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808 Festival Enters Its Fifth Year: Time to Look Back and Reminisce

You tend to remember your first love, your first date, your first kiss - these impactful moments in life tend to stick with you and do not fade with time. What makes these moments stand out is the level of joy and happiness that they bring - a sense of wonder or excitement that make them ever so hard to forget. We live for these memories, and we...

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808 Festival Enters Its Fifth Year: Time to Look Back and Reminisce

You tend to remember your first love, your first date, your first kiss - these impactful moments in life tend to stick with you and do not fade with time. What makes these moments stand out is the level of joy and happiness that they bring - a sense of wonder or excitement that make them ever so hard to forget. We live for these memories, and we...

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Life in Color: 5 Reasons the World’s Largest Paint Party Debut is a Must Do

2017 started off with a bang. There were festivals being thrown left and right week-in-week-out for the first 6 months – it was almost as if Bangkok became the festival center of the world for a moment – and then all trails went cold. The deafening silence was eerily depressing. For those of us who breath and live for magical musical moments at ...

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Sangjan Entertainment Presents: Lunar Rainbow Sangjan Music Festival 2017 Live In Khao Yai

2017 has been a year filled with concerts and music festivals. Bangkok has welcomed artists from all around the world from EDM headliners to indie bands. What you don’t see very often are Thai local artists in the spotlight. Where have all of them gone? It’s been a while since there was a large-scale music festival that brought together many dif...

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3 Things to Expect at Grand Opera Thailand at Vertigo TOO

Do you like chilling Opera performances that will raise the hairs on your neck? Do you like sublime views of the Bangkok skyline that will keep you mesmerized for hours? And do you like succulent food and drinks that will leave your taste buds asking for more? If you said “yes” to at least one, if not all of those things, then prepare yourselves...

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Grey Goose Presents: Fly Beyond Tonight at Ce La Vi

When class meets style, it creates a unique experience that only the most extraordinary individuals can seem to grasps. There is a certain luxury in being able to bump shoulders with those in the upper echelons of society – and together, experience and discover a journey that is truly unique. Bangkok, the City of Angels is no stranger to this ki...

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Nightlife Reimagined: 5 Things to Look Forward to at the New Insanity Nightclub on Sukhumvit Soi 11

A few months ago, if you drove pass Sukhumvit Soi 12, there was a high likelihood that you would have caught a glimpse of large crowds either entering into or exiting a building lit up in bright green neon lights. Without a doubt, what you would have been witnessing were the last few days of operation for Insanity Nightclub – in its previous sha...

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Get in Shape with Functional Fitness: 8 Functional Gyms in Bangkok, located near the BTS

Everyone faces the daily battles with heavy objects, such as toting luggage into the overhead bin or hefting shopping bags in the back of the car. For these everyday situations, we don't need huge bodybuilder muscles, but practical, all-around str...

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Need For Speed: Go-Karting and Racing Circuits In and Around Bangkok

Bangkok consistently gets voted to be one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Year in year out, the City of Angels is able to brush aside some worthy challengers and capture the hearts of its visitors to rise to the top consistently. To...

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Revolar: Your Easy-to-Use Personal Safety Device

Technology keeps our life interesting in this day and age. There is an app or a gadget for just about everything, and anything you can think of – so many, such that it sometimes can make you feel like the future is indeed, now. With so many things...

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Smile Carnival 2017: A Charity Carnival That Brings Smiles to Children in Need

Since 1997, Operation Smile Thailand has been the organization behind the provision of over 12,000 free reconstructive surgeries to indigent children and young adults born with facial deformities around the country. With as little as THB 25,000 an...

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Singha Park Chiang Rai: International Balloon Fiesta 2017

Thailand’s northernmost province, Chiang Rai is known for being part of the infamous Golden Triangle and being home to the Lanna culture, for landmarks such as the picturesque Doi Tung mountain and the beautiful white temple Wat Rong Khun, for tas...

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Talad Neon - Bangkok's New Downtown Night Market

Talad Neon is a new downtown night market in Pratunam, with a distinct colorful decoration of neon lamps. It was opened in early December 2016 and is owned by The Platinum Group.

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Cha Tra Mue: Rose Tea - What’s the Hype? How a seemingly old-fashioned Thai tea brand reinvented itself

Thai tea, or Cha-Yen, is a favorite of many all around the world. The pungent aroma of the red tea leaves mixed with the creamy texture and sweetness of milk, creating one of the most refreshing drinks that everyone can enjoy. No matter where you...

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4 Affordable Omakase Options in Bangkok

Imagine having a sit down dinner at an exclusive venue where the head chef meticulously prepares each dish for you. An astounding tasting menu where you know each and every ingredient is carefully selected and crafted into a course that brings out...

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1,000 Baht Omelet: ‘Jay Fai’ The Street-Food Legend

Bangkok is a culinary wonderland. You don’t have to be a food enthusiast to feel the excitement surrounding the gastronomic adventure the City of Angels has to offer. What stands out among every other, though, is the assortment of Bangkok’s street...

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Sweet Tooth: Thai Desserts You Need to Try at Least Once

When talking about Thai cuisine, you must leave space for the desserts. It’s not your everyday light Western style dessert, but rather characterized by syrups, coconut cream, local fruits, and sticky rice. You can say that it’s rather sweet and de...

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Unicorn Cafe: The Pink Magical Kingdom You Cannot Miss

As you step into the Unicorn Cafe for the first time, you will feel the burst of sweet energy that surrounds the place. Unlike many other typically earth-tone cafes in the neighborhood, the decor in the Unicorn Cafe is covered in pink paint and ad...

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Craft Beer 101: Ask the Experts at Wishbeer

For a long time, the Thai beer market has been saturated by only a handful of brands. The recent wave of craft beers that have penetrated the market has livened up the scene and has given life to a scene that once considered by many as boring and ...

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New Era Teams up with New Balance for an Exclusive Sneaker X Cap collaboration

Sneakerheads associate “collaboration” with greatness, as it stands for a fresh new take on something already beloved, very similar to a great remix of an already awesome song. In that spirit, the iconic American sportswear brands New Era and New ...

Fashion ·

Rihanna's New Make-up Line Fenty Beauty: the Perfect Shade of Makeup to Every Skin Tone

For those in the know the cosmetics world has been buzzing recently with news that Rihanna, the queen of pop, has released her very own line of beauty products called FENTY.

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KICKSHOLDER: Your Sneaker’s Best Friend During the Rainy Season

It is undeniable that sneakers are no longer considered “just another piece of clothing”. In fact, sneakers today are statement pieces worn to flex and are worthy of collecting. Taking a quick peek in many sneakerheads’ closets you may find that o...

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Best Man on His Best Day: Le Suit by Morgan Homme

Morgan is a Fashion brand from France, established in 1968, headquartered in Paris and present worldwide with over 650 retail outlets. In recent times, the brand is making waves with its Morgan Homme men's fashion.

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Awesome Rave Gadgets for your next EDM Music Festival

At festivals, there are no rules on how you're supposed to be dressed. You can go crazy as much as you like and no one would dare to say anything. The crazier you dress the more fun the festival will look.

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10 Thai Beauty Bloggers to Follow for Inspiration and Advice

Women across the world share have at least one one thing in common: a passion for beauty. When looking for inspiration and helpful advice, beauty blogs have become the first port of call for most women these days. In Thailand, with many great Tha...

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10 Mixes You Should Be Listening Right Now

Be it to focus on your studies, to find motivation for the gym, to relax when you're stessed out, or to kick your road trip into high gear - muisc is the answer! We have curated a list of 10 mixes we came across the past weeks. Each mix was creat...

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[Recap] Red Bull 3Style: Thailand Finals 2017

The night of October 7th, 2017 checked off one of Bangkok’s most unique and original DJ contest of the year at CÉ LA VI. The Red Bull 3Style Thailand Finals 2017 left all turntable enthusiasts at the party impressed and gave the first-timers a new...

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Red Bull 3Style: Thailand Finals 2017

Red Bull 3Style has been around since 2010. The unique world-wide DJ Championship sets out to find the best DJ every year, who can take their skills to another level and woo a global crowd. The annual competition kicks-off in May when DJs from aro...

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Exclusive Interview with Tujamo

Tujamo is a German-born Producer and DJ, ranked on the #78 spot of the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs list. He is best known for his remixes of artists such as Bob Sinclar, Dubvision, Major Lazer, Laidback Luke, Deadmau5, Showtek, Martin Solveig and David Gue...

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Exclusive Interview with Lucas & Steve

Lucas & Steve are a House DJ and Production from the Netherlands well known for their remixes of Red Carpet's "Alright" which was taking the Beatport #1 chart spot for 3 consecutive weeks. Since they have joined forces in 2010, they now play at th...

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Rap Is Now: The War Is Over 3

When Rap Is Now first started hosting their annual rap battles in Thailand, it was impossible to imagine how fast and how big the event would have grown. Past champions like MC King (2015) and Rapaze (2016) won their trophies in front of 500 and 4...

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Chang Music Connection presents Waterzonic 2017 (Day 2)

Live Park Rama 9 ·

Chang Music Connection presents Waterzonic 2017 (Day 1)

Live Park Rama 9 ·

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Bangkok Farmer's Market at Gateway Ekamai

Gateway Ekamai ·

Sugar n Cream at Mixx Discotheque

MIXX Bangkok ·

KENTO at Insanity Nightclub

Insanity Nightclub ·

Crush Wednesdays at CE LA VI Bangkok


Fahrenheit at 20Something Bar

20 Something Bar ·

BLING IT w/ Bangkok Invaders at Sing Sing Theater

Sing Sing Theater ·

Bad & Boujee Launch Party at Maggie Choo's

Maggie Choos ·

Saturday Night at DND Club (Do Not Disturb)

DND Club ·

Siam2nite TV

Don't Let Daddy Know Thailand 2017 at Asiatique

Chang Music Connection: Urban Music Festival

Khanom Festival #5 at Nadan Beach Khanom

Tuxedo Live in Bangkok at Srp5 Studio

Skullcandy | Stayloud by Mentagram at Iconic Studio

Dek Tape: 90's Alternative Concert at JJ Mall

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Clubs · RCA

DND Club

Clubs · Ekkamai - Thonglor

Insanity Nightclub

Clubs · Sukhumvit

Latest Locations

Astro9 Skybar

ASTRO9 SKYBAR is located on top of 4-star hotel Amaranta, located a 3-minute walk to Huai Khwang MRT. It's the first rooftop bar in the Ratchada - Huai Khwang area, and grants a panoramic view on Bangkok's city skyline. At the center is a round As...

Bars · Ratchada

Vertigo TOO

VERTIGO TOO is a brand-new cosmopolitan cocktail bar on the 60th floor of Banyan Tree, with stunning views of Bangkok's cityscape and the Chao Phraya River. The intimate and low-lit venue offers sophisticated cocktails and fusion food, as well as ...

Bars · Silom - Sathorn

Bon Bon

BON BON is a brand-new venue at Seenspace, on Thonglor Soi 13, kept in a unique steampunk design. The unique "adult playground" concept venue features inside and outside seating, a suspended birdcage, three custom-made glass Ping Pong tables, a -1...

Bars · Ekkamai - Thonglor

Sing Sing Theater

SING SING THEATER looks more like a 1930s Shanghai hotel lobby than it does a bar or club, but do not let the retro-futuristic Chinese lanterns, the dimly lit red lighting, or the delicately carved metal screens fool you – SING SING THEATER packs ...

Clubs · Sukhumvit


LEAPFROG is a rooftop bar and restaurant, located on top of the urban 4-star boutique hotel Galleria 10, on Sukhumvit Soi 10. The 90-seat venue features an indoor dining area and an outdoor open-air dining & lounge area with saltwater swimming poo...

Bars · Sukhumvit

Wishbeer Home Bar

WISHBEER started out as an online beer shop that delivers specialty beers throughout Thailand - with over 500 beers & ciders from all around the world; the largest selection available in Thailand. Wish Beer Home Bar is located on Sukhumvit Soi 67,...

Bars · Ekkamai - Thonglor