[Recap] The Miracle of WARP: 4 Reasons Why the Soil on Saturn Was Magical

[Recap] The Miracle of WARP: 4 Reasons Why the Soil on Saturn Was Magical

There is a reason why certain people feel a certain way about particular events. And most of the time, it is that exact feeling that either keeps them coming back for more or turns them off for good. Organizers of any event crave that secret recipe to brew the most genuine feeling that one can create so that revelers at their events cannot get enough of it – a natural high let us call it. Some fail in their mission, but some, year after year seem to be able to pull it off with precise execution – just ask those who were the Survivors of Saturn this year.

Yes, we all survived. That was the mission we were given over the 2 days between 19-20 May, 2017 where WARPers convened on the sandy beaches of Saturn, also known as sunny Pattaya City. This year was the third time WARP Music Festival was held and just like the previous years, there was magic in the air and wonder in the sand. It did not matter whether you were coming to the festival from Pattaya, the capital Bangkok, or somewhere further because the miracle of WARP was once again in full swing and everyone who was fortunate enough to be there would surely have felt it.

What made the 2 days on Saturn so magical? You must not have been there if you are asking that question, but in the spirit of sharing, here is a recap of 4 reasons why the trip to Saturn this year with WARP was so magical:

The magic of weather

Anyone will tell you that over the 2 days, heavy rain was expected. Ask the crew who came prepared with colorful rain ponchos, the guy with the umbrella who probably ended up losing it, or the girl that was wearing a bikini in preparation of being soaked – everyone expected Saturn to be pouring. Even Google Weather was telling us that it was going to rain, and it is not very often that they get it wrong. So of course, the organizers at WARP came well prepared.

Lights were covered in plastic and even a makeshift rain cover was made for the DJ booth. With so much preparation to prevent rain from ruining the outdoor festival, all that was left to do was pray. The first day went by and no rain was in sight. Then the second day came and went – again no rain. When everyone started to realize their fortune, even the organizers removed the rain cover from the DJ booth so that fans can really see and experience their favorite DJs. This was not a coincidence, it was a miracle and everyone that was there made sure to capitalize on it by dancing their night away.

The magic of sound

The awesome part about WARP is that when you turn up at Warp Base Station, you know you will not be turning down any time soon because you know what you were going to get into. An endless journey down Trap City and Headbanging Hardstyle was in store. With 2 days’ worth of DJs on the rooster, that yearning feeling for some heavy hitting music was magically satisfied.

Deorro, Dyro, Excision, and Zed’s Dead headlined the event with support acts that could have been headliners themselves like 4B, Breathe Carolina, Crankdat, Gammer, Sam Feldt, SayMyName, and local favorites Bang Bang Bang also rocking the party – there was not going to be a dull moment. Rightly so, many people brought their neck braces but what they forgot was that it was not only their necks on the line, next time they need to find a leg brace to prevent the jelly leg syndrome as well.

The magic of visuals

With no rain in sight, all of the usual suspects that make a festival great were able to shine through – especially the visuals. Being an outdoor festival allows for the organizers to set up and light up the stage in ways that an indoor party will not let you do. Fireworks lit up the night sky above home base and was complemented by an endless stream of lasers and pyro effects over both days.

One might go as far as to say that these effects shined so bright that people in Bangkok saw it because there were countless amounts of people who could not resist the temptation to drive out for the second day. WARP was surely tingling everyone’s senses. That was in addition to the EPIC visuals on stage from DJs, in particular Excision, who brought his full visual set that complemented his DJ set. There were dinosaurs, gorillas, spaceships – everything you wanted to see was there to be seen.

The magic of friendship

But the visuals were not just good on stage, there was eye candy to be seen everywhere right on the dance floor. Saturn seemed to make everyone extra friendly and with so many beach bods being flaunted everywhere, it was the perfect place to meet the perfect stranger.

Whether you were a front row type of party person, a mosh pit maniac, or you simply wanted to dip your foot in the ocean while dancing – there was always another person who wanted to do the exact same thing and was ready to embrace you at every moment. Many people were seen arriving alone but leaving as a pack. The magic of friendship at WARP Music Festival was a gift that kept on giving, making the 2-day festival a mecca for new relationships to bloom.

It does not matter whether you realized you were right in the middle of a miracle while you were there, the one thing that definitely made sense was that you were having the time of your life. It is not a coincidence why WARP Music Festival is one of the most highly rated EDM events in Thailand on Facebook. But now that we have landed back on Earth, it is time to wait another year to see what planet WARPers will be hitting next.

For news and updates, follow their official Facebook page or their website.

Words by Tang Kalayanamit
Images by Siam2nite

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