Exclusive Interview with Asian Trash Boy

Exclusive Interview with Asian Trash Boy

Siam2nite had the opportunity to have an exclusive interview with Asian Trash Boy, shortly before his performance at Safe House on Thursday 22nd November.

How would you describe your music?

Insane synth bass. Powerful melody.

What tracks should those listen to, that are not yet familiar with your sound?

I cant give you “tracks name” but start with Skrillex everybody likes him.

What is the story behind your name?

I was in my car driving so slowly thinking about my music it was like a revelation.
Who am I ? Asian
What kind of sound i make ? Trash
Who am I again ? Boy

You were born in Uzbekistan, but moved to France at the age of 5. What does still connect you with Asia?

My mom, my language, and the food.

As a kid you played piano and drums, then with 15 turned to electronic music. How did you get introduced to electronic music?

After drums I began to make some hiphop beats during 3 years then I found that we could make more complex beats, not simply a loop with drums and I started to do some electro stuff sounding like daft punk... in bad.

While the usual process is for a DJ to become a Producer at some point, you started producing at a very early stage. How come?

I am definitely a producer. But at the same time I learned djing so I am both.

On stage you transform yourself by putting on a mask. What’s the story behind it?

The mask is just a promotion thing, no more..... Sorry for everybody who thinks there is a good story behind this. This mask makes my story.

A track of yours that got excellent feedback was your mashup between “Aerodynamic" by Daft Punk and "Warp" by The Bloody Beetroots. It’s an interesting combination of very diverse tracks. What can you tell us about the creation process of this track?

Oh my god, it was the hazard. One day, when I prepared a dj set then I listen some “Aerodynamic” and I just touch my piano and it was the “warp” preset on sylenth (virtual synths) so it was so interesting !! Find the right note then I re- composed “warp”(not so difficult) and mashed up with “Aerodynamic”. Aerobeetroots was born.

Your track GMYC seems to be the people’s favorite – at least on your Soundcloud profile, where it was listened to over 23,000 times. What do you think is it that made this song so popular?

Popular yes but on Soundcloud... I have reached almost one million views on my remix of “I Need a Doctor” Nobody can’t explains the success of one track.

In the end of September you released an EP with two tracks: Noodlin’ and Oil Road. What can you tell us about the tracks?

Back to the roots !!!!! I felt I need some new electro banger in my live. So I made Two original electro bangers to work up you ch'i on the dancefloor : Tasty like a fat & spicy ramen bowl, "Noodlin" will unleash the Eastern forbidden powers hidden inside of you. Then the complextro ass-shaker "Oil Road" will keep you awake from Tokyo's skyscrapers to Chinatown's dirty alleys.

Listen to the EP on SoundCloud:

You are close to the team of Bangkok’s TrustheSound Records. How did you guys meet?

Loukas from TrustheSound contacted me on FB, he asked if I was interested by a Gig in Thailand...

You will perform on 17th November at Culture ONE as part of the Bass Stage Lineup, then play an encore at Safe House on 22nd November. Are you excited to play in Bangkok?

Of course I am. Bringing my music so far is really cooooool !!!!

What can people expect from your performance here in Bangkok?

Jumping and screaming...

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