers & ciders from all around the world; the largest selection available in Thailand. Wish Beer Home Bar is located on Sukhumvit Soi 67,...

Bars · Ekkamai - Thonglor


Superflow City Beach Club on Khaosan Road is a brand-new venue that has opened its doors in August 2015. It is Bangkok's first ever city beach club - a fusion of fashionable Ibiza-style day & night club, cocktail lounge and open-air beach bar. The...

Clubs · Khaosan Road