11 Best Meditation & Sleep Apps To Help You Destress

Shut out bad energy and relax your mind. With these apps, you’ll feel more peaceful and sleep better in no time.

11 Best Meditation & Sleep Apps To Help You Destress
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Just a few months into 2020 and we’re already dealing with a global pandemic. It’s hard to find a bright spot in the year so far and given how we’re all connected to our smartphones today, there’s no shortage of bad news from around the world.

This is causing many to become increasingly stressed and anxious with some even on the verge of a panic attack.

Being on a quarantine period at home doesn’t help either. Deprived of our usual outdoor activities and human interactions, many of us become even more worrisome and paranoid of everything that’s happening.

To help you get through these tough times, we’ve put together a list of 11 top applications for relaxation that will help you manage your daily emotion, stress levels, and practice mediation as well as strengthen your mind and body from within.

Let’s go see what we’ve got in store for you!

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Kicking off the list with an app that can help you achieve calmness almost instantly. Whether you’re feeling nervous before your first date, scared on a plane before take-off, or just feeling anxious from all the stress you had throughout the day, Aura can be of your assistance.

The app’s emotional health tracks are as short as 3 minutes; you can go from anxious to calm in no time even in stressful situations.

Furthermore, Aura offers over 1,000 diverse perspectives, voices, and teachings from the world’s top coaches and therapists that guide you through all the stress and anxiety. You can even tell Aura about your trouble sleeping and be rewarded with ways to ease yourself into a restful sleep.

Price: After a 7-day free trial, you can opt for a monthly fee of $12 (400 THB), an annual fee of $60 (1,980 THB), or a lifetime subscription of $400 (13,200 THB).



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Buddhify is designed to fit into our busy modern lifestyle, even if you don’t think you’d have time for meditation at all. Just follow the in-app instructions and you’ll be on your way to a healthier and more mindful version of yourself.

Aside from being able to fully customize your meditation experiences with over 200 options. You'll find guided meditations for every daily activity such as Walking, Stress & Difficult Emotion, Work Break, Going to Sleep, Waking Up and many other categories.

The app also features sessions and shared experiences from a team of hand-picked instructors to help inspire you.

Price: Buddhify membership is available for $30 (990 THB) a year.



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With over 50 million downloads and over half a million 5-star reviews, Calm is one of the top apps to use if you want to experience better sleep, lower stress, and less anxiety.

On it, you’ll find meditation courses, sleep exercises, relaxing music, video lessons for the body, audio masterclasses taught by world-renowned mindfulness experts, and natural scenes and sounds. Each program is chosen by a team of mental health professionals as well as Hollywood stars like Matthew McConaughey.

This app can be used by everyone, including beginners, as the programs are designed to fit into your daily life and routine such as stress management at work or meditation by walking. You can also view your daily report and keep track of your progress.

Price: After a 7-day free trial, you can opt for an annual membership for $70 (2,300 THB) a year.



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Much like going to the gym to build your muscles, Headspace believes that your mind needs to be trained and cared for as well for it to be strengthened. Signing up for this app is the equivalent of getting a gym membership for your mind.

With Headspace, you’ll be able to explore over 100 guided exercises, videos, and activities designed specifically for topics like Stress & Anxiety, Movement & Healthy Living, and Meditation. Each one will slowly guide you to improved mental health, better focus, and increase in overall happiness.

If you’re someone who finds it hard to sleep, Headspace also offers sleepcasts, music, and unique audio experiences that can help you switch off completely after a long day.

Price: The monthly membership of Headspace Plus is priced at $13 (430 THB) and comes with a 7-day free trial. The annual membership costs $70 (2,300 THB) and comes with a 2-week free trial.



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Inscape started as a New York-based meditation studio before growing into an app that can help you practice mindfulness at home with just a few minutes each day. On the app, you’ll find guided activities that will help you learn meditation, improve your sleep, and decrease your stress levels.

Their library of guided meditations is suitable for everyone including beginners and experienced meditators. You can choose the course level as well as a duration between 5 to 85 minutes according to your schedule.

Inscape is also good for those who are looking to increase happiness in their lives, think better, or even to be less scared when boarding a plane. As of now, Inscape only works for iOS and can only be downloaded through the App Store.

Price: The monthly membership of Inscape is priced at $10 (330 THB) and the annual membership at $59 (1,950 THB). Both come with a 7-day free trial.


Insight Timer

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Insight Timer is an app and online community for meditation that won App of the Year awards from TIME magazine and Women’s Health. The app is entirely free to use; you can access all the features and functions without having to pay any premium.

Insight Timer’s library consists of over 25,000 free guided meditations with daily updates of over 100 programs. Choose from countless extended sessions or shorter versions if you have limited time but still want to have a daily meditation session.

There’s also a library of over 1,000 music tracks that can help you relax and keep calm. With this, you’ll be able to keep track of your activities and go through the results daily on the app.

Aside from meditation, you can also find programs for better sleep, stress and anxiety management, improving leadership, relationship building, and many more!

Price: Free



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“Sattva” is the quality of balance, harmony, goodness, and purity and the Sattva app is here to help you find the balance and harmony between your body and mind through a rare collection of Guided Meditations, Ancient Chants, Vedic Mantras, and Blissful Music.

There's also a Meditation Timer and Tracker to where you can keep track of your mood before and after each session, measure your heart rate, and see your progress on beautiful charts and graphs.

Price: Annual subscription is priced at $108 (3,600 THB).


Simple Habit

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This app is suitable for those who live a very busy lifestyle but still feel like they should find time to meditate and cut themselves off from the chaos once in a while.

One of the more notable features of Simple Habit is their meditation program that takes you only 5 minutes to complete but still offers the full effects of stress relief and sleep improvement.

If you've got more than five minutes to spare, you can select the longer program for greater effects as well. All of the courses and programs are designed by industry experts from around the world and can be customized to your needs with just a touch of a finger.

Over time, the daily meditation routine will help you sleep better, improve your focus during work hours, better manage your stress and anxiety levels, be a better leader, be happier, be more relaxed, and many more.

Price: Monthly The monthly membership of Simple Habit is priced at $12 (430 THB) and the annual membership at $90 (2,970 THB).


Smiling Mind

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The Smiling Mind app is all about making you smile both on the inside and outside.

Not only that you can access all its features and functions for free, but the Smiling Mind app was also designed and developed by a team of experienced psychologists and researchers. It offers a library of meditation programs for individuals of all ages and genders as well as families.

Every program is uniquely designed to help you battle the pressure and anxiety you face daily as well as any stressful situations life might throw at you. Over time, you'll be able to manage your emotions and better handle the problems in front of you than before, earning you that smile and happiness you've always been waiting for.

Furthermore, the app keep a record of your daily meditation activities, allowing you to follow up on your progress and reach your mental health and mindfulness goals.

Price: Free


Stop, Breathe & Think

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Stop, Breathe & Think is a stress relief application that comes with many playful perks and functions for you to enjoy. At the start, you’ll be asked to evaluate your current mood and go through a test to see which meditation program will suit you best for the mood you’re currently in.

Mediation programs in the library consist of programs for both beginners and experts as well as kids and teenagers. You can fully customize your course list to your liking and decrease your stress levels through the programs that you like most.

Keep track of your meditation results every day simply by comparing your mood before the exercise and your mood after. This will give you a better picture of your daily progress and how effective have you been at managing your emotions.

Price: The monthly membership of Stop, Breathe & Think is priced at $10 (330 THB) and the annual membership at $59 (1,950 THB). The free version offers limited access.


Ten Percent Happier

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Closing off the list with an app that will leave you “Ten Percent Happier” every time you use it with guided meditation programs, videos, podcasts, and all sorts of content. They’ll help you stay balanced and better relax while learning a few things on happiness from the experts.

The guided meditations and practical teachings will work as a combo to help keep things interesting and not boring. The app works somewhat like a mini-library that houses over 500 materials of meditation practices with new content being released every week. There’s also an express version of these meditation guides for those of us who are extra busy.

If you’re one to find it hard to sleep, the Ten Percent Happier app also comes with a set of special “sleep meditations” that will help you quiet your mind at the end of a long day, so you can get to sleep quickly and wake up refreshed.

Price: The annual membership of Ten Percent Happier is priced at $100 (3,300 THB) including a 7-day free trial.


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