Exclusive Interview with ANDHIM

Exclusive Interview with ANDHIM

It was spring 2010 when ANDHIM decided to kick their butts and get out of their studio to show their beats to the world. Less than 12 months later they made it to the top ten German newcomers of two of the most respected electronic music media in Germany. Their sound, which they self describe as “Super House” has become its very own genre built from their soul and passion.

Siam2nite had the opportunity to have an exclusive interview with ANDHIM, shortly before their performance at Glow Nightclub on Tuesday 4th December.

When did you start with DJing and what made you start?

It was basically Hip Hop music and culture what made us start back then. We started pretty early at the age of 13-16. Mixing and scratching in our tiny nurseries.

What made you become involved in Dance music?

It all started with Daft Punk. Their idea of dance music opened completely new musical horizons for me.

Is it true that you guys met each other at a sausage-eating contest?

No, it was a Sauerkraut ice cream contest.

You teamed up in 2010 and in 2011 you were already ranked in the top ten of German newcomers by two of the most respected electronic music medias in Germany. How did that feel?

Just awesome. Never expected anything at the beginning. No one knew us since we never played gigs as a DJ duo before. So it was and actually is really cool to get this much of love and support for what we’re doing!

You self describe your music as “Super House”. What can you tell us about that?

It is basically super music for people who are even more super. It’s that easy!

Which of your tracks would you suggest as an introduction for someone not yet familiar with your music?


September 2011 you performed in China, this January you played in Bali. Are you exited to return to Asia?

Definitely! We actually played again in China this September and we’re looking forward to come to Thailand this December! We’ve been there several times for holidays and love it.

How does the Asian crowd differ from the western crowd?

It is not that different. They also know how to rock a party and they are always super friendly and thankful.

On 4th December you will perform at Glow Nightclub in Bangkok, then at Blow in Phuket. Is your first time to perform in Thailand?

No, we actually performed in Koh Phangan at the Thaibreak in 2011 but we’re very excited to come. Thailand rockzz.

The With Love crew organizes the upcoming gig at Glow Nightclub. How did you guys meet?

We met the mighty Panda at Thaibreak and he invited us to come. Probably the coolest dude in BKK.

What was the best and the worst gig you ever played?

We always try to have a good time but once there was a terrible set-up with CD player without a pitch and an old mixer and the stereo was drop out like every 10 minutes. Awful!

What was the funniest thing ever occurred during any of your performances?

We had to sign a lot of boobs in the last time. But during a show in August we had to sign an ass. This is actually very funny.

What are the things you miss the most when you are on tour?

Mainly or friends. But it is also little things like eating some bread (we Germans love to eat bread) or just chill at your own apartment.

Do you usually try the local dishes of the countries you travel to? Will you give spicy Thai food a chance?

Of cooouuurssseee!

Please tell us something about your year 2012, your highlights so far and things you are planning or looking forward to?

2012 was awesome. We were almost touring half of the world and met wonderful people. One highlight was the EP together with Super Flu which became very close friends with us. Another big thing will be the official release of our Theophilus London rmx of “Wine and chocolates”.

Do you have any last words for the Bangkok crowd?

Bangkok, we can’t wait to party with you. Polish your dancing shoes and get ready for two bearded kids.

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