Exclusive Interview with DJ Lady S

Exclusive Interview with DJ Lady S

DJ Lady S is a skilled Open Format DJ, but best known for her pumping Hip Hop and R&B sets. She is also a member of the renowned DJ crew The Heavy Hitters.

Siam2nite had the opportunity to have an exclusive interview with DJ Lady S, shortly before her performance at Above Eleven on 12th December.

Where are you answering these questions?

On a (packed) speedboat from Koh Kradan to Koh Phi Phi.

You are an Europe-based DJ with Arabian roots. You have over 10 years experience as A DJ, you are a member of the renowned DJ crew The Heavy Hitters and you best known for your pumping Hip Hop and R&B sets. How did you get in touch with DJing in the first place?

Well, that's easy. Music runs in my family. My dad has always been working for radio until this day. My uncle used to play in a band and my brother, DJ CAL, is actually the one who gave me the DJ bug. Me and him are best friends, i always used to hang out in his room to watch him practice and basically observe the art of DJ-ing. Then one day i tried myself and i loved it from the first time i laid my hands on vinyl. In no time i found myself practising every day. A new passion was born!!

You are an Open Format DJ and play both, House and Hip Hop. How would you describe your own sound in just a few words, what is distinct about it?

I like to describe my music as "feel-good-music".

I want to share positive vibes in my set. I can read a crowd and know which direction i have to go. I just want to bring out happiness in people. I want them to feel good when they're dancing on my set.

Are there any videos or mix-sets would you recommend to someone that is not yet familiar with your sound?

Yes absolutely. Check out my Soundcloud. Soundcloud.com/djladys and my youtube page with user name DJLadyS. Also my snapchat to get the behind the scenes footage of my everyday life and of course the crazy parties :) - deejayladys

What are you currently working and focusing on and what’s on your agenda for the near future?

I am currently working on an EP. I am producing my own music and by next year i want to have 4/5 songs ready to share with the world :)

How is it to be an attractive female in this mainly male dominated business?

Ohhh, thank you for the compliment *blush*

To be honest, it's not always easy because there are so many female “DJs" who use their looks and body to get fame but who know NOTHING about music and the art of DJ-ing. With that being said, i get often underestimated of the knowledge and skills i posses because i am actually a REAL dj lol. Oh man, i used to get so upset but now i just roll my eyes and focus on proving the (personal) judgements wrong.

You have performed at nightclubs all over the world – from India to Paris to Russia and Japan. What were the best and the worst gigs you ever played and what were the funniest things that occurred during any of your performances?

This one night i had to dj in Belgium and Rihanna showed up to my party cause she had a concert earlier that evening and wanted to party after her show. As a big Rihanna fan i did my super duper best and after my set she called me to the VIP and we talked and partied all night long. She's so cool and easy going. I had a blast, she told me i'm an awesome dj and that she loved my set. That compliment made my... LIFE lol.

The worst that ever happened to me was about 2 years ago. I had to DJ in Belgium at Summerfestival. When i started my set i had a crazy exciting intro where the music builds up to a very high climax. So right after the intro i was supposed to play my first song. I asked all the people to put their hands up, and the whole crowd did, i am talking about 20000 people. As soon as i wanted to play the song, the cd player shut down on me and there was NO sound. People started yelling 'booooo' . I had tears in my eyes but fixed the problem myself and did it all over again. HORRIBLE experience but those things can happen!

On 12th December you will perform live in Bangkok at Above Eleven. Have you visited Thailand before? What can the Bangkok crowd expect of your upcoming performance?

Well, it's my first time in Thailand so i'm not really sure what to expect of the crowd but whatever it is i will make sure to give everybody an amazing time. Get ready for a Lady S feel good music experience!!!

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