Exclusive Interview with Matisse & Sadko

Exclusive Interview with Matisse & Sadko

EPIC Entertainment & Levels bring the up-and-coming Russian EDM duo Matisse & Sadko from St. Petersburg for their Thailand Debut to Bangkok. They are Resident DJs of SENSATION, they have released tracks on prestigious record labels such as Size Records, Armada Music & Spinnin’ Records and they are best known for their track collaborative track "Dragon" with EDM superstar Martin Garrix.

Siam2nite had the opportunity to have an exclusive interview with Matisse & Sadko, shortly before their performance at Levels on 12th November.

Where are you answering these questions?

We are now in our hometown Saint Petersburg, spending some time in our studio getting prepared for the upcoming Asian tour ☺ There will definitely be something special from us to present to you guys in Bangkok, be ready to hear some new tracks from Matisse&Sadko!

You are an up-and-coming DJ & Production duo from Russia. How did you get in touch with electronic dance music in the first place and how did you get into DJing?

We both have been EDM fans since the early childhood. And we can easily trace it back to the day when we decided to discover the world of EDM from the inside ourselves - it was the day we saw the German Love Parade TV translation and lost our minds completely ☺ After that we knew it for sure DJing is what we love and want doing. We never really thought at first of performing as a duo, but after a while we realized together we could do more. And that’s where we are now.

You play & produce Electro House & Progressive House. How would you describe your music in a few words, what is distinct about it?

Well, we’d describe our style as some melodic and pretty emotional progressive house music which serves to unite the listeners from all over the world and encourages, or, say, cheers the people up. We must admit, though, that we try not to stick to the rules, not to play the music of one and the same style all the time, always experimenting and getting inspired by something new.

Your remix of “ M-3ox - Beating of My Heart” was selected as outro track of the official aftermovie of Tomorrowland 2012 – by now that movie has close to 130 Million views. You are best known for your collaborations with Martin Garrix “Dragon” & “Break Through The Silence”, you collaboration with Steve Angello “SLVR” (the track topped Beatport’s main chart in the summer of 2013) and your collaboration with Arty “Riot”. What other tracks, remixes or mix-sets would you recommend to someone that is not yet familiar with your music?

To know what we are and to get some general idea of our music of various times we would recommend to start with our video “Stars” which is really amusing and kind. The second one to watch is the “Memories” video and it is only after these two that our newest track “Lock ‘N’ Load” should follow. Also, our latest remix “In my head” for Galantis is to our opinion something worth listening to as it’s really where the melodic Matisse&Sadko show the way they are ☺

What is on your agenda for the near future and what are you currently working and focusing on?

Although the last few months have been really exhausting, we are not going to stop for a rest or something. There’re actually so many things we are going to be up to in the nearest future! We wouldn’t like to spill the beans, but please be sure the world will see some new tracks, our brand new show, interesting collaborations and the freshest project MONoMARK Music soon.

What was the best and the worst gig you ever played, and what was the funniest thing ever occurred during any of your performances?

There’ve been so many cool and outstanding shows during our touring life that it’s really difficult to pick just one. We guess one of the most outstanding and unforgettable shows was our performing on the Ultra Festival main stage in Miami this March when we presented our collaboration with Martin Garrix – the “Dragon” track.

For the worst show ever…Ha-ha, yes, we’ve got a nice story for you! So it was a long time ago when we were invited to perform at some kind of a private party. The money was really good, so we happily agreed to make a show. But on arriving and seeing the “stage” we were to perform on we got a bit scared – the DJ decks were placed in a large sauna room and there were so many drunk and half-naked bearded men dancing around! This might have been some kind of a biker party, but we decided not to take a risk and escaped immediately ☺

You live in St. Petersburg - the second largest city in Russia. What can you tell us about clubbing and nightlife in there? Do you have any nightlife related suggestions for first-time visitors?

The nightlife in Saint Petersburg has really much to offer to different types of club lovers. There’s a wide variety of clubs, bars and pubs giving you a chance to party hard to the heavy sounds of rock or deep house or to have some nice tender night with a lovely girl – everyone may find something to his taste. When it comes to EDM venues which surely go first place in our tastes list, well, we are most likely to spend a night in the Beatnik Club where discreet intelligent house and new disco is played, or to pop in the underground Mosaique Club to listen to some really good techno music. However, we don’t have many opportunities to go clubbing these days really due to the tight schedule and touring ☺ But for these newly arriving to St. Petersburg the mentioned would be just more than fine!

You will make your Thailand Debut at Levels on November 12. Have you visited Thailand before? What can the Bangkok crowd expect of your performance?

We’ve never been to Thailand before, so we are double happy to have the chance not only to give a show at the beautiful Levels Club, but also to visit Bangkok. We’ve heard a lot about how much fun people usually have in Thailand, so we are really looking forward to the hottest party ever! A lot of positive vibrations and new tracks are just around the corner, so don’t miss the chance to become a part of the show, and see you in Bangkok soon!

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