Exclusive Interview with Manse

Exclusive Interview with Manse

Manse is a 24-years-old DJ & Producer from Sweden and one of Hardwell's Revealed Recordings rising stars. In 2013, he entered a remix competition for the track “Escape” (by 3LAU, Paris & Simo feat. Bright Lights) and was picked as the winner from over 3500 applicants. He is best known for his track “Freeze Time” - the track hit the #2 spot on the Beatport progressive house chart and the #8 spot on the overall chart.

Siam2nite had the opportunity to have an exclusive interview with Manse, shortly before his performance at ONYX on 29th April.

Where are you answering these questions?

I am currently in Washington DC for some vacation/work, I always bring my computer on vacations… you never know where you get inspired!

In 2013, you entered a remix competition for the track “Escape” (by 3LAU, Paris & Simo feat. Bright Lights) and were picked as the winner from over 3500 applicants, which launched your music career in the process. How did you get interested in electronic dance music in the first place and how did you get into DJ'ing and music production?

From the beginning I was producing for fun with friends, this was around 7-8 years back when I was in High School. I've always been a creative person so the music creation was truly something that I got myself satisfied with, but at the same time I saw a lot of challenges. I loved the feeling when a track was done (even though people were laughing at the tracks, I still kept going).

I've been listening to electronic dance music like hardstyle, psytrance and house etc since 2005 but when I turned 18 I went to my first Sensation White in Copenhagen, Denmark and that was where the real interest of the producing and DJing came to life.

You play and produce Progressive House. How would you describe your own music and what is distinct about it?

Euphoric, emotional, melodic house for sure… I try to capture the emotional aspect of music into the 128BPM festival/club vibe. What’s distinct about my music is that I put a lot of effort into the feeling of a melody at first, THEN comes the beat and arrangement… after all the most important part of the track (in my opinion) is the feelings.

When it comes to festival and club gigs I try to blend my euphoric music with some harder tracks to create a story with my set.

You are best known for your track “Freeze Time” so far – a Big Room anthem with beautiful vocals. The track hit great positions in both the Beatport Progressive House chart and the overall chart. What other tracks, remixes or mix-sets would you recommend to someone that is not yet familiar with your music?

The “Freeze Time” track release did so well because of Revealed Recordings + Hardwell's amazing support and of course because of the vibe of the track. I had some releases during 2015 after that track, one of them called “Rising Sun” with the amazing Chris Jones, it went really well on the charts as well and is one of my secret weapons for my live sets.

I have a huge track coming out called “Back Again” with Thomas Newson where you can find a small preview of in my Tomorrowland liveset. Here you can also capture some of my new music for the future but also get a glimpse of what kind of music I play besides Progressive House.

What is on your agenda for the near future and what are you currently working and focusing on?

We are currently releasing a lot of music… I already released 4 tracks during 2016, and I have around 6 more tracks to release this year (might be more).

I am focusing on finishing of new music for 2017 at the moment but I try to do more collaborations as well since I've been releasing mostly own singles and remixes!

Next up is a single called "All Around" and I've only played this track live, I am really enthusiastic about the track and it will be released in the middle of May! I also have a remix for the legendary Armin Van Buuren that I am very excited about!

I also work hard on finding new music that no one has really heard to have in my live sets… I love to perform on stage and I want to make each show memorable!

What were the best and the worst gigs you ever played and what were the funniest things that occurred during any of your performances?

I've had such amazing gigs so far… just to name a few of my favorites; Tomorrowland Belgium, Club Octagon in South Korea, Revealed Recordings Vietnam Tour in Saigon and Hanoi. I haven't had any real bad gig experiences and I hope it won't happen!

One scary thing that happened but that must have looked really funny was when I accidentally took a wrong step on my way up on the DJ deck resulting in me falling, luckily I didn't injure my foot though hehe!

You are from Sweden's capital Stockholm, which is the most populous city in Scandinavia. What can you tell us about clubbing and nightlife in in Stockholm? Do you have any nightlife related suggestions for first-time visitors?

Born and raised in Stockholm! The nightlife is great if you are with a bunch of friends, there are a lot of options when it comes to nightclubs, each different from each other … if you are looking for some real clubby house music you should visit “Teatron” which is a club WITHIN a club called “Ambassadeur”.

You made your Thailand Debut in September 2015 at Ztudio Live Hall, as part of the “Revealed presents Asian Club Tour”, alongside Thomas Newson, Kill the Buzz, Joey Dale and Julian Calor. Did you keep your performance – and Thailand in general - in good memory? What can people expect from your upcoming performance at ONYX?

The debut in Thailand was so much fun, I played early that evening so I had to build up my set and the crowd seemed to like that. The crowd in Thailand (in Asia overall) is really different from the European and you guys really have an energy that is unbelievable… in the end it's all about having a good time and we all share one thing: the love for house music!

I feel very honoured to come to ONYX, I've seen some really exciting videos from that club and what people can expect from ME is loads of new music mashups with well known tracks to have something to sing along to… and of course loads of new Manse tracks!

Hope to see you all there and can't wait to party with you!!

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