6 Events in Oct-Nov 2019 You Can Plan a Chill Getaway For

Get your friends on the road and into the traveling spirit with these six events happening this cold season.

6 Events in Oct-Nov 2019 You Can Plan a Chill Getaway For
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After months of mid-year rains in Bangkok, you might feel a bit drowned in this dreary weather. Grey skies and flooded streets don’t sound too appealing, so you ended up stuck at home more often than you’d like. Too many canceled weekend getaways as the monsoon season rolls in.

But as October arrives in full, we’re finally greeted with the gentle sunshine of the cold season. The breeze feels oh-so-inviting to those planning for a trip to the countryside and gets a breath of cool, fresh air.

It’s still relatively hot, so now is the perfect time for a trip before the temperature drop at the end of the year. (Fingers crossed!) If you’re looking for an excuse to get on vacation this weekend, here are exciting six events happening this October - November.

Be it music festivals or concerts, or by the chillaxing beach or on the chilly hillside, all the fun activities are sure to send you home with a heart full of joy!

Concert Sai Noom On the Hill | Ratchaburi

© HEAVY Organizer
คอนเสิร์ตสายนุ่ม On the Hill

Heavy Organizer welcomes the cold season with an uber-chill fest - LEO Presents Concert Sai Noom On the Hill. Music lovers can chill to mellow beats in the cool breeze this October 26 (Sat) at Suan Phueng Highland in Ratchaburi.

Taking over the stage with their easy-going tunes are Stamp Apiwat, Tor Saksit, Nont Tanont, ETC., Sqweez Animal, and Gliss. You’ll be wrapping up the night with a dance and a fun afterparty with URBOYTJ and his energetic hip-hop beats.

Performances start at 16.00 and continue until midnight. To add some extra flair to this countryside concert, the dress code follows a ‘wildlife’ theme. So you’d better grab your animal prints apparel to mix & match and express your inner fashionista.

If you’re ready for this trip, get your tickets today on the Allticket website and all 7-Elevens. They currently sell for 1,000 THB, but get yours by October 25 and enjoy the exclusive price of 590 THB!

Grab Your Concert Sai Noom On The Hill Tickets Now!


Suan Phueng is nestled in dense forests and verdant hills. Before you join the concert in the evening, here are some daytime attractions to bask in the uber-chill ambiance:

- Baan Hom Tien is one of Suan Phueng’s top tourist hotspots. Here, surrounded by nature and vintage vibes, you can see various shops & cafés and browse through collections of colorful scented candles.

© บ้านหอมเทียน
Baan Hom Tien

- Hand feed and pet alpacas and other cute animals at Alpaca Hills. Standing on over 400,000 m2 of space, it’s the first and only exotic zoo/alpaca breeding farm in Thailand.

© Alpaca Hill
Alpaca Hill

- Sit back, relax, and have some drinks and snacks at Moai Coffee. This chic café takes inspiration from Easter Island in Rapa Nui National Park in Chile and brings it to Suan Phueng, Ratchaburi. The towering Moai statues make for an incredibly photogenic prop.

© Moai Coffee Suanphuang
Moai Coffee

Gypsy Beach Camp 2 | Hua Hin

© Gypsy Carnival
Gypsy Beach Camp 2

Gypsy Carnival is ready to serve up some fun for gypsy bikers at Gypsy Beach Camp 2: A Moto Culture & Beach Life. Come ride into the first sunshine after the rainy season together at Suan Son Pradipat Beach in Hua Hin this November 2.

For the 2019 event, you’ll still see a highlight from last year, Sand Drag Race, where riders burn their rubber on the beach in an exhilarating race.

However, this isn’t an all-serious competition, but more of a light-hearted one. Everyone gets to go home with fun and laughter.

Plus, this year’s event comes with extra cool ‘Beach Life’ activities such as kayaking and SUP boarding. So put on your bikinis and beachwear, ladies and gentlemen, and serf away. You’ll be having as much fun as the beach bike racers, promise.

The night will be wrapped up by a lineup of famous acts, led by T-Bone, Mocca Garden, Maitri, Diaries, and Z Gamz. Get ready to be whisked away by lush tunes and funky beats while you dance on with sands against your feet. The show starts early evening and continues into the late night.

This uber-cool Bike Meet will include only 1,500 festival-goers, which means anyone looking to join will get an exclusive experience. Interested? Grab your tickets now for 800 THB per pax, available on GypsyCarnival official Facebook Page.

Grab your tickets for Gypsy Beach Camp 2: A Moto Culture & Beach Life now!


Before taking the trip back to Bangkok on Sunday morning, don’t forget to drop by these Hua Hin landmarks. Historical sites, good eats, or shopping streets - this town’s got them all.

- Stop by Plearnwan Hua Hin and take a stroll back to the 1950s. The retro marketplace offers traditional food and snacks and souvenir shops. Plus, you’ll have a field day snapping photos around the place.

© เพลินวาน

- Chill out and sip on ice-cold juices by the beach at Seenspace Hua Hin. This seaside community mall features an ultra-chic beach bar with a pool. Sit back and enjoy the breeze, then go shop ‘til you drop and check out all the eateries, cafés, and stores.

© Seenspace Hua Hin
Seenspace Hua Hin

- Find new and creative ways to pose at For Art’s Sake - the first 4D art exhibition in Hua Hin and Thailand. Take photos with super-realistic and funny mural arts that let you act out scenes from the pictures themselves.

© For Art’s Sake
For Art’s Sake

Movie On The Hill | Khao Yai

© Movie On The Hill
Movie On The Hill

Chang and Major Cineplex are hosting a festival on the mountainside at Movie On The Hill: Night of a Thousand Lights. All cinephiles and music lovers are invited to a night of movies as well as shows by Thailand’s top artists.

Let’s welcome the cold season in a chill, outdoor setting together at The Bloom By TV Pool Khao Yai on November 2 (Sat).

This installment marks the third rendition of this cool event; the two previous ones had been incredibly well-received.

Get into the end-of-the-year spirit with a lineup of Thai big-names like Nont Tanont, Pop Pongkool, Klear, Cocktail, and Joey Boy. They’ll be bringing their best hits and shaking up the hillside stage with energetic rock, hip-hop, and pop beats you’ll want to dance to.

And best of all, admission is free!

You read that right; joining the event is absolutely free. For those who are interested in this bash, be sure to follow Movie On The Hill Facebook Page for more info on the tickets. And if you’ve already got one, then awesome! Get ready for a crazy fun time.

See how to get free tickets for Movie On The Hill here!


Right after the rainy season is the perfect time to go enjoy Khao Yai’s cool climate. Don’t miss these natural attractions and delicious eats, and grab a hot cup of coffee while you’re at it too!

- Take a rest stop and enjoy a meal at Primo Piazza - an Italian-inspired community mall situated in a gorgeous natural setting. Here, you’ll find all sorts of restaurants, cafés, souvenir shops, and the encounter of the adorable kind at the alpaca farm.

© Primo Piazza
Primo Piazza

- Get a hot cup of coffee to wake you up in the afternoon at The Birder’s Lodge. The modern loft café is currently one of the top hypes in Khao Yai. Other than quality coffee beans, you can also get fresh produce and plants from The Birder’s Lodge Farmer’s Market.

© The Birider’s Lodge
The Birider’s Lodge

- Get on an adventure in a gorgeous natural setting at Rai Thongsomboon Club Khao Yai. The Euro-country farm offers a range of exciting outdoor activities such as chairlifts, go-kart courses, horse riding, whitewater rafting, ziplines, and many more.

© ไร่ทองสมบูรณ์คลับ
Rai Thongsomboon Club

Noen Maprang Festival | Phitsanulok

© เนินมะปรางเฟสติวัล NMP FEST
Noen Maprang Festival

Get ready for a massive music festival on the hills this November 9 (Sat). Music lovers can welcome the cold breeze and enjoy music amidst the beautiful nature at Noen Maprang Festival. The event will be held in a quaint Amphoe of the same name in Phitsanulok.

As the first festival of such scale the province has hosted, it will surely be serving up all kinds of exciting entertainment.

The first highlight is the lineup of famous artists: Palmy, Dome, Slot Machine, Funky Burger, Nos, SDF, and DJ Leo team. On the day, they’re bringing an 8-hour blast to you starting from 16.00.

So get ready to explore Phitsanulok’s budding festival scene. Grab your tickets today for 911 THB each via Allticket at 7-Elevens.

Nowhere to stay yet? No problem! You can bundle up with your buddy in a tent and enjoy the cold night, starting from 100 THB per pax. The outdoor accommodation can be booked on Noen Maprang Festival Facebook Page.

Grab your tickets for Noen Maprang Festival now!


Noen Maprang has become known as Thailand’s Guilin. Although compact in size, this Amphoe makes up for it with many interesting landmarks to explore during the day.

- Drop by Baan Rai Phu Tawan at Baan Moong - a small village surrounded by rice fields and mountains. Standing among the stunning nature, you can how the spot is so famous for its fresh air and ‘million-dollar’ vista.

© บ้านไร่ภูตะวัน
Baan Rai Phu Tawan

- You really shouldn’t miss the area’s agritourism highlight, Phak Dee Farm. The first and only deer farm in Phitsanulok, it stands on over 64,000 m2 of land and offers many fun activities for visitors. Enjoy feeding deer, taking photos, as well as trying drinks and delicious venison menus at the café.

© ภักดีฟาร์ม
Pakdee Farm

- Get a bird’s eye view of the surrounding forests and 360-million-year-old limestone karsts at Baan Suan Chomview, Homestay Baan Rak Thai. This is also where you’ll find the famous heart-shaped tree. And don’t forget to snap a pic of yourself on the flying swing and show it to your friends, it’s the highlight of this place!

© บ้านสวนชมวิว บ้านรักไท
Baan Suan Chomview

Chiang Yai Fest | Chiang Mai

© เชียงใหญ่เฟส
Chiang Yai Fest

Chang Music Connection’s Chiang Yai Fest lives up to its name by boasting a massive lineup of over 40 top Thai artists from various labels and genres. Things in Chiang Mai will be shaken up this November 23-24 at Larn Nern Noom.

Headlining this festival are Bodyslam, Palmy, Peck Palitchoke, PolyCat, 25Hours, Cocktail, Oat Pramote, Atom Chanakan, Pop Pongkool, Aof Pongsak, Num Kala, Tattoo Colour, Klear, Big Ass, Lomosonic, Thaitanium, UrboyTJ, and Greasy Cafe.

They’ll be joined by new-generation rappers like OG-ANIC, LAZYLOXY, HIGHHOT, YOUNGOHM, and MAIYARAP, as well as indie fan-favorites: Apartment Khunpa, TaitosmitH, Whal & Dolph, and TELEx TELEXs.

You can expect an authentic Chiang Mai-style festivity between two spectacular stages and catch a clear view of the mind-blowing performances from anywhere in the crowd.

There’ll also be all sorts of other activities to enjoy. Shopping for souvenirs and feasting on delicious treats from over 30 food vendors, for instance. So come and get your fill of the ultimate music festival fun.

Get your Chiang Yai Fest tickets today for 1,500 THB each (including a two-day pass). You can even add a plane ticket on top and make a 2,600-THB package, with 15 kg luggage per pax. They’re available on the AllTicket website and at 7-Elevens.

Grab your tickets for the biggest music fest in northern Thailand, Chiang Yai Fest, now!


There’s a lot to see in and around Chiang Mai. Before you enjoy the concert on full blast, don’t forget to bring your festival-going gang to these attractions!

- Get an adrenaline rush at Pongyang Jungle Coaster Zipline Camp & Resort. This adventure park offers many extreme activities and challenges. There’s also Jungle De Cafe - a chic café by the waterfall where you can chill out while having a cup of coffee.

© Pongyang Jungle Coaster Zipline Camp & Resort
Pongyang Jungle Coaster Zipline Camp & Resort

- Maesa Elephant Camp in one of Chiang Mai’s oldest establishments of its kind. Founded over 30 years ago, the camp puts on elephants shows and offers you a chance to interact with the gentle beasts up-close.

© ปางช้างแม่สา
Maesa Elephant Camp

- Take a stroll in Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden and see its extensive collection of rare and endangered species hidden around over 5 km2 of land. The 400-meter ‘Canopy Walkway’ lets you walk among the top of the trees with a 360º view of the garden below.

© สวนพฤกษศาสตร์สมเด็จพระนางเจ้าสิริกิติ์
Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden

E-san Music Festival 2019 | Khonkaen

© อีสานเขียว
E-san music festival Thailand 2019

Returning for the eighth year is E-San Music Festival 2019, dubbed “Esan Khiew” in Thai; the event is set to take place at Ubonrat Dam in Khonkaen this November 29-30 (Fri-Sat).

Like its previous installments, this massive fest is guaranteed to bring together the free-spirited through art and music. You’ll enjoy a lineup of alternative acts from genres like reggae, funk, rock, indie, and others, whose songs discuss life, social issues, and nature.

Not only you’ll be moved by the expressive lyrics, but there’ll also a wide range of activities for bohemian souls to participate. Examples include volunteer projects, OTOP products, and food vendors.

Plus, as the site sits right beside the dam, you can bask in the surrounding nature, forests, and the cool breeze that grows as the year concludes.

For a real hippie festival experience, keep an eye out for ticket details on the E-San Music Festival Facebook Page. Get ready to be swept away in the flower-power fun!


There’s a lot of sightseeing spots around Ubonrat Dam: view points, natural attractions, and countryside cafés. Before heading back to Bangkok, here are the highlights you wouldn’t want to miss.

- Check out the Hin Chang Si View Point at Nam Phong National Park for a breathtaking view of the Ubonrat Dam.

© Khon Kaen City : ขอนแก่นซิตี้
Hin Chang Si View Point

- Chill out at Baan Nork Khork Khwai Coffee. The country café lets you enjoy the breeze out in the middle of rice fields, which provides a charming backdrop. A quiet moment with nature like this is hard to come by in Bangkok, so you shouldn’t miss this one.

© บ้านนอก คอกควาย
Baan Nork Khork Khwai Coffee

- Spanning over 5.3 km2, Khonkaen Zoo is home to quite a number of animals. It also includes a feeding zone, where you can feed deer directly from your hands.

© สวนสัตว์ขอนแก่น
Khonkaen Zoo

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