Banpuku Yokocho

Banpuku Yokocho

Banpuku Yokocho lets you experience an authentic Yokocho alley right here in Rama IX area. To recreate the very same atmosphere, Banpuku Yokocho (万福横丁) transforms its Rama IX venue into an authentic Yokocho alley. Inside, you’ll find many mock stalls, giving the impression of smaller shops on the back street.

And there’s a real variety when it comes to the food menu and seating options. Whether you need a long table for an extra large group or looking for a private table with your sweetheart, you’ll find it here. Going solo? Then you’ll love chilling around the bar counter.

The interior décor borrows from retro Japanese aesthetics; posters on the walls that call back to the Showa period (1950-1980), red lanterns, and the iconic carp streamers.

There are also other flashier details, such as a (fake) cherry blossom tree at the centre of the venue. Plus, the playlist consists of mostly Japanese Good Vibes tracks, which really immerse you into the vibrant atmosphere.

If you want to experience what it’s like to grab a drink and a bite in a Yokocho alley, definitely give Banpuku Yokocho (万福横丁) a try! With the retro décor, a wide range of menus, and chill tunes, you and your friends are sure to enjoy your evening at this izakaya.