4 Super-hot 2019 Collab Collections by DJs x Fashion Brands

Featuring Peggy Gou x Ray-Ban, Don Diablo x Star Wars, DJ Clark Kent x K-Swiss, and Nicky Romero x Skull Rider.

4 Super-hot 2019 Collab Collections by DJs x Fashion Brands
© Siam2nite

Music and fashion - two things that are often inseparable. People from these industries tend to have a lot in common; one example is how they show their character, passion, and style through art.

Hip-hop artists express themselves with hard-hitting rhymes and bold fashion choices. Meanwhile, designers tirelessly search for the right tunes to best represent their brand on the runway.

That’s why collaborations between the two sectors are such a common sight (which isn’t to say they’re not exciting, of course). World-class brands are constantly on the hunt for artists and DJs to bring on as guest designers for their next collection.

On this note, we’ve listed 4 collections featuring your favorite DJs and international brands who bring you sneakers, sunglasses, and apparel items. What’s great is that they’re reasonably priced; you can own these exclusive goodies even if you’re on a budget!

DJ Clark Kent x K-Swiss

© K-Swiss
© K-Swiss

The 51-year-old American producer, DJ Clark Kent, has been an icon in the hip-hop scene since the ‘80s. He’s known for his work with industry titans such as The Notorious B.I.G., Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Mariah Carey, and 50 Cent.

Beyond that, he’s also a passionate sneakerhead and an avid collector with over 3,000 pairs in his personal collection. He’s joined famous sneaker brands such as Nike and Keds on similar projects before.

Recently in February, DJ Clark Kent worked with American sportswear brand, K-Swiss, to design a minimalist exclusive collection in honor of Black History Month.

He redesigns the Classic 88 with a focus on streamlined, yet premium, aesthetics. Intended for everyday use, the sneakers sport white leather upper and rubber outsole. Red, black, and green stripes on the quarter represent the Pan-Africa flag - a symbol of liberation and equality for international black folks.

The Classic 88 BHM is officially listed as 80 USD (2,461 THB), available now on the K-Swiss website!

Don Diablo x Star Wars

© Hexagon
© Hexagon

Don Diablo, a Dutch DJ/producer, is a name many Thai EDM fans might have shouted during his performances at music festivals. His distinctive future bass sound has landed him on the #7 spot on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs in 2018.

The DJ’s passion for fashion is reflected on his merch, now released under his ‘Hexagon’ clothing brand (the same name as his music label).

Hexagon’s latest collection was released around the end of 2018; a collaboration with the space opera cinematic epic and global pop culture icon, Star Wars. It consists of 5 unisex items: hooded tees, long-sleeves, tees, hoodies, and snapbacks.

However, only two items are currently available; both pull images from the galactic soldiers, Stormtroopers. The Stormtrooper Hooded Tee is a white tee with a black hoodie and a graphic design of the iconic helmet. The price is set at 59.99 EUR (2,101 THB).

The Stormtrooper Hoodie is a black hoodie with Hexagon and Star Wars icons lined across the chest. On the back is a striking graphic of the character. For now, the price is set at 89.99 EUR (2,802 THB).

You can grab these items online on Don Diablo website!

Nicky Romero x Skull Rider

© Skull Rider
© Skull Rider

Nicky Romero is a Dutch progressive house DJ/producer best known for his track “Toulouse”, which has gained over 413 million views on YouTube. He’s ranked at #43 on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs list.

Other than his own merch line, Nicky’s outspoken interest in fashion has made clothing brands such as Vive L’Homme brought him on for collaborative projects.

Among such brands is Skull Rider, who has released an exclusive edition sunglasses inspired by the DJ. (Nicky Romero is often seen carrying and wearing this accessory.)

The result is a pair of simple shades, perfect for everyday use. The all-black rectangular frame holds grey polarized lenses. Featured on the arms are the distinctive Skull Rider and DJ Nicky’s logos. The set includes a case, a bag, and some cool B&W stickers.

You can find these on the Skull Rider website, available for 50 EUR (1,751 THB).

Peggy Gou x Ray-Ban

© Ray Ban
© Ray Ban
© Ray Ban
© Ray Ban

Peggy Gou is a South Korean DJ/producer whose talents stretch far beyond house and techno music. Her sense of fashion was developed alongside her passion for music while she was studying at the London College of Fashion.

She’s worked with well-known brands and designers such as Off-White and Louis Vuitton. In February 2019, Peggy Gou launched her own brand under the name KIRIN.

Her latest project is a collaboration with the world-famous eyewear brand, Ray-Ban. The collection includes two models with classic silhouettes. The RB1971 sports a square ‘70s style golden frame, leather-covered temple tips, and grey polarized lenses. The price is set at 223 USD (6,882 THB).

The RB3547 has a round golden frame with purple photochromic lenses. The temple tip is covered with leather to complete the vintage appearance. The initial price is set at 173 USD (5,339 THB). What’s more, both models come with a strap that holds Peggy Gou’s initials in golden letters.

Ray-Ban is putting the models back on production after they sold out in just a short time. If you’d like to own a pair of these cool shades, follow the Ray-Ban website closely for more details.


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