5 Upscale Barber Shops in Bangkok To Unleash Your Inner Gentleman

5 Upscale Barber Shops in Bangkok To Unleash Your Inner Gentleman

Everybody wants to shine, right? But that usually doesn't happen by choosing a random shop just because of its convenient proximity. We have compiled a list of 5 upscale Barber Shops in Bangkok, in no particular order, that are experts in their craft and will unleash your inner gentleman.

1. BarberFord

5 Upscale Barber Shops in Bangkok - BarberFord

Barberford is a hi-end barber shop, located right in the city center. Noteworthy about this shop is that it's ranked on the #3 of the list "The Swankiest Hipster Barber Shops Around the World" by WanderLuxe travel and lifestyle online magazine.

The shop is kept in an elegant 1920s mood and tone, with a feeling of luxurious vintage. Every client is served in a private room with custom-made barber chair. The services range from shaving, to hair cutting and coloring, and even nail styling.

Location: Erawan Bangkok (4th floor) and Siam Discovery (M Floor)
Opening Times: Daily from 11am-8pm
For more information visit their Facebook. Tel: 092-601-9993 (Erawan Bangkok), 061-680-8822 (Siam Discovery)

2. Truefitt & Hill

5 Upscale Barber Shops in Bangkok - Truefitt & Hill

Truefitt & Hill is a barber shop chain that is recorded by Guinness World Records as the oldest barber shop in the world. Its first branch was founded in London in 1805, the Thailand branch opened in 2014.

Their service covers everything from hair cutting and coloring, beard shaving and grooming, manicure/pedicure and head and massage treatments. Take notice that reservations need to be made at least 3 days in advance.

Location: The Emporium (4th floor) and Central Embassy (1st Floor)
Opening Times: Daily from 10am-8pm
For more information visit their Facebook or website. Tel: 061-1624-663 (The Emporium), 098-363-6146 (Central Embassy)

3. Black Amber

5 Upscale Barber Shops in Bangkok - Black Amber

Black Amber is a vintage-style barber in Thonglor, located between Soi 5 and 7. The modern, yet classic shop has a luxurious "The Great Gatsby" feel. Services include Haircuts, as well as beard shaving and styling.

Across the barber shop, hidden in the back of Thonglor soi 6, Black Amber operates a 1920’s speakeasy social club, with tailor shop, handmade accessory and vintage clothing, and a 1920’s speakeasy lounge that serves tea, coffee, as well as alcoholic drinks.

Location: Black Amber, Thonglor between Soi 5 and 7
Opening Times: Tuesday to Sunday, from 12pm-9pm (Social Club opens until 1am)
For more information visit their Facebook. Tel: 081-869-9393

4. Blue Harbour

5 Upscale Barber Shops in Bangkok - Blue Harbour

Blue Harbour is an intimate and comforting barber shop with a nautical theme, founded by Nithi Sthapitanonda, Thailand’s National Artist for Architecture.

Services include Hair cut, mustache and beard trim, ear cleaning, manicure and pedicure, as well as facial and foot massage.

Location: K-Village, Sukhumvit Soi 26
Opening Times: Daily, from 9.30am-7.30pm
For more information visit their Facebook. Tel: 02-661-2901

5. Smile Club Thailand

5 Upscale Barber Shops in Bangkok - Smile Club Thailand

Smile Club Thailand has two branches: one branch at Siam Square One, kept in a classic vintage style, and one branch at Ekkamai Shopping Mall, decorated in a unique 90's pop/discotheque mood and tone, with neon lights and striking colors. Among the shareholders is actor and celebrity Toni Rakkaen.

Services include the traditional barber services, as well as a specialized shoe cleaning service for everything from leather shoes to sneakers.

Location: Plearnwan Panish Building (3rd floor), Siam Square One, and Ekkamai Shopping Mall (2nd floor), Ekkamai Soi 10
Opening Times: Daily, from 11am-8.30pm
For more information visit their Facebook. Tel: 085-999-6615 (Siam Square One), 095-515-4526 (Ekkamai Soi 10)

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