Exclusive Interview with Martin Eyerer

Exclusive Interview with Martin Eyerer

Tech pioneer Martin Eyerer will perform live in Bangkok and present his new album “Struktur” as part of his world tour, for the first time in South East Asia at Glow Nightclub. The German DJ, producer and a sound engineer has been playing all around the globe for 20 years now, has released over 100 tracks and has reached three US Billboard chart rankings. His new album “Struktur” is his third artist album and features eclectic Deep- and Tech House sounds - parts of it were produced during his last visit to Bangkok.

Siam2nite had the opportunity to have an exclusive interview with Martin Eyerer, shortly before his performance at Glow Nightclub on 8th August.

Where are you answering these questions?

Monday morning in Berlin at Riverside Studios in the office. Just had a weekend with gigs in Germany . So returned Sunday night here.

How did you get in touch with electronic dance music in the first place, and how did you get into DJing and music production?

I am a DJ since 1986 – you guessed right I am 45 – pretty much later in 89 I was first time in Ibiza and got completely infected by electronic house music from that days. Since then I am part of the electronic scene.

Production I started in 1992 with friends who were running a small studio. The first record was released in that year on voodoo records and I slowly started to get into production by myself. The first years I was the Couch producer but later I became better and better and started to build my very own studio.

You play & produce sophisticated Tech House & Deep House. How would you describe your own music in just a few words?

Energetic, deep, driving, trying to be open for new influences, on the highest production level I can be with my abilities.

What tracks, remixes or mix-sets would you recommend to someone that is not yet familiar with your music?

Hard to say cause I don’t know his musical background. I always suggest to listen to my latest album – an album is also there to showcase the musical and creative stage someone is at the moment. I always try on the one hand to show my club and dj side but also finding a balance to tracks you also can listen in a car or wherever. Specially on Struktur I am personally pretty happy with the result. So maybe I definitely would recommend this at the moment.

This spring you have released your third artist album “Struktur”. What can you tell us about the album in general, how does it differ from your previous albums and how come parts of it were produced during your last visit to Bangkok?

As above mentioned I managed to include a lot of organic material to the album without going to far from the dj side. As a Dj artist its senseless for me to show on an album a completely different perspective as your fans and followers also expect a certain direction. So all the tracks on Struktur can be played in a club – though many of them contain enough musical material to present it as well to non club related people.

I recorded a lot vocals, instruments and cooperated with many musicians from my new network at Riverside studios we recently created here in Berlin.

You can hear this influence what makes it to a personal milestone for me and my life. While being on tour last year I arranged a few tracks and worked on samples I previously recorded. Also for Bangkok. I would lie if I say there is a specific influence from my stay in Thailand last year but in general all my travels and meeting people around the globe give me input to what I later do on the studio or working on music. So for some reason also Bangkok has its part on the whole thing.

You are currently touring the world as part of your album tour. What’s on your agenda for the near future?

I am already on tour since June this year and had great shows as always. For later in the year some interesting countries will come up like Panama, Guatemala or San Salvador.

Besides of the specific album tour my gigs lead me around the world and I am lucky to have nice destinations and people to meet. One really outstanding thing will be the coincidence festival which happens around the BPM festival in Mexico/playa del Carmen where I will play the NYE.

For the studio we have a few cooperation’s upcoming with other artists like Chopstick, Funk D Void or Ackermann with whom I recently had great studio output.

I will furthermore release a few stuffs on rejected, suara, kingstreet and for sure Kling Klong. We have remixes to the album coming from Stephan Hinz, Show B, Chopstick & JonJon, AFFKT and a few others.

Looking back on over 20 years in music, what were the best and the worst gigs you played and what were the funniest things that occurred during your performances?

This is a question asked nearly always – and impossible to answer. In nearly 30 years touring happened so many things that it would be simply unfair to name just 1 or 2. But I can say generally the bad gigs are very very few ones. And even if sometimes gigs are for some reason not 100% well attended – sometimes are the best ones. I just had one of the 2 gigs last weekend not really full cause the weather outside was too hot and a pool party took our guests. But it turned out the 150 people who were there and me had such fun so I played 4 hours instead of 2 and the club owner had to cut the power at 6.30 in the morning.

What I want to say is touring means a lot of hard work, specially the traveling and there logically happened many bad things but for me also mostly fun on the gigs itself cause I still love playing as a dj.

You live in Berlin, the capital and largest city of Germany. What can you tell us about clubbing and nightlife there? Do you have any nightlife related suggestions for first-time visitors?

Berlin is definitely THE city of electronic music worldwide. It has many reasons for it. One of them is simply there are no restrictions for parties. You can go out literally 24/7. Clubs are always packed and some people stay 2 days or more in clubs. There is a berlin saying: don’t forget to go home.

I don’t know how many clubs are in this city but I am sure we talk about a couple of hundreds. Living here is still pretty cheap compared to other metropoles – though its changing slowly – but this makes a lot of people coming here for living or at least for a time. So the input of creativity here is huge and you meet everyone at any time.

I love to be here and can definitely recommend to have a visit to get the experience.

As suggestion what to do depends very much on what people are looking for. The good thing is – it’s actually all here and easy to find out on social media.

One of my favourites to play are the Watergate and the Sisyphos.

On August 8 you will present your new album for the first time in South East Asia – at Glow Nightclub. Did you keep your previous Bangkok performances – and Thailand in general – in good memory? What can the Bangkok crowd expect of your upcoming performance?

Yes sure I love always to come and meet my few friends I made coming a few times to Bangkok. I enjoyed big time the gigs as the crowd was always very into the music I played and had great response.

I will play some of my new album stuff but also a lot unreleased stuff from myself or my label Kling Klong. Be ready for a reasonable party night and maybe forget to go home this time.

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