50 Winter Wardrobe Essentials Every Lady Should Have By 2020

Get up-to-date with the latest fashion trends straight from the runway that’ll get every woman looking chic this festive winter season

50 Winter Wardrobe Essentials Every Lady Should Have By 2020
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The 2019 winter season in Thailand will be fondly remembered for being one of the coldest years in a very long time. Even sporadically throughout December, the glimpses of winter that blew through was undeniably a nice break from the unforgiving heat and humidity we've faced throughout the year. Furthermore, the colder weather makes the Christmas trees and holiday decorations around the city more festive than ever. Those who choose to go abroad for their end-of-year holidays are likely to find even colder weather and catch some snowfall as well.

That’s why today we’ll be updating you with some of the latest winter fashion trends. Even though they might be a bit harder to apply to Thailand’s slightly warmer weather, but at least it all you ladies out there can draw a few inspirations for this year’s new year party or better plan what to pack for the upcoming winter holiday trip.

Coats & Jackets

Coats and jackets are one of the first fashion items we all think of whenever the cool winter breeze rolls around. Aside from keeping you warm and cozy, you can mix and match these items with your usual professional, casual, or even formal looks to add a stylish winter vibe.

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1. Tommy Hilfiger 2. G2000 3. Topshop 4. Zara 5. Pomelo 6. F Fashion 7. Pomelo 8. Zara 9. Tommy Hilfiger 10. H&M

While winter coats are elegant fashion pieces, it's intended heavy-duty use may be an overkill for the mild winter we get in Thailand. In that case, you can also look into jackets that might be a better fit for our slightly warmer weather. Whether it's plain solid colors or modish patterns, a nice jacket can go a long way in complementing and even completing your stylish winter look.


Winter weather and long-sleeved shirts are partners in crime. Out of all the styles available, the wool shirt or wool sweater is one of the top items this season especially among those who love to keep things simple. This light winter item is perfect for Thailand’s slightly cool weather and will also give you a casual yet stylish look that fits with many other fashion items.

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1. Mango 2. Pomelo 3. Guess 4. Mango 5. Pomelo 6. Zara 7. H&M 8. Zara 9. Topshop 10. H&M

Turtlenecks are also still one of the all-time top winter items throughout the years. Aside from giving you the warmth you need without a scarf, turtlenecks can help you get that chic winter look you’re looking for. If the two shirt styles we’ve mentioned still isn’t something up your alley, you can also look into simpler long sleeve tops with interesting patterns or even long dresses to pair with your favorite coat or jacket.


For this end-of-year season, long pants are essential to keep the cold winter breeze away. But for a country like Thailand, thinner fabrics may be a better fit and won’t hinder your movements as you stroll around town. If you’re looking to wake up your inner fashionista, you can drop the solid colors for some unique patterns and designs as well. After all, it doesn’t hurt to get a little creative and colorful with your clothing.

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1. Dorothy Perkins 2. Mango 3. H&M 4. Pomelo 5. Zara 6. H&M 7. Pomelo 8. Zara 9. Topshop 10. Mango

If you're one to get cold easier than others, then leather or jogging pants can give you the extra ounce of warmth and level up your coolness at the same time. Long dresses make an interesting choice when paired with a stylish coat or jacket. Not only do they keep you out of the cold, but they'll also help you stand out and looking more fashionable as well.


When it comes to winter fashion, most of us would inevitably start to think about winter boots. Not only do they match perfectly with your winter coats, but they’ll get you through all the cold and snow as well. Whether it’s the ankle, knee-high, or mid-calf boots, none ever go out of style and are considered all-time essentials for every winter season.

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1. Pomelo 2. H&M 3. Villains SF 4. Pomelo 5. Tommy Hilfiger 6. Aldo 7. Zara 8. H&M 9. Zara 10. Zara

Sneakers, however, remain the swiss army knife of all fashion styles as they can find their way into every fashion setup and still keep you looking chic and feeling comfortable no matter where you go or what you do. Vintage-style leather shoes are also a great option if you're shooting for a more upscale look. Just make sure they cover your heels, that way you can be sure that they’ll help keep you well and warm.


Closing things out with all the accessories that’ll help you keep even warmer and are perfect additions to complete your winter look. One of the top items this season is the scarf, and it currently got several collections bearing both the design and practicality most of us just can’t resist.

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1. Zara 2. MLB 3. H&M 4. Mango 5. H&M 6. Coach 7. H&M 8. Zara 9. Zara 10. Uniqlo

If you’re planning to go on abroad during this coming winter holiday, then a winter hat or “knit cap” would do the trick. Not only are they a popular fashion item, but they'll also help keep your head and ears feeling warm and comfortable through the cold. Not only knit caps, but bucket hats are also still very well in trend and will give your winter look a nice twist. Now with even wool bucket hats available, this year's winter style will go as far as your imagination can take it.

One more item that's worth carrying around is the winter gloves that'll keep your hands away from the dry and cold winter air. Whether you're looking for a unique design or materials like leather or wool, you'll be glad to have them in handy throughout your new year's vacation.

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