Dannic Shares Latest Release 'Tenderlove', Dream Collaboration, and Fonk Recordings Label Nights

Dannic, also known as Daan Romers, first gained recognition in 2009 after winning a Dancetour remix competition for Dutch deep house DJ Funkerman. He has since gone on to achieve the 26th position on DJ Mag’s Top 100 charts in 2015 and established his own independent label Fonk Recordings the year after. With a large audience in continents across the world, Dannic’s ever-growing fanbase is just one example of his many successful endeavors. We had the pleasure of interviewing Dannic following his performance at Illuzion in Phuket. Read on to find out more about his latest release “Tenderlove”, dream collaboration, and Fonk Recordings label nights.

Q: Your latest release - “Tenderlove” was just put out on Spinnin’ several days ago. What inspired the tune?

It was, and I’m super proud of the track! I wanted to make something with that straight-up, dominating female house vocal but that still allowed room for my production to groove through – I was inspired by the good times and love of people because love is all you need.

Q: How did your song with INNA for “Stay” come about?

Ah, I’d been a fan of INNA’s voice for a while, and our teams got in touch with each other after a gig I’d played in her home country of Romania. Before you knew it, we were sending emails back and forth, working on bits and pieces and what you heard on ‘Stay’ was the fruits of our labor!

Q: If you could collaborate with anyone in the music industry - who would it be, and why?

Calvin Harris, what a hero!

Q: Tell us about your friendship with Hardwell and Dyro!

Haha, well, Hardwell and Dyro are two great guys who I’m lucky enough to call my friends as well as fellow musicians – we’re all focusing on our own projects now though whether that be live shows, productions or more behind-the-scenes roles but it’s always great fun when I bump into those two!

Q: What are some of the key things you look for when signing a release to your label, Fonk Recordings?

Originality that shows me something I’ve not heard before, but also feels like it could slot into our Fonk sound as a label overall – I don’t want things to sound too constructed or as the producer has tried to hard – that is something you can tell straight away!

Q: Do you have plans of conducting more Fonk Label nights in the future?

Of course! We have sold-out our Fonk party at the last two ADE’s and this one for 2018 is also selling quickly, so it looks like we’re on track for another repeat! It’s great to have the artists and fans in one place and enjoying the music and Amsterdam is such a great hub for all these city kids to come and check what we’re about! Who knows, we may do one further afield soon!

Q: What do you have in store for the rest of the year that you’re able to share?

Well, this year has been crazy busy for me in terms of releases, I’m way into the double digits already, but I feel like this work is some of the best I’ve ever worked on and feels like a true representation of who I am as an artist, in terms of always loved working in the studio! Final releases before the end of the year that I can’t say too much about right now. A lot of tour dates hitting up tours in Asia, India, Europe, to the USA and back again – I always enjoy touring, and I have so much fun with my tour manager Gideon on the road, touring is when I’m really at my happiest, taking my sound to my fans whenever and wherever I can.

Connect with Dannic on his socials below!

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