17 Thai Fashion Brands You Need In Your Closet ASAP

Get to know Thailand's most talented designers; they’ve taken international runways by storm with their iconic apparel.

17 Thai Fashion Brands You Need In Your Closet ASAP
© Siam2nite

It wouldn’t be inaccurate to call Bangkok one of the world’s fashion capitals. Our city is teeming with world-class brands, and fashionistas often fill their wardrobes with the most stylish items. Every street can become a runway if you work it, so it seems.

Other than showcasing beloved foreign brands, Thailand also has its own list of internationally renowned names in fashion. With incredible attention to quality and detail, these local brands have become highly popular among style enthusiasts, Thai or otherwise.

So come on and let’s see which brands from Thailand’s top designers will take a special spot in your heart.

(In alphabetical order.)



© Asava
© Asava
© Asava

At the moment, it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t heard of Asava. Under the management of its founder, Polpat “Moo” Asavaprapha, the brand has now become Asava Group, featuring Asava as the core product and ASV as a sister brand. Both focus mainly on apparel for women of various ages.

Neat, detailed tailoring and timeless class mark the brand’s signature.

The third member of this group is Uniform by Asava. The function-oriented line incorporates high fashion elements and bright colors into uniforms, showing us that ‘standard’ doesn’t have to mean boring.

Some of the most recognized works of Asava include uniforms of Bangkok Airways, BTS, as well as an array of luxurious mall and hotel staffs. The latest addition to Asava’s fashion family is the menswear brand MOO.

Other sub-brands include White Asava, which almost exclusively makes bridal gowns, and Sava Dining. The latter is a rather unconventional pursuit, pushing the brand into a culinary world.

Another noteworthy tidbit: Asava is one of the main brands which designed outfits for Miss Thailand Universe contestants years after years.

Asava Flagship Stores are located at Sukhumvit 45, Siam Paragon, The Emporium, Central Chidlom, and ZEN@CentralWorld.

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The world-renowned Thai handbag brand was founded by designers Wannasiri “Boy” Kongman and Jesse Dorsey. First released in New York and Copenhagen, BOYY eventually made its way back home and established shops here in Thailand.

Today, the brand is seeing massive success in the international fashion sphere, named by the New York Times as one of the seven new designer’s brands to watch out for.

BOYY’s bags are made of 100% calfskin imported from Italy, which will then undergo careful and delicate treatment during the crafting process.

BOYY shops are located at Gaysorn Village, Central Embassy, Central Chidlom, and Central Ladprao.



© Disaya
© Disaya
© Disaya

Disaya has managed to stay relevant and beloved by female fashionistas for over 14 years. The brand is led by designer Disaya “Aom” Sorakraikitikul - who has studied fashion in the UK.

As the brand continues to release Vogue-worthy items, it seals its place in the spotlight in Thailand. Moreover, international celebrities have donned Disaya’s finest on multiple occasions.

Disaya focuses on versatility; you can wear the brand’s collection whether it’s an everyday event or a grand ball. Plus, the design caters to women of all ages.

Appearance-wise, the brand features timeless elegance and incredible attention put into details like stitching and sewing. It’s no coincidence that Disaya is the go-to choice for so many stylish women.

Disaya shops are located at Siam Paragon, CentralWorld, Central Embassy, and The Emporium.

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Among a wide range of Thai brands, Greyhound most likely sits somewhere among the top of the list. The well-established brand has long made its name known among international fashion lovers.

The original and flagship brand, Greyhound, is anchored in minimalist aesthetics, but also embraces contemporary designs to keep things interesting.

Greyhound then builds upon its success by launching Playhound, which has a more playful and cheeky streak.

Then comes Smileyhound, a sub-brand which aims to attract younger crowds. As the name implies, all of Smileyhound’s products sport a smiling dog logo. On a different note, Everythinghound combines fashion and food; the concept store also sells a collection of hip home decor you can browse through.

Lastly, Greyhound has its own line of restaurants - Greyhound Cafe and Anotherhound Cafe - which are easily favorites for many foodies. Making its first steps on foreign soil, Greyhound Cafe opened its first branch abroad not too long ago.

Greyhound Original shops are located at Siam Center, Siam Paragon, Isetan, The Emporium, and Central Ladprao.

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© iCONiC
© iCONiC
© iCONiC

Most of iCONiC’s designs are recognized for their vivid colors and patterns. The brand’s designer, Akaravuth “Louis” Pantumwanich, was inspired by childhood dreams of young girls - brilliant and beautiful. iCONiC’s bright colors and stylish designs allow the brand to become one of the most popular after only a short while.

iCONiC is guided by the philosophy of empowering women, so they can become their own icon without changing who they are. Each item pulls from vintage aesthetics but is made stylish with modern elements. These clothes are meant for everyday use, as they're suitable for any occasion.

Another key element is the stunningly unique patterns - the reason why iCONiC’s apparels have caught the eyes of so many shoppers. The brand closely follows trends, including popular choices of fabric, to cater to their customers’ tastes.

Other than iCONiC’s main items, which are designed with female fashionistas in mind, the brand also offers menswear in bold colors and sleek graphic patterns. Suffice to say, men’s version is just as eye-popping as women’s.

iCONiC shops are located at Siam Center and The Emporium.



© Issue
© Issue
© Issue

Issue has been creating waves in Thailand’s fashion industry for quite a while. First founded in 1999, the brand is led by Phuphawit “Roj” Grittapholnara.

The collections are inspired by the lifestyle, journey, and life that intertwine with Thai art and culture. All those stories are told through textiles - the eye-catching prints that have won the hearts of countless fashion lovers.

Issue features delicate sewing and detailing in all their products. As the fabrics are top-quality, the brand’s clothes are comfortable, even in Thailand’s hot climate. Issue offers a variety of apparel for men and women that are great for any occasion.

There are also several styles of accessories and jewelry that look as stunning as the clothes.

Issue shops are located at Siam Square Soi 3, Siam Paragon, and The Emporium.

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© Kloset
© Kloset
© Kloset

Ever since it was founded in 2001, Kloset has held a special place in many women’s hearts, as evident by the long lines at the shops whenever there’s a sale. Under the management of Mollika “Kam” Ruangkritya, Kloset has gained a reputation as a designer’s brand that celebrates femininity.

Most items feature feminine tones with patterns that give each piece an original character. Kloset’s collection caters to customers of all ages and occasions.

Other than fashionable clothes, the brand also creates accessories, stationery, shoes, and other items under the name Kloset & Etcetera to meet all of its customers’ needs.

Kloset shops are located at Siam Center, Siam Paragon, Central Chidlom, and Central Ladprao.

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Leisure Projects

Let’s shift our gears towards men’s apparel with Leisure Projects, which calls itself a ‘Modern Luxury Casual Wears’ brand. The designs often take traditional men’s clothing patterns through an exciting twist, making them more playful and approachable.

Leisure Projects was founded by Nattapon “Nat” Kanokvaleewong, who’s also working as the brand’s designer. He often incorporates ideas he saw during his travels to the mountains and beaches.

The result? Mildly-colored clothes that sport patterns which feel right at home on vacations or lazy holidays.

The clothes also feature other techniques; Nat prefers embroidery and weaving over generic graphic patterns. That’s why many Leisure Projects’ items are full of unique details that’ll pep up your style.

Leisure Projects shops are located at Siam Center, ZEN@CentralWorld, and The EmQuartier.

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© Milin
© Milin
© Milin

A brand that has long remained a favorite among Thai women, Milin is managed by Milin Yuwajaratkul. The talented designer creates each collection believing that the clothes are like their wearer’s soulmate; it's love at first sight. When you see an item, you should feel like it was meant for you.

Milin’s designs can be captured with three keywords: Elegant, Sensual, and Rebellious. Such themes are incorporated into every collection. Milin’s signature items are mostly spaghetti straps and miniskirts, dressed-up with lavish details and graphic designs. Still, Milin offers plenty of options so you can adapt to best suit your occasions.

Previously, Milin has designed uniforms for famous brands such as Thai Smile Airways and MK Restaurant. The brand was also tasked with creating outfits for Miss Universe Thailand in 2018 and ended up being highly praised.

Milin shops are located at Siam Center, Siam Paragon, Central Chidlom, and The Emporium.

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Painkiller is a menswear brand led by Siriorn “Orn” Tienkhaprasert. The designer has described the brand as a cure-all for men who can’t decide on their outfits, aiming to make Painkiller a sort of fashion remedy.

The clothes mainly feature streamlined and universal designs, as well as high-quality and detailed sewing. That’s why Painkiller’s collections are perfect for men who love art. Core items are strikingly minimal, with quirks and twists to keep things interesting; many of them sport similar tones but differ in the details.

What’s more, Painkiller’s collections are often rich in narrative quality - stories, lyrics, poems, and novels all woven stylishly into textiles.

Painkiller shops are located at Siam Center, Siam Discovery, ZEN@CentralWorld, and The EmQuartier.

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Still staying in the menswear section, we bring you P.MITH - a brand that caters to sophisticated gentlemen.

Under the management of Pakpoom “Bank” Mitranont and Anaphat “Auto” Thanakitpathompong, the brand brings ‘modern classic’ aesthetics to a new generation of gentlemen who want to glam up their outfits without appearing too flamboyant.

P.MITH focuses on designing the sewing patterns to best suit Asian men’s, and by extension, Thai people’s, stature. Most of the apparel is everyday items: T-shirts, shorts, cotton pants, Oxford shirts, and cotton suits. The formal suit collection comes out during spring/summer and autumn/winter.

The shop also offers bespoke tailoring service, where you can customize your suit from the fabrics, collars, yokes, down to the cuffs. P.MITH wants its customers to forget about the old tailor shops. It believes that young people should be able to wear their suits with utmost confidence and sense of identity.

P.MITH shop is located at Siam Center.



© Poem
© Poem
© Poem
© Poem

Ask for the current hottest fashion brands and the name “Poem” will probably come up at some point. After stars and celebrities walk the red carpet in Poem’s dresses, it’s only natural that the fashionistas would fall in love with the brand.

Since so many shoppers are eager add Poem to their collections, sayings like “Be a diva, wear a Poem” seem to ring more and more true.

Founded in 2006 by Chavanon “Sean” Caisiri, Poem’s owner and designer, the brand presents the concept of Modern Glamour. The idea is to introduce an elegant style to women, with all the fashionable flairs and glamour.

Poem’s outfits are made using an expert technique to ensure they truly fit on your body. The products are divided into two categories; ‘Ready to Wear’ offers ready-made designs that are good for any occasion, while ‘Made to Order’ items are tailored only to you and produced in limited numbers.

The brand’s most distinct characters include French fashion aesthetics and corset-style cutting; a Poem dress can properly accentuate the curves and figure of its wearer. Combine that with modern designs that fit with contemporary styles, it’s no surprise that Poem is now known as the maker of ‘Killer Dresses’ in the Thai fashion world.

Poem shops are located at Siam Square One, Siam Paragon, ZEN@CentralWorld, Gaysorn Village, Terminal 21, and The Emporium.


Q Design and Play

Q Design and Play first made its debut in 2010, founded by Praphat “Art” Somboonsitti and Ekkapoom “Ek” Treechairusmee. The talented designers aim to tell stories through their work, creating new pieces for the men’s streetwear brand.

Each collection follows the theme of “Irony Boyish” - denoting a character of a sarcastic, sharp-tongued boy who’s got a lot to say about life, society, and experience. The message is conveyed through each item with complex techniques and magnetic styles.

The brand’s slogan, “We Design You Play”, reflects Art’s wishes to let his customers have fun with what he designed and created. Other than the core items, which are mostly apparel, Q Design and Play also features shoes and accessories that are every bit as stylish.

The unusual designs allow the brand to quickly rose to fame both in Thailand and abroad. Q Design and Play has now become one of the essentials of a fashionista’s wardrobe.

Q Design and Play shops are located at Siam Center and ZEN@CentralWorld.

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The playfully-named Sretsis takes its name from the backward anagram of the word “Sisters”. At the helm of the brand are a trio of sisters: Klaiduen, Pimdao, and Matina Sukhahuta. Together, they’ve transformed Sretsis into a favorite among Thai and international fashion lovers.

Sretsis embraces unabashed girliness with a fantasy, almost whimsical, touch and vintage aesthetics. The brand has released collections after collections of gorgeous pieces that quickly made their way into countless women’s hearts.

But even with all its tongue-in-cheek twists, Sretsis doesn’t compromise classic elegance; their items are easy to mix & match with other outfits.

Sretsis also prides itself on its image of timeless beauty. That’s why every collection can be reused without it going out of fashion; each item is unique in its own way, whether in terms of material or design.

From its long list of successes and acclaims, Sretsis branches out, releasing two sub-brands. Little Sister introduces children’s clothing line, while Sincerely Yours is more family-oriented.

The brand also hopes to attract international shoppers by opening branches overseas.

Sretsis shops are located at Siam Paragon, Central Embassy, and The Emporium.


Tube Gallery

The long-established Thai brand is led by Phisit “Yui” Jongnarangsin and Saksit “Tae” Pisalasupongs, whose creations don’t fall far from works of art. The dramatic designs have brought the brand much recognition among fashion lovers in Thailand and abroad.

Tube Gallery aims to be a brand that follows no set rules nor the traditions of mainstream fashion. For some items, there’s only one piece available for purchase. The brand believes that if the customers really love what they see, they wouldn’t hesitate to buy it.

The pieces might involve anything from detailing, embroidery, handicrafts, creative projects, even mistakes. In such cases, the brand does a beautiful job transforming errors into elegant outfits.

Inspirations for colors featured in each piece are pulled travels, culture, music, and art. All of that leads to the idea that men and women who wear the Tube Gallery wardrobe are fashion lovers who aren’t afraid of standing out.

Tube Gallery shops are located at Siam Center and Siam Paragon.



Recently, if you ask for the names of hottest fashion brands, Vatanika would be one of the most frequently mentioned. Although the brand is already well-known in the fashion world, the hit reality show “This Is Me Vanatika” has lifted the brand’s popularity to the Talk of The Town.

The famous catchphrase “Sa jaa” (the name of a housekeeper who featured in the show) has also brought recognition to the brand and its designer, Vatanika “Prae” Patamasingh Na Ayutthaya.

The brand’s origins began in 2010 when Prae started a luxury handbag line, sold exclusively online. She then introduced an apparel line and opened the first shop in 2012.

Vatanika continues to build up its reputation from there. Today, the brand has gained international attention; celebrities of the world seem to love wearing Vatanika’s pieces to various famous events.

Vatanika’s most distinctive and alluring feature is its exquisite design, combining classic elegance and delicate sewing. The brand’s apparels can show off the flattering features of the woman who wears them. Plus, they’re great for any occasion, whether business or casual, giving your everyday look a stylish streak.

Vatanika shops are located at Siam Paragon, Central Chidlom, and The EmQuartier.


Wonder Anatomie

Let’s wrap this list with a unisex brand featuring off-kilter designs. Leading Wonder Anatomie is designer Chalermkiat “Pop” Khatikasemlert, who brings much life and vibrancy to the world of fashion.

The brand originates from Pop’s rule-breaking concepts, as the designer is unafraid of being different in the fashion world. He integrates into his works inspirations he finds in everyday life. From that, comes Wonder Anatomie - a brand of deconstructed apparels, with its quirky, signature prints of skeletons, butterflies, and flowers.

Deconstructed pieces are virtually limitless in terms of design, but they demand consistency. And although it’s rebellious at heart, Wonder Anatomie’s design is rich in details, creating collections that are sleek, futuristic, and one-of-a-kind.

Wonder Anatomie shop is located at Siam Center.

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