60 Fashion Essentials for Girls in Rainy Season 2019

60 Fashion Essentials for Girls in Rainy Season 2019

The saying “you can’t stop the rain from falling” seems fitting for the season. More often than not now, the streets are drenched from the frequent showers and occasional storms. Though the cooling effect is most welcome, it’s hard to convince yourself to go outside in this kind of weather.

But don’t worry, girls - we’ve listed 60 gorgeous items to help you keep up with the trends. With these fashionable collections, walking on the streets can feel like working the runway. Just because the sky is dull and dreary doesn’t mean your style has to be.

The items are grouped according to their functions, so you can mix & match to your personal taste. No more boring rainy season outfits!


Since this list is made for the rainy season, let’s start with the raincoat - the essential item for any drizzling day. First things first, though, say goodbye to the same old raincoats and say hi to our recommended ones from various brands.

(1) H&M (2) Raincoat (3) H&M (4) ZARA (5) Raincoat (6) ZARA (7) Raincoat (8) ZARA(9) ZARA

Raincoats today tend to be more snappy in terms of style and design. You can easily combine them with your outfit for a real eye-catching, head-turning look. Also, most of them are much more durable than cheap, plastic bag-ish raincoats, which means they’ll last the whole season.


Though there’s no definite ‘guide’ when it comes to rainy season fashion, one thing we all can agree on is absolutely no white shirts & blouses. When it starts to pour, a white top might leave you less than decently covered.

If you have to put on a white shirt for a business meeting, or the dress code calls for it, a jacket is a surefire way to prevent such mishaps. Plus, the outer layer will help warm you up as the temperature drops.

(1) Pomelo (2) ZARA (3) Topshop (4) Pomelo (5) Topshop (6) H&M (7) ZARA (8) H&M (9) Topshop (10) Mango

Jumpsuits are also an attractive choice. The two-in-one option accommodates an active lifestyle and is available in short and long variations. And don't forget the fabric itself; it’s best to stick to light, breathable clothes. In case of rain, these will dry quickly and keep you comfortable.


For bottoms, we recommend going with shorts & pants rather than skirts. They’re less of a hassle when you need to run and hide from the rain. Shorts might be the perfect thing to wear on casual days, but for more serious business meetings, pants are a must for a formal, well-kept look.

(1) H&M (2) H&M (3) Mango (4) Pomelo (5) Topshop (6) Pomelo (7) Pomelo (8) Topshop(9) ZARA (10) ZARA

As with tops, we’d recommend avoiding white items. They’re easily soiled by the dirty water splashing all over the sidewalk. On the other hand, cropped pants are super appropriate for the season. You won’t need to fold up the ends of your pants up before wading through flooded streets.


You might have to put away your canvas sneakers during this stormy time of the year. Right now, you need something that can handle being wet.

As any Bangkokian would tell you, walking around this city is like playing minesweeper. Trust us - hitting the slushy jackpot on your way to or from work is a chance you don’t want to take. All the more reason to get a good pair of rubber shoes.

(1) Pomelo (2) Villains SF (3) H&M (4) Pomelo (5) Mango (6) Villains SF (7) Villains SF (8) Havaianas (9) H&M (10) ZARA

If you want something less casual, leather sneakers are a great fit. For something that’s currently all the rage, try a pair of transparent shoes. These come in heels and boots, but you might mistake them for Cinderella’s glass slippers. They’ll make your outfit stand out without a doubt.


The transparent trend also inspires similar bag designs. These see-through bags are perfect for rainy season; you don’t have to worry if they get splashed on. Plus, there are so many styles available from dainty handbags to sporty tote bags. If you’re not a big fan of these, however, you can opt for other water-resistant gears.

(1) Topshop (2) ZARA (3) Michael Kors (4) anello (5) Kate Spade(6) ZARA (7) ZARA (8) anello (9) Mango (10) Guess (11) Topshop

For a ‘business formal’ look, leather handbags will add something extra to your regular getup. And if you’re looking to impress a client, these bags can provide a pop of luxury as well.


We’ll end the list with accessories that can act as your arsenal against the rain. First is an all-time popular item - the see-through umbrella. With recent additions of cute patterns, these can serve as a prop to give your portraits some Japanese ‘kawaii’ aesthetics. (Unfortunately, they’ll leave you practically defenseless against the sun.)

(1) ZARA (2) Umbrella (3) Mango (4) Shoes Cover (5) H&M (6) Shoes Cover (7) Shoes Cover (8) Umbrella (9) ZARA (10) Always Dry

On days with light showers but you’ve got no umbrella, a fashionable hat can protect you against the drizzle. Or if you’re having a bad hair day, just grab a hairband and use it as a styling touch-up. Finally, there are some essentials for sneaker lovers: waterproof spray and plastic & silicone shoe covers. These can help you keep your kicks dry, clean, and pristine.

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