14 Romance Films on Netflix You'll Love This Valentine's Day

See our list of 14 romance movies on Netflix you can laugh and cry to in this festival of love!

14 Romance Films on Netflix You'll Love This Valentine's Day
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“And there's a dazzling haze, a mysterious way about you, dear. Have I known you 20 seconds or 20 years?”

As Valentine’s Day inches closer, you should expect to hear love songs everywhere you go, with lyrics ranging from the lovesick to the heartbroken. Lonely ramblings about having only yourself as your company on the Day of Love and what not. Whether coupled up or single (as usual), we can all enjoy ourselves on February 14.

If you’re with someone, Valentine’s Day is truly something to celebrate. There are romantic events for you and your significant other all around Bangkok. Candlelit dinners, fun activities, or dates at rooftop bars – you name it.

For singles who aren’t sure what to do with their lonely hearts, or even couples with no particular love for sappy gestures, there are still plenty of options besides going out on a romantic evening.

It’s super simple, really. Watching movies is a great pastime and a lovely option for a date. Lounging on your bed with the company of snacks, ice-cold drinks, and Netflix. Honestly, how can that get any better?

So no matter which is the case for you, we’d like to invite you to a movie date this Valentine’s Day. Check out Siam2nite’s top picks of 14 romance movies on Netflix you can love, laugh, and cry to this February 14!


Based on Anna Todd’s best-seller of the same name, this romantic drama flick won the People's Choice Awards in 2019.

The story centers around Tessa, a recent high-school graduate who has so far lived a sheltered life. After moving to the campus as a freshman, she meets the charming ‘bad boy’ Hardin at a party in an embarrassing encounter.

Fate proves to be quite the trickster as the two grow closer. Unbeknownst to Tessa, however, there’s a secret side to this romance.

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Alex Strangelove

You’ll laugh and cry over the high school romance of Alex Truelove. On the outside, his life seems perfect; he’s a handsome high school senior with good grades and a hot girlfriend.

What Alex hasn’t told anyone is that he’s still a virgin.

He plans to pop the cherry with his girlfriend, Claire, to celebrate his graduation. But that plan is about to change when he meets Elliot, a confident young man who makes Alex’s heart beats even faster.

With this newfound discovery, Alex begins to question his sexuality. He needs to find out for sure who he actually has feelings for: his girlfriend, or this boy he just met.

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Ali’s Wedding

Ali’s Wedding is an Australian rom-com and a Netflix Original based on Osamah Sami’s Good Muslim Boy. A young Muslim man Ali, a son of an Iraqi cleric in Melbourne, finds himself torn between meeting his family’s expectations and following his heart.

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Always Be My Maybe

The light-hearted romantic by Netflix revolves around Sasha and Marcus, two childhood friends who had a fling before an argument forces them to grow apart.

15 years later, Sasha is now one of LA’s most famous celebrity chefs. She returns to San Francisco to oversee her new restaurant when she encounters Marcus. He, on the other hand, still helps his father install air-conditioning units and does hip-hop gigs on the side.

And that’s when the two estranged friends reconnect and fall in love again.

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Call Me By Your Name

Based on André Aciman’s novel of the same name, this romantic drama film is set in Italy during the ’80s. It’s a story of how Elio, 17-year-old American-Italian, meets Oliver, a 24-year-old American and archeological assistant to Elio’s father.

During the summer break, the two grow closer and eventually develop a budding secret romance. But when Oliver needs to travel back to the states, they’re forced to face the changes in their relationship.

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The romantic comedy revolves around Carl – a cold, uncaring middle-aged man. After admitting to cheating on him, his wife, Emily, abruptly asks for a divorce. Not knowing what to do next, Carl goes to a bar for a drink.

There, he meets Jacob, a handsome, smooth-talking playboy. Jacob offers to transform the recent divorcee into a real ladies’ man. Neither of them has a clue about how this meeting would change their lives forever.

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The Oscar-award winner tells the story of Theodore, a professional letter writer who’s going through a difficult divorce. On a whim, he purchases a program that includes a virtual assistant with human-like intelligence and personality, Samantha. She helps him with various tasks during the day and becomes a companion to lonely Theodore.

Before too long, Theodore starts falling in love with Samantha as the AI becomes more and more intelligent and starts to feel human emotions. With this, a new definition of love has slowly begun to take shape.

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Isn’t It Romantic

25-year-old Natalie is working her hardest in a NY-based architect firm to make a name for herself. But no matter how good her ideas are, she’s still being treated like an intern, assigned to the occasional coffee runs instead of designing downtown skyscrapers she hoped for.

Natalie doesn’t believe in true love and romance. But on her subway commute one day, she was approached by a man who appeared to be flirting with her. However, he turned out to be a mugger, and in their scuffle, Natalie got knocked out cold. When she wakes up, she finds herself living a life straight out of the movies.

Now a protagonist of a clichéd romantic flick, she has a luxurious apartment and a handsome billionaire, Blake, as her love interest. Let’s see how Natalie can get herself out of this rose-colored mess.

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The Kissing Booth

The Netflix rom-com centers around teenage best friends, Lee and Elle. Being born almost at the same time and sharing their love for dancing, the two are inseparable from childhood, with Lee’s family treating Elle like one of their own.

Lee and Elle create a set of unbreakable rules to protect their unique bond. Among those, rule number nine is “don’t date each other’s relatives” and the tenth is “don’t break rule number nine”.

However, Elle is having trouble following these guidelines. You see, she kissed Lee’s brother, Noah, at a kissing booth event. And that’s the beginning of all the headaches and this potential deal-breaker for Elle and her best friend.

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Marriage Story

The bittersweet love story by Netflix circles around Charlie and Nicole - a New Yorker couple who are at the end of their marriage. Despite having their son Henry, the two are unable to reconcile and prepare to take the divorce the court.

During the process, Charlie and Nicole try their best to act as Henry’s parents. However, keeping their son shielded from the ugly side of this painful separation will not be easy.

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Martin and Gabi are eligible singles who, like many others, meet up with people on dating apps. After feeling a mutual attraction, the two decide to take things further than just a one night stand. They move in together and try to start a life. However, the monotony of a committed relationship might prove too much for this new couple.

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To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Based on Jenny Han’s The New York Times best-seller, this romantic comedy centers around Lara Jean, a high schooler with your typical experience of teenage romance. She wrote five confession letters to the boys she had a crush on but never actually sent them, keeping them hidden even after the feelings were gone.

Lara’s high school life is forever changed when her secret letters are suddenly sent to their intended recipients. Some of those names include Josh, the ex-boyfriend of Jean’s sister, and Peter, the star athlete. Things are getting a lot harder for Laran as she tries and avoids her former crushes as well as her sister.

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The Notebook

In this romantic drama, we hear a story from a handwritten notebook – a tale as old as time of lovers from different social classes. In the summer of 1947, a young man from the working-class, Noah, met Allie, an heiress of a wealthy family.

Despite the disparity in their status, the two fell in love and shared a passionate romance. However, as the summer ended, they were inevitably separated.

Although Noah tries to keep in touch with his love through letters, his messages were intercepted by her family. Eventually, he decided to go to the city and enlist to fight in World War II.

Noah returns from the war many years later, he went back to that place he shared a special memory with Allie. Meanwhile, the papers announce that Allie is getting married to a high-ranking officer. The two now need to fight through obstacles once again and make their feelings known to the world.

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When We First Met

Nosh dreams to be with Avery, but can’t seem to make her see him as anything but a good friend. From the moment they met at a party to the present day, he could only keep his feelings to himself and wonder all that time what went wrong.

Then, Noah discovers that he could use a photo booth to go back in time, to the night when he first met Avery. He must now find out how to fix his past and win the heart of his love.

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