Snap & Print: 4 Instant Digital Cameras For Photographic Fun

Snap & Print: 4 Instant Digital Cameras For Photographic Fun

You’ve probably heard something along the lines of “A picture is worth a thousand words” like a thousand times. As cheesy as it may be, it’s something many can’t deny. Whenever you go and look back at the photos you took after a vacation of your family, random selfies with friends, or even of your favorite food dish they always seem to bring back good memories and put a big smile on your face doesn’t it?

For those who love to capture the wonderful moments of everyday life, it’s hard to deny the sheer photographic fun of instant cameras. The instant satisfaction and nostalgia is strangely addictive. You get to print out the pictures, write and sign on the borders, and share it among your group of friends right away. The picture quality might not be able to beat out digital SLR or top smartphones of today, but that’s not the point right?

In this day and age of image-heavy social media platforms, big camera companies are revisiting the point-shoot-print market with more innovation than you have ever seen. The list we prepared for you today are products that take it a bit further than just your regular instant old-fashioned photography fun.

These cameras brings you the best of both worlds, having the technology of a digital camera while keeping the enjoyment and tangible fun of a real photo print. Each also comes with a unique perk making them awesome in their own way. The list is not made in any particular order, so see for yourself which camera best brings out the wonders of a photographer in you.


Fujiflim Instax Square SQ10

The SQ10 is an Instax for the casual user. It’s most notable feature is the ability to review and edit your snaps via the LCD display at the back of the camera. The editing goes quite a long way, you can adjust brightness, add a vignette and play around with the 10 built-in filters. Once you’ve finished with your creation, you can print as many as you like at the press of a button. The 1:1 square film format also gives a nostalgic Polaroid feel. If you’re a person who loves control over their images and edits, this camera is a “Square” deal.

  • Price:

    Camera: $279.99 USD
    Film: $16.99 USD for 10 sheets


Polaroid Pop

The brand-new Polaroid Pop features a 20-megapixel CMOS sensor, 3.97-inch LCD touchscreen, 1080p full HD video recording, dual LED flash, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, Micro SD card (up to 128GB), a self timer, and uses 3.5 x 4.25” Polaroid border prints. The LCD screen allows for framing shots and navigating the menu where you can edit your photos, add emojis, or even write on them before printing. It’s companion app allows you to print anything from your phone directly to the camera as well. It is designed with the words “simple”, “modern”, and “stylish” in mind and will have people asking you about it once you “Pop” this out at a party.

  • Price:

    Camera: $199.99
    Film: $9.99 for 10 sheets


Prynt Pocket

© Prynt

Imagine turning your very own iPhone essentially into a Polaroid camera, pretty cool right? But it’s not the snap-shoot-print aspect of this gadget made us decide to bring it to the spotlight, it’s the AI software component. The Prynt app automatically records a quick video surrounding the moment of the capture, so when you point the phone at the picture through the app, it plays back the video via augmented reality. It’s portable, easy to use, and even magical. Relive your shared live experience anywhere, or just “Prynt” those memories onto your hands at anytime.

  • Price:

    Camera: $149.99
    Film: $19.99 for 40 sheets


Kodak Printomatic

© Kodak

Kodak is keeping things wonderfully simple with its Printomatic. The company’s new stylish “point and shoot” offers you two picture modes - vibrant color and black & white while boasting an embedded flash that draws power from its built-in lithium-ion battery. The built-in sensor detects low light and decides for you when to automatically deploy the flash, keeping it super easy to use. The device will spit out a 2x3 inch snap while saving it to the MicroSD card, and while all that is happening you can simultaneously snap another photo. You can choose your 10-megapixel strong compact camera in two colors, grey and yellow, when it comes out later this month.

  • Price:

    Camera: $69.99
    Film: $9.99 for 20 sheets

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