Sushi Ichizu

Sushi Ichizu

Located in Sukhumvit, this omakase-style restaurant offers a Chef's Table experience and traditional tastes.

Sushi Ichizu is divided into three main areas. At the entrance hall, you’ll see a gorgeous bonsai tree. Walking through the door will take you to the welcome lounge and the main dining area, which is a simple, 10-seat bar counter.

It was here that we experienced the omakase-style dining. We watched in wonder as the chef and sous-chef prepare each menu with excellent presentation throughout the one-hour meal. (Sushi Ichizu opens only two times per day at 17.30 and 20.30.)

As for the menu, Sushi Ichizu offers two options: ‘Nigiri Course’ (13-15 items) for 4,000++ THB and ‘Omakase Course’ (17-21 items) for 8,000++ THB.

The number of items on the menu might vary from day to day, depending on the availability. This is because the restaurant only brings in just enough ingredients for patrons who have booked a seat that day.