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TBC | The Bangkok Countdown [2018]


The Bangkok Countdown is Bangkok's first ever coutdown music festival. The 2-day event will take place on 30-31 December 2017 at Live Park Rama 9. The even will feature international DJs and aims to provide an urban festival experience!

Live Park Rama 9 ·

Magazine Spotlight

808 Festival Enters Its Fifth Year: Time to Look Back and Reminisce

You tend to remember your first love, your first date, your first kiss - these impactful moments in life tend to stick with you and do not fade with time. What makes these moments stand out is the level of joy and happiness that they bring - a sense of wonder or excitement that make them ever so hard to forget. We live for these memories, and we...

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VIBES Phuket: Asia’s Ultimate Beach Party Season

Winter time has officially arrived with the beginning of December, and for some people, this means it is time for an extended holiday trip to Europe or East Asia where snow is guaranteed. But for others who are not too fond of the cold, Southeast Asia is where it is at! The ability to escape the freezing weather and enjoy the warmth 24-hour a da...

Nightlife ·

Levels 2.0: Sukhumvit Soi 11's Levels Reopens After Extensive Renovation

The lifespan of a nightclub in Thailand is not very long. Either you find the right market and continue operations for years to come, or you do not and shut down after a year. There are no mediocre clubs that survive in the City of Angels’s notorious nightlife scene. Only the strong survive.

Nightlife ·

3 Old-School Pub & Restaurants in Bangkok To Visit For a Dose of Nostalgia

The generation segmentation has become a talking point in the past few years, with words like “Millennial” and “Gen Y” showing up on articles and analysis that are shared like wildfire on social media. There have been some people who claim the generation gap between the oldies and young people are creating a drift in their relationships. While i...

Nightlife ·

Hivefest: 88Rising Asia Tour Live in Bangkok

In today's ever-shrinking globalized world, crossing and combining cultures is a necessity for anyone who wants to stay on the cutting edge, and that’s what Hivefest x Zaap will exactly be doing. On December 6, 2017 GMM Live House at CentralWorld will be playing host to the 88Rising Asia Tour Live in Thailand. The lineup features Indonesian rap ...

Nightlife ·

The BRONX is Hot: New Club Alert!

One thing you may have learned and taken to heart from J. Lo back in 2002, was not to be fooled by the rocks that she had because she will always be “Jenny from the block”. Some of you may have understood what she meant at the time, but for those who are still confused 15 years later, Jennifer Lopez, the queen of pop, was simply paying homage to...

Nightlife ·

5 Rooftop Bars Around Siam You Must Visit This Bangkok Winter

I’m sure you feel it. We all do. The moment we walk out of our houses or condominium rooms in the morning, a beautiful breeze of cool wind brushes across our faces. Suddenly, your long day’s work seems like a joyful occasion, because the breeze has just made your day. That’s right, welcome to the Bangkok winter. A time when walking on streets o...

Nightlife ·

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5 Hidden Activities Inside the Chatuchak Weekend Market

When you say the word “Chatuchak” the words that often follow are “Weekend Market”. Yes, this place with the nickname “JJ” is where you can find chick and cheap selection of clothes, handbags, and accessories. Within a friendly price range of 100 ...

Lifestyle ·

Screenshop by Craze App: Buy Stuff When You See It!

Technology today has driven us to the point where everything that we want and need is available to us at the click of a button. Need a ride? Uber. Need some groceries? HappyFresh. Need a maid? Seekster. Everything is available on-demand. We are sp...

Lifestyle ·

Heineken x Greyhound Presents: “Star Delivery” — The Private Party Provider

Collaborations bring together the best people to create an even better result that only the most extraordinary individuals can seem to grasps. It challenges people to think, get creative, and shoot for something big that might not seem possible wh...

Lifestyle ·

Altimate VR: Virtual Reality Game Center in Bangkok

Bangkok life is busy. Everyone who chooses to live in this vibrant city willingly accepts this fact and deals with it in their very own way. Some enjoy the crowded shopping malls; many will find a place to sit and have a nice cold beer, while othe...

Lifestyle ·

U Beer Welcoming Winter at Farm Festival On The Hill 2017

You can never be too sure of when the “winter week” in Bangkok will come and go every year. For most of us who do not have time to leave the big city very often, these very few days of cool 20+ degree Celsius temperature is the yearly highlight th...

Lifestyle ·

All You Need To Know About The 5 Newest Google Products And Why You Need Them In Your Life

There was once a time when choosing a search engine was a rather big dilemma. There were so many in the then young internet market, such as Alta Vista, Yahoo, and Webcrawler. However, one name emerged from that space to become one of the most well...

Lifestyle ·

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6 Roti Shops Worth Trying in Bangkok

The common sight of a roti cart in Bangkok often gets your mouth watering. However, spotting the ones actually worth trying, that is the hard part. We have opened up a map of Bangkok to identify 6 awesome roti shops all around the city worthy of b...

Food ·

5 Bingsu Cafes in Bangkok Any Fan of the Korean Ice Dessert Must Try

Noticeably, Korean culture has infiltrated the City of Angels very quickly over the past few years. From technology, K-Pop artists, fashion, music, and even TV series - but undeniably, the one thing that has arguably made the most impact among Tha...

Food ·

Battle of the Butchers: 5 Meat Shops in Bangkok that Make the Cut

Let’s face it, we all love to munch down on some good meat from time to time. Whether it’d be a juicy pork chop, tender roasted chicken, or a thick cut of medium rare beef, we are all willing to pay a premium to have the cut be selected and cooked...

Food ·

Hawkers with History: 6 Street Food Vendors That Have Been With Bangkok for Generations

Deciding to get yourself a delightful meal doesn’t always mean finding yourself in a fancy restaurant or up in a 5-star hotel. In a city like Bangkok, mouthwatering grubs are up for grabs all around town. No matter where you walk, you can be sure ...

Food ·

Purple Foods: 5 Spots in Bangkok Serving Richly-Hued Treats That Are Both Healthy and Instagram Worthy

2017 is the year where Purple Sweet Potatoes, also known as Okinawan Potatoes, are dominating our plates and hitting up the taste buds of Thai people. The trend started off when a few street-food vendors got creative and cooked up some Thai Fried ...

Food ·

4 Restaurants in Bangkok That Make Ordinary “Pad Krapao” Extraordinary

You sometimes know when you go to a restaurant, and you have no idea what to order, or even what you want to eat? That can often happen in Thailand, especially in a foodie’s heaven like Bangkok. Even when you have decided on a place, you will be g...

Food ·

Latest in Fashion

Your Best 90s Look: How to Style Up for the next 90s Party!

Lately, wherever you turn both new and old bars and clubs are all following one very similar trend – they are all throwing 90s themed parties – and they are packing out! People are flocking to these events because let us be honest; the 90s were a ...

Fashion ·

5 Up-and-coming Online Streetwear Stores That Will Deliver Straight to Your Doorsteps in Thailand

Fashion is moving fast nowadays. Luxurious brands that take pride in their glamorous looks and hefty price tags have to go through a makeover to reach more people of this generation. You might start to see that many of your favorite clothing store...

Fashion ·

N*E*R*D Is Back - with New Music and Adidas Training Gear and Sneaker Collaborations!

N*E*R*D is an American funk rock band by Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo (also knows as the infamous Grammy Award-winning production duo The Neptunes) and Shay Haley. The band is best known for their songs “Hot-n-Fun”, "She Wants To Move", “Hypnot...

Fashion ·

Suit Up: 5 Tailor Shops in Bangkok That Will Bring Out The Gentleman In You

A man’s gotta do what a man's gotta do. And one thing a man must undoubtedly do is pamper himself with the experience of sliding into a body-hugging, tailor-made suit, which will automatically add the “gentle” to the “man”.

Fashion ·

Pravana Vivids Mood Color: The First-Ever Heat-Activated Hair Coloring

If you are looking to add something extra to your look, maybe for the next music festivals, look no further! Pravana VIVIDS Mood Color is the first heat-activated temporary hair color that transforms the hair color simply by adding heat, be it a b...

Fashion ·

PUMA releases special editions of Roma and Basket to honor Mexico's annual 'Day of the Dead' festival

The "Day Of The Dead" (Día de los Muertos) is a festival celebrated throughout Mexico. The multi-day holiday, taking place from 31 October to 2 November gathers family and friends to pray for, remember and honor departed loved ones in a joyful cel...

Fashion ·

Latest in Music

Fungjai Awards 2017: The Exclusive Awards Ceremony for Music Artists and Creators

On November 29, 2017, at Studio9 Show DC, an Exclusive Private Party was hosted by Fungjai to honor to the artists of Thailand who dedicated their lives in creating exceptional music from pure love of the craft and not for monetary benefits. The a...

Music ·

The Rapper Thailand Season 1: The Search for Thailand’s Newest Rap Star

Thailand is known for churning out a lot of new reality shows that often involve competition of some sort. Academy Fantasia kicked off this mad rush of reality TV in 2004, and since then, multiple iterations of “reality competitions” have spawned ...

Music ·

Exclusive Interview with DJ Benz

DJ Benz is a one of Thailand's leading DJs, with over ten years of experience. Between 2004 and 2011, he has won several local DJ championships, and he has represented Thailand at the Pioneer Asia Pacific Championship in 2010, where he placed as f...

Music ·

MTV European Music Awards 2017: Slot Machine and Peck Palitchoke Carrying The Thai Flag at the EMAs

MTV may be one of the most identifiable brands in the music industry, and for good reason. Throughout the years, MTV has been the driving force connecting artists to their fans globally. Artists were able to visually portray their music videos thr...

Music ·

Exclusive Interview with John Askew

John Askew is a UK-based Trance and Tech-Trance DJ and producer, who has played all over the world, including prestigious festivals such as ASOT, Luminosity, Creamfields and EDC. He is best known for his track "Shine" and "Supersonic", as well as ...

Music ·

DJ Mag Top 100 Djs 2017: A Look at the New Entries

This past Saturday, the Top 100 DJs Poll award ceremony took place at the Amsterdam Arena during this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). For the second consecutive year, the top position was taken by the 21-year old Dutch wunderkind Martin Garrix...

Music ·

Pictures Spotlight

808 Festival 2017 (Album 1, Day 1)

Oasis Outdoor Arena ·

Big Mountain Festival 2017 - BMMF9 (Album 1, Day 1)

The Ocean Khao Yai ·

Hivefest: 88Rising Asia Tour Live in Thailand

Noiz Club ·

Latest Pictures

DrinkEntrepreneurs at Vogue Lounge (Album 2)

Vogue Lounge ·

DrinkEntrepreneurs at Vogue Lounge (Album 1)

Vogue Lounge ·

Grand Opening: The Meatchop & Happy Endings

The Meatchop ·

BLING IT w/ Bangkok Invaders at Sing Sing Theater

Sing Sing Theater ·

Sangjan Music Festival | Khao Yai (Album 2, Day 2)

8speed Khaoyai ·

Sangjan Music Festival | Khao Yai (Album 1, Day 2)

8speed Khaoyai ·

808 Festival 2017 (Album 5, Day 2)

Oasis Outdoor Arena ·

Siam2nite TV

Don't Let Daddy Know Thailand 2017 at Asiatique

Chang Music Connection: Urban Music Festival

Khanom Festival #5 at Nadan Beach Khanom

Za Day by Soda Singha: Zeal at LiZM

gCircuit : Super Songkran 11 Boy Pool Party

Polycat Live at Chom Dao Pathumthani

Locations Spotlight


Clubs · RCA


Bars · Srinakarin

Insanity Nightclub

Clubs · Sukhumvit

Latest Locations


BREWSKI is a craft beer rooftop bar located on 30th floor of 5-star hotel Radisson Blu Plaza on Sukhumvit Soi 27. The venue offers 12 beers on tap and over 100 bottled labels from all around the world. It features a full bar, and an outdoor terrac...

Bars · Sukhumvit


BRONX is a brand-new venue in Srinakarin, located in the same area and made by the same team as Begin Bar & Bistro.The venue's entertainment combines EDM, Hip Hop and Live music. Opening Times are daily from 8pm to 2am.

Bars · Srinakarin

Brasserie Cordonnier

BRASSERIE CORDONNIER is a fashionable 1930's Paris themed restaurant, located on Sukhumvit Soi 11. The venue offers French cuisine, including traditional French delicacies such as Oysters, Frog Legs, Beef Bourguignon, Burgundy Snails, Fois Gras, H...

Bars · Sukhumvit

Nineteens Up

NINETEENS UP is a bar located on Silom Soi 19. The venue features brick walls decorated with street art and offers guests a variety of imported craft beers on tap, seafood and comfort food (nachos, ribs, steaks, burger), as well as board games, po...

Bars · Silom - Sathorn

Astro9 Skybar

ASTRO9 SKYBAR is located on top of 4-star hotel Amaranta, located a 3-minute walk to Huai Khwang MRT. It's the first rooftop bar in the Ratchada - Huai Khwang area, and grants a panoramic view on Bangkok's city skyline. At the center is a round As...

Bars · Ratchada

Snail Bar

SNAIL is a new bar and restaurant in Arena 10, on Thonglor Soi 10. The venue offers live music, beers on tap, selected spirits and wines, as well a variety of popular Thai food. Opening times are daily from 6pm to 2am.

Bars · Ekkamai - Thonglor