Awesome Rave Gadgets for your next EDM Music Festival

Awesome Rave Gadgets for your next EDM Music Festival

At festivals, there are no rules on how you're supposed to be dressed. You can go crazy as much as you like and no one would dare to say anything. The crazier you dress the more fun the festival will look.

In case you agree, but need inspiration, have a look below at pictures taken by Siam2nite at recent music festivals.

If you are inspired now, then feel free to unleash your inner shopping beast, as we hereby present you the top rave gadgets for your next EDM music festival.

Phoenix Neon Hair

Colorful hair has been a thing in the last few years. But just colorful is not enough! Check out these tutorials that turn colorful hair into hair that glows in the dark!

Unfortunately, there is no salon in Thailand that offers it yet! But check out some of the hair salons that can make your hair colorful!

Salon de Bear
Phoenix Siam Salon
Mark Thawin Ultimate Hair Solution
Rikyu by boy Tokyo
Libertish Salon Cafe
© Salon de Bear
© Salon de Bear
© Salon de Bear

Light Up Shoe Laces

We are all familiar with colorful shoelaces and different ways you can wear them. Therefore, step your game up and go for these Light Up shoe laces as they will make your shoes pop up. Imagine how this will also make it easier to find your friends when you get lost. They come in different colors or you can also choose to have more than one color.

Get LED Shoelaces Here!

Light Up Shoes

Light Up shoes are not completely new and have been around for a while now. This is probably not something people would wear on a daily basis but it is an item that cannot be missed out on festivals. Not only will it make you look cool, but the flickering lights will also make your dancing moves more fun.

Order these LED Shoes online. They ship worldwide!

Get Flou Shoes Here!

Or pre-order them from this facebook page in Thailand.

Get LED Shoes Here!

Light Up Glasses

© Glofx
© Glofx
© Glofx

Since you're going to have LED shoelaces and LED flickering shoes, why not go for light up glasses as well? Not only will it make you look like a light bulb but the glasses will help protect your eyes from the bright lasers. Or go for Kaleidoscope glasses that enhance your laser experience and make your vision extra trippy.

Get Light Up Glasses Here!

Or even better check out this online shop here! They offer many different styles and colors and the awesome part is that they do ship to Thailand! Grab yours for your next festival now!

Get Glo fx Here!

LED Glasses

Play Icon
Chemion LED Glasses

Because normal light up glasses are just not enough! Customize your own glasses display through your the complimentary phone application. Find out more about them or get these on the link below!

Get Chemion LED Glasses Here!

Rave Outfits

© Iheartraves
© Iheartraves
© Iheartraves

More and more Thai ravers are going all in for music festivals with unique and fun outfits. Unfortunately, there are only few shops yet that sell these rave outfits here in Thailand. We found one though.

Thai Party Shop

Also check out these websites for more choices! They ship worldwide!

EDM sauce
I heart raves

Morph Suits

© Morph Suits
© Morph Suits
© Morph Suits

Morph suits are fun and more people should wear them to festivals! One downside to wearing morph suits in Thailand might be that it will get hot inside them due to the hot weather, but hey, who cares! Good news is that they actually sell it in Thailand! Click on the link below and get morphed!

Get Morph Suits Here!

Acoustic Filters

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DUBS Acoustic Filters

Acoustic Filters are not actually a gadget that enhances your looks, but it does have striking features. If you love festivals and loud music, but don't want to end up with hearing problems, then you should consider getting these. They help to filter the sound and protect your ears, but at the same time don't reduce any of the fun.

Get DUBS Acoustic Filters Here!

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