Next Get High Summer Music Festival 2014 at Creek RCA

This Songkran 2014 Bangkok's most renowned EDM crew 'NEXT GET HIGH' and CREEK CLUB RCA, with the support of sponsor BREEZER, joined forces and organized one of the biggest and most spectacular Songkran events of Bangkok, starting at April 11 and ending on April 16.The event featured full production, with lightning and massive sound system, over 100 selected bikini pretty girls, live concerts by Silly Fools, Boom Boom Cash, Mocca Garden, South Side & Paradox and a huge line-up of some of Bangkok's best DJs, including the crews Next Get High, CMYK, Rave & Glow, OKB, Overdoser, Lazerface, Bangkok Electro, Mix Up Crew and Highenergy.

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