Thailand HipHop Festival : The Legend

Heavy Organizer and U Beer invited to Thailand Hip Hop Festival - a music festival dedicated to hip hop music. The line up featured Thaitanium, Dajim, Fukking Hero, Rastafah, B-King, Chom Chumkasian and 1 Flow, PP Dreams, CP Sming, Jsr Youngbong, Youngohm, FIIXD, Cleo-P, VKLX Sweed Gangz, Maiyarap, Bomb at Track, and Rap Ake. The event will also feature B-Boy performances, DJs such as Whatdatfrog, Kong, Bonnie, Deeboy, and Dogga, as well as graffiti artists. The event took place at JJ MALL HALL.

JJ Mall
Sat, 9 Jun 2018

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