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Sense of the Sea

SENSE OF THE SEA is a brand-new pub & restaurant opened in 2014, located on Jomtien Beach. It is owned by the same owner as Differ. The venue is an ideal spot for watching the sunset. There are daily…

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  1. Candy Shop

    Candy Shop

    CANDY SHOP is a nightclub on Walking Street, featuring live bands playing a mix of Funk, Soul, Hip Hop…

    Walking Street
  2. Icebar V2O

    Icebar V2O

    ICEBAR V2O is a stylish and long-standing venue on Walking Street. The venue is separated into two parts:…

    Walking Street
  3. Gulliver's


    GULLIVER'S is a bar & restaurant located on Pattaya's beach road There is a spacious and cozy outdoor…

    Beach Road
  4. Hard Rock Cafe Pattaya

    Hard Rock Cafe Pattaya

    HARD ROCK CAFE is located on Beach Road, at Pattaya's beachfront. The Pattaya branch of the famous American…

    Beach Road
  5. Havana Bar

    Havana Bar

    HAVANA BAR is a Retro-Cuban style bar located on the ground-floor of Holiday Inn Pattaya on Pattaya's…

    Beach Road
  6. Hooters Pattaya

    Hooters Pattaya

    HOOTERS is an American restaurant and sports bar chain. Their first branch in Pattaya was opened in…

    Beach Road
  7. Hopf Brew House

    Hopf Brew House

    Hopf Brew House is a German beer bar & restaurant located on Beach Road. Their menu features German…

    Beach Road
  8. Horizon Rooftop Bar

    Horizon Rooftop Bar

    HORIZON is a unique 1390 square metre rooftop restaurant & bar with one of the most spectacular panoramic…

    Beach Road
  9. Mulligan's Irish Pub Pattaya

    Mulligan's Irish Pub Pattaya

    MULLIGAN'S is an authentic Irish pub located at Central Festival, on Beach Road. The venue features…

    Beach Road
  10. The Sportsman Pub

    The Sportsman Pub

    The Sportsman Pub and Restaurant is a traditional English pub opened in 1997, located in Soi Pattaya…

    Beach Road
  11. Baanprachaniyom


    BAANPRACHANIYOM is a laid-back pub & restaurant, located on Sukhumvit Road, close to Bangkok Hospital.…

    Pattaya Nua
  12. Silverlake Vineyard

    Silverlake Vineyard

    SILVERLAKE is a vineyard, restaurant and activity ground covering an area of over 480 acres, located…

    Pattaya Nua
  13. The Beach Club Pattaya

    The Beach Club Pattaya

    THE BEACH CLUB is a beachside bar & restaurant, at Pullman Pattaya Hotel G on Wongamart Beach. The venue…

    Pattaya Nua
  14. The Living

    The Living

    THE LIVING is an elegant bar & restaurant located on North Pattaya Road. The venue features several…

    Pattaya Nua
  15. BeerFest


    BEERFEST is a restaurant, bar and brewery. The venue offers 4 types of self-brewed beer and there is…

    Pattaya Klang
  16. DNA Ping Pub

    DNA Ping Pub

    DNA PING PUB is a live music venue & dance pub located on Pattaya Sai 3 Road. There are daily live bands.…

    Pattaya Klang
  17. Sunset Lounge

    Sunset Lounge

    SUNSET LOUNGE is a rooftop bar located on the 6th floor Hotel Baraquda Pattaya. The venue has a capacity…

    Pattaya Klang
  18. The Roof Siam@Siam Pattaya

    The Roof [email protected] Pattaya

    THE ROOF is sky bar & restaurant on top of [email protected] Pattaya Hotel, on Pattaya Sai 2 Road. The venue…

    Pattaya Klang
  19. Ruffino Lounge

    Ruffino Lounge

    Ruffino Restaurant & Lounge is an elegant 80-seat Italian restaurant with open kitchen, located on the…

    Pattaya Tai
  20. Cafe de Beach

    Cafe de Beach

    CAFE DE BEACH is a cozy & laid-back beach-side bar & restaurant on Soi Sukhumvit-Pattaya 2, on Jomtien…

  21. D.I.B Sky Bar Pattaya

    D.I.B Sky Bar Pattaya

    D.I.B. is stylish rooftop bar with panoramic view on top of D Varee Jomtien Beach. The venue is separated…

  22. Rimpa Lapin

    Rimpa Lapin

    Rimpa Lapin is a cliff-side restaurant & bar with a scenic view on Pattaya's bay & ocean. The menu features…

  23. View Mare

    View Mare

    VIEW MARE is a laid-back beach bar & restaurant in Jomtien. There is a covered cozy restaurant area,…

  24. Bar & Bed Koh Samed

    Bar & Bed Koh Samed

    BAR AND BED is a classy bar, restaurant & hotel located on the beautiful Ao Noi Na bay. The beachside…

    Koh Samed
  25. De' Grill Bar & Bistro Koh Samed

    De' Grill Bar & Bistro Koh Samed

    De' Grill Bar & Bistro is a laid-back beachside bar & restaurant located in front of Samed Grandview…

    Koh Samed
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