A First Look at the brand-new Streetwear brand TAKARA WONG

Let's have a first look at the first collection of this brand-new brand, prior to the official launch on August 15.

TAKARA WONG | Newest Street Wear Brand in Bangkok

The philosophy of TAKARA WONG is inspired by a variety of impressions from an open-minded journey through different cultures from all over the world, put together as one story. The brand believes in the concept of “Trial and error", which implies to try over and over again until the final result gets as close a possible to the vision. It might not be perfect, but the brand strongly believes that perfection is not always the best, and at times, it is imperfection that makes things truly unique and interesting.

This first collection of TAKARA WONG is called “I Don’t Want To Survive, I Want To Live”, which is inspired by the Academy Award-winning movie "12 Years A Slave", which is the story about the free African-American man in 1840, who gets kidnapped and unrightfully enslaved, and has to overcome great obstacles and endure unspeakable injustice to finally regain his freedom.

The Mood & Tone is kept in plain coloring of Raven Black, Modd White and Burgundy Red. The clothes are partly made of traditional Thai fabric, with a straight-forward cut that stands for functional, yet powerful simplicity, inspired by the grimy workwear of an underdog, intentionally kept oversized, so it may be worn by both genders, taking a stand for equality in every way, be it race, gender, class, or other aspects..

Below we have compiled a first look at the 9 items of this first collection.

TAKARA WONG | The Newest Street Wear Brand in Bangkok

Patchwork Canvas Trench Coat
Available colors: Burgundy & Modd White

TAKARA WONG | The Newest Street Wear Brand in Bangkok

Patchwork Canvas Jacket
Available colors: Modd White & Raven Black

'Survive/Live' Straight Chino Pants
Available colors: Raven Black, Modd White & Burgundy

TAKARA WONG | The Newest Street Wear Brand in Bangkok

'That's Eyes' Sleeveless Oversized Hoodie Sweater
Available colors: Modd White & Raven Black

TAKARA WONG | The Newest Street Wear Brand in Bangkok

'Survive/Live' Oversized T-Shirt
Available colors: White & Raven Black

Patchwork Short Sweatpants
Available colors: Modd White & Raven Black

TAKARA WONG | The Newest Street Wear Brand in Bangkok

TAKARA WONG Logo Sweatpants
Available colors: Modd White & Raven Black

Oversized Sweaters
Available colors: Modd White & Raven Black

TAKARA WONG | The Newest Street Wear Brand in Bangkok

TAKARA WONG Logo Belt Snapback Caps
Available colors: Black with White Logo, Modd White & Double Black Color

The collection will be released on August 15 and can be ordered online from the official Takara Wong website. For more information, check out their Facebook page.

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