Cocotte Farm Roast & Winery

Cocotte Farm Roast & Winery

Cocotte Farm Roast & Winery is a steakhouse and rotisserie with French influence that strives to brings its guests the best products directly from the farm to the table.

And as part of that philosophy, Cocotte Farm Roast & Winery has partnered with the Royal Project participating farms in Chiang Mai. The project is promoting the delicious fruits and vegetables grown in the northern part of Thailand.

The restaurant is located on Sukhumvit Soi 39, and a cozy rustic feeling to it. Perfect to have dinner with friends and enjoy a great evening.

The menu offers a wide variety of mouthwatering dishes ranging from cold cuts to steaks.

Make sure to check out one of their recommended dishes, such as the juicy Rotisserie Baby Chicken and, of course, the signature Tomahawk. It's perfectly paired with a range of cheeses and cold cuts and a glass of wine.