47 Warmest Blue Items: a Fashion Guide for Mother's Day 2019

Show your love this Mother's Day with these blue items; they’ll fit perfectly into any wardrobe, yours or your mom's.

47 Warmest Blue Items: a Fashion Guide for Mother's Day 2019
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“Blue is the warmest color” isn’t just a title of a Palme d'Or film; it’s also a sentiment that rings true no matter how much time has passed. Blue often brings a feeling of warmth and comfort when you see it, not unlike a mother’s love for her child - so precious and wonderfully tender.

As Mother’s Day approaches, we’d bet you’re thinking about the color blue. That’s why we’re bringing you updates on blue-dyed trends. Whether it’s tops, bottoms, shoes, bags, or other accessories, we’ve listed them all here. Fashionistas can celebrate the occasion properly or use our guide as a shopping list for Mother’s Day gifts.

Plus, the fact that blue can be worn with most everyday outfit certainly doesn’t hurt; it’s an all-time classic tone that never seems to go out of fashion. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to shop ‘til you drop, and don’t forget to tell your mom you love her!


Many well-known brands have come up with all kinds of blue tops, from minimalist blouses suitable for any occasions to versatile, 2-in1 rompers and dresses. These can add vibrancy to your everyday look and give it an extra oomph.

(1) Dorothy Perkins (2) Pomelo (3) Topshop (4) Zara (5) Guess (6) Mango (7) Pomelo
(8) Topshop (9) Mango (10) Pomelo

For girls who find minimalist designs a little too bland, try mixing it up with details like floral prints, stripes, or laces to up the cute factor. Wardrobe staples such denim jeans are also a great choice; their iconic color aside, they’re super stylish and easy to mix & match with other items.


This is another category that’s full of options, as brands seem determined to create their own spin of blue pants and skirts. Here are some of the most dapper items that match Mother’s Day color scheme; at least a few of them should match your style.

(1) Zara (2) Pomelo (3) Pomelo (4) Mango (5) H&M (6) Dorothy Perkins (7) Zara (8) H&M (9) Topshop (10) Topshop

The simple designs are perfect for those who live by the rule of ‘less is more’. You can introduce these to almost any style. But for a more feminine look, there are options such as the light blue pleated skirt. This pretty piece can brighten your outfit right up.

Lastly, there are the all-time classic denim jeans. Tired of wearing the same boring pair of pants? This denim skirt and its cute embroidery might be just what you need!


Shoe brands are also making strides this season with awesome collections in various styles. Choose from an array of heels and flats, or get a pair of sneakers for a sporty girl look. A little warning, though. Since it’s been raining a lot lately, you’ll want to watch out for splashes of muddy water.

(1) H&M (2) Nike (3) Pomelo (4) Pomelo (5) Pomelo (6) Zara (7) Villains SF (8) Zara
(9) Aldo

Still, light blue shoes have their perks, namely the ability to match with almost any outfit. If you prefer to go for the long run with your footwear purchases, having a pair of these is a must.


Now for something that’s always by your side. Several brands have released collections of blue bags with curious shapes and designs, from pint-sized ‘tiny bags’ to classic sling bags that go with any style.

(1) Zara (2) Calvin Klein (3) Aldo (4) Pomelo (5) H&M (6) Coach (7) Zara (8) Michael Kors (9) Kate Spade (10) Pomelo

There are also uniquely-shaped crossbody bags and a super-cute monogram backpack to make your outfit extra stunning and classy.


Lastly, we’ve got an assortment of accessories to complete your runway look - everything from classic knitted scarves, brightly colored shawls, to adorable earrings and quirky headbands.

(1) Zara (2) H&M (3) Moleskine (4) Pomelo (5) Zara (6) Pomelo (7) Pomelo (8) Pomelo

Taking your mom on a trip soon? Maybe you should grab the pastel blue snapback featuring a wholesome quote; it’s an easy way to protect you from the weather. There are also a passport cover and a pouch that’ll keep your important documents and go-to gadgets free of scratches.

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