4 Reasons Why You Should Go Minimal With a Pocket Wallet
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4 Reasons Why You Should Go Minimal With a Pocket Wallet

We’ve all seen an overstuffed wallet. It’s thick, heavy, and almost too big to be something someone uses every day. Not only is it impractical, but it can also cause discomfort in your pockets, weigh down and create creases that ruin your clothing, and simply make you look unprofessional. If you also have to carry around a purse or a laptop bag as well on a daily basis, then having an overstuffed wallet as well can become an absolute nightmare. Wouldn’t it be easier to find an alternative that saves you the time and embarrassment of rummaging through your wallet for cash or credit and also makes you look trendy as well?

Pocket Wallets are minimalistic wallets that are made to meet the lifestyle demands of today. Their convenience, safety, and practicality had made them quite popular with almost everybody around the globe and even in Thailand. But what exactly are the characteristics that set Pocket Wallets aside from the regular wallets that we see every day?

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Lightweight and Comfortable

The weight of a Pocket Wallet varies according to its material, functions, and design. That being said, the weight ranges only around 17-90 grams as the size is only around 10 x 6 centimeters in dimension. That’s lighter than a cup of powder and as small as a credit card!

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Easy to Use

The idea behind the design of a Pocket Wallet is to make something that is simple and easy to use. Every brand knows that a Pocket Wallet should never be overly complicated, that is why a clip or elastic are used to hold bank notes instead of the usual pockets in a regular wallet. The card pockets are also designed to make it easier for you to slip your cards in an out with the tip of your finger. Never again would you have to rummage through all the pockets to find to right notes, bills, or cards.

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Same Capacity as Any Ordinary Wallet

Don’t judge a book by its cover, and definitely, don’t judge a Pocket Wallet by its size. As small as they may seem in comparison to regular wallets, these things can easily hold up to 12 credit cards all at once.

Absolutely Safe

Modern credit and debit cards are often embedded with an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips that enable the use of contactless payment methods. Some Pocket Wallet models are made with RFID-blocking materials and technologies so you can be sure nobody can just walk up to you and steal sensitive details that enable them to use your card without your consent

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Most Pocket Wallets are produced with high-quality Aluminum or leather, making them extremely durable and long-lasting that some brands even offer lifetime warranties. Other than being able to virtually withstand almost anything, Pocket Wallets offer sleek and minimalistic designs that go well with any individual style.

You can find yourself one of these Pocket Wallets at any shopping malls and online stores. Since most of them are imported products, we recommend you order them from the official website of the international retailers that ship to Thailand. This way, you’ll be able to choose the right fit for yourself from a wider range of models and brands. Prices can range from a few hundred Thai Baht up to thousands, but for this kind of convenience, it’s definitely worth it.

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