Drinking with Altitude: 5 Best Rooftop Bars in Silom - Sathorn

Drinking with Altitude: 5 Best Rooftop Bars in Silom - Sathorn

Whether it is for a romantic night out, catching up with the squad, or simply time to spend by yourself – a rooftop bar never fails any of these occasions.

There is just something majestic about being on the top of a roof. Maybe it is the altitude, maybe it is the view, whatever it is we like it and so if you are ever in the Silom - Sathorn area, these are the rooftop bars to hit up (in no particular order).

#1 Cloud 47 Rooftop Bar

Silom (see map)

Cloud 47 Rooftop Bar Bangkok

If you are looking for a no frills kind of spot where you can go up and enjoy the view alongside some good food and drinks without breaking the bank, then Cloud 47 Rooftop Bar is the place for you.

Situated in the United Center building, the bar is almost flawlessly situated in the city center making it perfect for a place to unwind after work.

Unlike many other rooftop bars where you would go for the glitz and glam, Cloud 47 is somewhere you can actually make your “go-to place”. The bar itself is on the 47th floor, so visitors will have to find their way to the correct building and elevator to reach it.

Once entering, you will understand why this place has the ability to satisfy your every need. The area in which the bar spans is huge and the different zones will make it interesting for you to revisit.

As stunning as the 180-degree panoramic views are, make sure you do not get too mesmerized by it that you forget to enjoy the live band playing.

Overall, Cloud 47 is a worthy contender to be one of the most entertaining rooftop bars in the area – skeptical? Then ask all the other visitors who are waiting patiently in the long line for their table at the entrance – yeah, better make reservations. Follow them here.

Phone: 091-889-9600

#2 Vertigo Rooftop Moon Bar

Sathorn (see map)

Vertigo Rooftop Moon Bar Bangkok

Vertigo is one of those must-visit spots in town. The rooftop bar is situated on top of the Banyan Tree Hotel and will easily give you a 360-degree view of all of Bangkok City.

With the City of Angels seemingly in the palm of your hand, you can now enjoy the breathtaking view while you dine.

Of course, depending on the kind of night you are looking for, you may also choose to spend less time here. If that were the case, skip the meal altogether and just head straight to the bar. Unlike the dinner, you do not have to make reservations for a bar visit.

However, because of precisely that, the bar does get pretty crowded from time to time and the view may be hidden behind the heads of multiple expats looking for the same experience.

As with any hotel bar situated over 60 floors above the ground, prices are steeper than usual, so go with your wallet prepared. You do not want to reach the top only to realize you have to fall straight back down. Follow them here.

Phone: 02-679-1200

#3 The Roof @ 38

Sathorn (see map)

The Roof @ 38 Rooftop Bar Bangkok

Sometimes you find it hard to enjoy the view at a rooftop bar because you cannot seem to find the right position to sit on your awkwardly situated designer chair.

Fret not, if the name of the game is to get a perfect view, then The Roof on the 38th floor of the sexy Mode Sathorn Hotel is your destination of choice.

Unlike many other places that put a focus on allowing as many people up to the bar as possible, The Roof actually has nice comfortable sofas for you and your companion to lounge on as you stare into the sunset. Cocktails and food are also sublime, with a wide variety of choice depending on your mood.

A highlight for The Roof is once you are there, make sure you allow yourself to walk around the rooftop at least once to really see all the sides of Bangkok.

This will be extremely fun when you move around while the DJ spins some awesome tunes. You will slowly appreciate that getting away from the busy streets below you is a worthy use of your time and that this romantic place to relax, can quickly turn into a sexy place to dance. Follow them here.

Phone: 02-623-4555

#4 Zoom Skybar

Sathorn (see map)

Zoom Skybar Rooftop at Anantara Sathorn Bangkok

Not many rooftop bars have dance floors for you to enjoy considering it is probably better to just put tables there for people to dine on.

Yet, at Zoom Skybar on the 40th floor of the Anantara Hotel on Sathorn, a dancefloor exists smack center of your dining experience and we will be the first ones to tell you that when the dancing starts, it STARTS!

Rather than a relaxing night staring at the skyline, prepare yourself to really have some fun at Zoom.

Like any other rooftop, the bar is well situated to see all of Bangkok, and due to its large size really gives you some options in terms of seating.

The food is also a must as the kitchen really churns out some really great classic Thai dishes with a Western twist to it.

Couple your food with some of their signature cocktails and in no time, you might be the first person to open up their dance floor as the DJ plays anything from House to Samba. Follow them here.

Phone: 02-210-9000

#5 Park Society Rooftop

Sathorn (see map)

Park Society Rooftop at Sofitel So Bangkok

New York City has Central Park, and as anyone who has ever been to the Big Apple will tell you, getting a bird’s eye view of the park is as relaxing as it gets. Luckily for Bangkokians, we have Lumphini Park.

However, to find a spot that will allow you to really get a full view of the largest green area in central Bangkok is as hard as they come by. Yet, in this concrete jungle, Park Society on the rooftop of the Sofitel So Hotel will allow all visitors to enjoy this wonderful park in all its glory.

The contrast you can see is perfect, with big buildings lined up around the park, there cannot be a view much nicer than this in Bangkok City.

Take in the view while you enjoy drinks and conversation under the romantic dim lighting.

However, for those who did not eat yet, the menu might not be as extensive so prepare your stomach to prevent yourself from wobbling while you walk up and down the stairs to get yourself a good view from the 29th floor. Follow them here.

Phone: 02-624-0000

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